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  • Isaca Certification Practice Test Questions, Isaca Certification Exam Dumps

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    Isaca is a renowned company with a more than 50-years history of helping professionals and businesses achieve better results by using up-to-date technologies and implementing best practices. As a part of their work area, Isaca offers a comprehensive line-up of certifications to ascertain one’s capacity in the chosen career path. These certificates work as a tool for advancing the specialist’s skills and adding value to the company they are working for. Obtaining one is the best way to know more about Isaca’s products and services.

    Isaca’s Certification Program

    Isaca’s certification path is designed to help IT professionals in leveraging their competence in information security. They cover IT audit, risk management, strategic governance, addressing threats, and privacy implementation, among the rest.

    Presently, the certification track includes 6 remarkable options for different levels of expertise ― CISA, CRISC, CISM, CGEIT, CSX-P, and CDPSE. These are instrumental gears in unlocking and polishing technical skills in the chosen field. Below, the three most popular options are disclosed in detail.

    1. CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor

    The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is a remarkable stepping stone to prove your talent in a risk-based approach. Accredited individuals prove that they can effectively plan, execute, and report on audit interactions, particularly with internal stakeholders, external auditors, and even customers. With this entry-level certificate, one gains a token of dependability and signifies the ability to competently handle the auditing, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating processes of the company’s key information technologies and systems.

    Who Are the Most Suitable Candidates?

    CISA certification exam is intended for those who have at least 5 years of work experience in information technology, information security, audit, assurance, and control. Isaca can waive the experience requirement for a maximum of 3 years.

    What Are the Exam Topics?

    The exam encompasses 5 crucial domains. The first one points up the core processes of information system auditing. The second and third parts stress the importance of governance and management, along with IS acquisition, development, and implementation. The fourth subject targets the operation of information systems, together with business resilience. Then, the last area discusses the protection and maintenance of information assets.

    What Are the Job Opportunities?

    There are plenty of job positions one can apply for after earning the CISA certification. These include IT and IS auditors as well as cybersecurity analysts, operational technologists, and information security professionals. Whatever career you pursue, the average salary of CISA holders is about $103k annually on average, according to

    2. CISM - Certified Information Security Manager

    The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification underlines the candidate’s technical expertise in IS/IT, particularly in the governance, management, and development phases. Through this certificate, professionals validate that they can effectively align the security programs with the company’s goals and have technical skills related to the management scope. Acquiring it is also a critical move if you want to solidify your abilities in the entire IS management function.

    Who Are the Most Suitable Candidates?

    This certification is highly recommended to professionals who are assigned to the management role. Their tasks may include administration, designing, and overseeing the whole information security aspect of the enterprise. Ideally, applicants must have at least 5 years of background in information security management. Waiving of prerequisite experience is possible for up to 2 years.

    What Are the Exam Topics?

    The CISM exam entails candidates’ mastery of 4 domains. This begins with information security governance and then continues with information risk management, IS program development as well as management, and incident management in IS.

    What Are the Job Opportunities?

    With the Isaca CISM certification, the professional can pursue top-level management positions in information security and information technology areas. These include security administrators, security managers, IT managers, senior system administrators, and many more. On top of that, as stated on PayScale, CISM certification holders have an average salary of $126k annually!

    3. CRISC - Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

    The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) accreditation validates the specialist’s crucial skills in enterprise risk management and systems controls. Acquiring this mid-level certificate verifies one’s prowess in administering risks, implementing system tools, and intermingling with key professionals with the company.

    Who Are the Most Suitable Candidates?

    The perfect candidates for CRISC are those with in-depth experience in IT risk management. This also applies to professionals with a background in the design, implementation, and maintenance of various IS controls. Those applying for the test must be able to present at least 3 years of working background in the field. There are no substitutions or experience waiver for this certification.

    What Are the Exam Topics?

    The CRISC exam concentrates on 4 main areas. Domain 1 is all about IT risk identification while Domain 2 is more focused on IT risk evaluation. Domain 3, on the other hand, focuses on critical risk responses as well as mitigation. The last part highlights the bearing of control monitoring and reporting.

    What Are the Job Opportunities?

    Obtaining the CRISC certification opens up a lot of career opportunities that range from IT risk management professionals to project managers. It’s also relevant for control professionals, business analysts, security analysts, solutions consultants, and compliance experts. Accordingly, most chief information officers and chief information security officers do have this accreditation. Having it, you get to enjoy an average salary of $122k per year, as mentioned in the PayScale survey.

    General Isaca Certification Exam Details

    All Isaca certification exams contain 150 questions in multiple-choice format. Candidates are given up to 240 minutes or 4 hours to answer all the questions. As to the exam fee, members will have to pay $575 while non-members pay $760. And for the test delivery, there are two options, either via in-person at a testing center or via online, proctored remote set-up.

    Whether you take the exam on-site or online, there are multiple language choices. For CISA, you can choose from the ten languages on offer (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, and Turkish). On the other hand, CISM has 4 language options (English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, and Spanish) while CRISC has 3 (English, Chinese Simplified, and Spanish).

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