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  • CompTIA Certification Practice Test Questions, CompTIA Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real CompTIA Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. CompTIA Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with CompTIA Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's CompTIA Certification Practice Test Questions & CompTIA Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    CompTIA is a reliable name for all your certification needs. It helps broaden your technical expertise through its up-to-date and comprehensive exams that will equip you with the relevant knowledge to perform various roles in IT.

    CompTIA Learning Path

    For entry-level specialists, CompTIA introduces you to their core certifications namely the ITF+, A+, Security+, and Network+. If you want to further expand your skills, you can pursue the Cloud+, Linux+, and Server+ certificates, which all form the Infrastructure certification program. For individuals interested in cybersecurity, there are three certifications on offer, namely the CySA+, PenTest+, and CASP+. Other professional CompTIA certificates include the CTT+, Cloud Essentials+, and Project+.

    Top-Rated CompTIA Certifications

    • IT Fundamentals

      As a pre-career evaluation, the ITF+ is highly recommended to anyone testing the waters of information technology. With its FC0-U61 exam, you will gain the crucial IT foundations to help assess whether or not you’re fit for this field. The core areas covered by this test include operating systems, database concepts, network connectivity, software apps, web browsing, and security practices. Since the ITF+ is a fundamental certification, anyone interested in entering IT can take FC0-U61, from students to working specialists. And to achieve this certification, you have to successfully accomplish all 75 questions in 60 minutes.

    • CompTIA A+

      Another in-demand certification is the A+, which revolves around the core series exams 220-1001 & 220-1002. With the completion of these tests, you demonstrate your knowledge in key technologies, from cloud to networking to security. This certification, as a whole, readies you for crucial support tasks handled by different tech specialists. They include data support technicians, field service technicians, system support specialists, service desk analysts, and such. Both 220-1001 & 220-1002 exams have 90 questions with a time duration of 90 minutes each. After the completion of this qualification, you may want to pursue the Network+, Linux+, or Server+ certifications to further enhance your skills.

    • Network+

      The next certification is intended for specialists who want to be well-informed of the entirety of networking. The CompTIA Network+ journeys you through the whole scope of functional networks and their related aspects. And with its certification requirement, N10-007 exam, you will become more acquainted with imperative networking tasks. These include configuring network devices, utilizing switches and routers, working with existing network configurations, troubleshooting concerns, and implementing security. Some of the job roles targeted by N10-007 are junior network administrators, IS consultants, system engineers, and network analysts. After having attained this certificate you can opt for the Security+, Linux+, CySA+, or PenTest+ certifications.

    • Security+

      If you are a security administrator, a network engineer, or perhaps, an IT auditor, you can make use of the CompTIA Security+ as your tool for career growth. Its corresponding exam SY0-501 is your gateway to learning different security features and functions. With the 90-item exam, you will certify your abilities in configuring systems, handling networks, executing threat analysis, and responding in risk mitigation. In addition, such a certificate keeps track of the relevant security principles so you could operate according to the right policies and regulations. You are given 90 minutes to answer all the questions in the final Security+ test. The next exam version that is going to appear soon is SY0-601. Possessing the Security+ will open gates for following other certifications like the CySA+, PenTest+.

    • CompTIA Cloud+

      With exam code CV0-002, the CompTIA Cloud+ certificate establishes your mastery needed for specific data center roles. These include cloud developers, cloud project managers, cloud computing business analysts, and data center managers. This certification supports the expansion of your skills in a cloud configuration, deployment, management, troubleshooting, and security. On top of that, it focuses on the core cloud technologies that are germane to the needs of various industries. CV0-002 has a maximum of 90 questions to be completed within 90 minutes. A new beta version exam is available now for CompTIA Cloud+ certificate, and it’s CV0-003.

    • Linux+ Powered by LPI

      Showcase your Linux proficiency with this Linux+ qualification. This certification unfolds the pertinent functions being dealt with by most web administrators and junior-level Linux administrators. These include tasks such as configuring hardware, troubleshooting issues, managing software services, scripting, and understanding key security features. You can obtain this certificate by clearing XK0-004, a 90-minute exam with 90 questions.

    • CompTIA Server+

      For server administrators, storage administrators, and server support technicians, this particular certification is highly suitable. By completing its SK0-004 exam with 100 questions and a 90-minute duration, you will become more adept at working with cloud environments and data centers. In addition, you will be able to easily manage virtualization, security, and storage features. All in all, this certification allows you to be skilled in various tasks concerning server platforms.

    • CySA+ - CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst

      The CySA+ is a notable certificate that is popular among security analysts, security engineers, incident response handlers, threat hunters, and the like. With this certification, you demonstrate your expertise in behavioral analytics, which are significant to the upkeep of networks and devices. Furthermore, this makes you understand the importance of detecting, preventing, and combating cybersecurity threats in a system. All these vital areas will be covered by CS0-002, a 165-minute test with 85 questions.

    • CompTIA PenTest+

      The PenTest+ focuses on the substantial weaknesses of a system so you can validate, scope, and manage these vulnerabilities accordingly. You will be able to master these tasks upon completion of PT0-001 exam. This test comes with 85 questions and a time limit of 165 minutes. More so, the certification details the important compliance-based features, penetration testing tools, security attacks, and post-exploitation techniques. Aside from penetration testers, other specialists can also take advantage of this certification. These include security analysts, vulnerability testers, network security operators, and the like.

    • CASP+ - CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

      When it comes to intricate functions of cybersecurity, earning the CASP+ is definitely beneficial. This advanced-level certificate corroborates how you think and create judgment in a complex environment using pivotal security disciplines. Thus, you have to successfully pass CAS-003 to fully act upon the right policies and frameworks on different security concerns. This particular exam consists of 90 questions that run up to 165 minutes. Some of the jobs that utilize this CASP+ certification are security architects, technical lead analysts, and app security engineers.

    • Cloud Essentials+

      This certification is highly recommended to anyone who wants to be knowledgeable of cloud services in making business decisions. With its CLO-002 exam, you can better comprehend the basics and even the technical mechanisms in a cloud environment. Furthermore, it will help you master core security concerns as well as technology concepts. To give you a brief overview, such a test encompasses a total of 75 questions and a time duration of 60 minutes and will qualify you to perform as a business analyst or a new data center specialist.

    • Project+

      CompTIA certifications aren’t just for working specialists. These are also applicable for individuals who manage small to medium projects. In addition, the CompTIA Project+ provides you with knowledge of different project management concepts. So, start preparing for PK0-004 test and learn more about the project life cycle, project documentation, communication, and Agile methodology. You will be given 90 minutes to answer all 95 questions at this PK0-004 exam. With this certificate, you will be able to opt for such positions as a project coordinator, business analyst, or team leader.

    Salaries Offered for CompTIA Certifications

    The above-mentioned certifications are not just to beautify your resume but also to amplify your confidence towards your work and of course, to increase your earning potential. Thus, the core Network+ can get you $66,744 yearly while possessing the Linux+ certificate can slightly boost this mark and will earn you $73,555 annually as reveals. When it comes to the CompTIA cybersecurity certifications, the CASP+, for example, will get you $88,425 per annum whereas the specialists with the additional professional Cloud Essentials+ certification will manage to make $66,886 in one year.

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