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Cisco 400-007 Exam Details

Cisco 400-007 is the projected replacement for the current Cisco 352-001 exam. It will be active starting November 2, 2021, and will be the newly required test for the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification. Like the current CCDE exam, Cisco 400-007 will target design engineers willing to achieve the expert level.

Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) Certification Overview

The CCDE certificate is an excellent choice for all candidates looking to build a solid understanding of network architecture and designs. At this level of expertise, your responsibilities will include integrating networking elements to give scalable, manageable, and sustainable architecture to support the varied needs of customers and enterprises. Being one of the most admired Cisco accreditations at the expert level, CCDE recognizes your skills as the frontrunner in designing complex network solutions.


Currently, Cisco has not listed any requirements for earning its CCDE certificate. However, it is always important to have a solid knowledge of the exam topics before applying for it. The general assumption among many IT professionals is that all CCDE candidates should possess a minimum of 5-7 years of background experience in creating network solutions.

Introducing the New Cisco CCDE Certification for 2021

Starting November 2, 2021, Cisco will be introducing a new CCDE certificate to replace the current program. The updated one will help candidates to demonstrate their ability to design and architect complex enterprise network solutions. The exam combination for attaining the new certificate will remain the same: one test that addresses core technologies and solutions that an aspiring network designer must understand and (Cisco 400-007) a lab one that assesses practical skills.

Passing the Current CCDE Exams

So, what happens if you pass the current CCDE exams? Well, all candidates who are now enrolled in the CCDE program have the time period until November 2, 2021 to certify. Then, both tests will be retired on the mentioned date. If you pass the Cisco 352-001 exam before its expiry, you will qualify to take the new lab exam, CCDE Practical v3.0.

Candidates who manage to obtain CCDE by November 2021 will be required to maintain their certifications by following the new certification guidelines. For the latest information on the accreditation changes and upcoming updates, you may want to keep an eye on the Cisco official website.

Cisco 400-007 Exam Details and Topics Outline

In case you are going to prepare for 400-007 exam, the first step to make is to check what the topics to learn are. Generally, they are divided into the five domains that are the following:

  • Business Strategy Design

    The questions under this section will confirm a candidate’s mastery of assessing the effect of project management methodologies, including agile and waterfall, on the lifecycle of a network design. Also, students need to know how to ensure operational sustainability and business continuity.

  • Control, data, and management plane design

    Success in this domain requires an understanding of the end-to-end IP traffic flow, hybrid control plane, modern and traditional network designs. Also, it focuses on the knowledge of hybrid, centralized, and decentralized control plane, as well as data, management, and control plane technologies. In addition, it covers the concepts of automation design, SD-WAN, modern and traditional approaches for network design, integration, and skills in analyzing and optimizing design options to ensure security and scalability.

  • Network Design

    Network design is centered around the planning, designing, validating, and optimizing highly resilient, secure, and scalable modular networks. These topics focus on the SDx and traditional architectures require candidates to adhere to the business requirements, implementation plans, app behavior, technical as well as operational requirements, and migration and transformation.

  • Service Design

    This section of the exam outline involves two broad skill areas. The first one checks the candidates’ abilities in building resilient, secure and scalable modular networks based on technical, operational, and business requirements to support applications working on the IP network. Then, students should demonstrate proficiency in incorporating hybrid solutions that depend on business-centered operations such as security, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and service placement, among the rest.

  • Security Design

    This is the last topic that candidates should master when preparing for their CCDE exam 400-007. It will confirm if they can incorporate security design elements such as visibility, policy enforcement, Zero-trust networking, CIA triad, segmentation, network access control, and regulatory compliance.

Details of the Lab Exam

The CCDE Practical exam v3.0 is the 8-hour lab test associated with the new CCDE certification. It addresses a wide range of scenarios and solutions at the expert level, allowing candidates to select topics that suit their career path. After its release, the CCDE V3.0 practical exam will be available throughout Cisco Certification centers.

Career Opportunities

Passing the Cisco 400-007 exam will qualify you for different jobs but still, the role of a network designer remains the most demanded. In the modern IT industry, these professionals have much more to it than just customer support and computer repair. They work according to the company’s technical requirements to create reliable, resilient, and efficient solutions that ensure business growth.

Ideally, a network designer should be proficient in documenting, identifying, and analyzing network technologies. Also, they have to demonstrate a strong understanding of LAN and WAN solutions, confirm their ability to resolve technical issues, and manage challenging network packages that ensure easy installation of networking tools. That being said, the average salary for network designers is about $90k per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Certification Path

Cisco CCDE is the highest certificate you can earn at this track. So, after attaining it, you can either choose to update your skills by taking new exams when the validity period expires or focus on another relevant path. Usually, most of the candidates who obtain this certification want to get into new roles by focusing on other accreditations offered by reputable vendors. And the list includes the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst, AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Speciality, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, and Google Professional Cloud Architect certifications.


IT certifications are a cost-effective way to update your skills and show the hiring managers that you have truly mastered your stuff. Cisco CCDE will help you align your competencies with the global standards to help you market yourself as a reputable team player. If you can pass the Cisco 400-007 exam this year, it would be one of the biggest steps towards unlocking your endless potential.