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    100% Real Checkpoint Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Checkpoint Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Checkpoint Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Checkpoint Certification Practice Test Questions & Checkpoint Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Check Point is a popular company that provides safe internet software and hardware internet products to the majority of the companies included in the Fortune and Global 100 top. Apart from providing these services, this vendor also developed different certifications that help candidates get the necessary skills to properly design, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot Check Point systems and enterprise security deployments. Overall, Check Point certifications have three levels of difficulty. They take the candidates through different stages to help them develop the right amount of knowledge and expertise that allows them to secure a network environment with the help of Check Point technology and solutions. It allows examinees to move from the beginner to expert levels and consolidate their position in an international organization.

    1. CCSA R80 – Check Point Security Administration R80

    The CCSA R80 Check Point Security Administration certification is dedicated to IT specialists who have a beginner's understanding of using Check Point services and products. This is the lowest certification level that a candidate can get if s/he wants to discover more about Check Point solutions. During the preparation process, s/he will learn how to handle different security administration tasks by using Check Point software and hardware products. If an examinee has managed to obtain this certification, this means that s/he demonstrates the following skills:

    • Have a clear overview of Check Point Technology;
    • Manage Security Policy;
    • Monitor Traffic;
    • Translate Network Addresses;
    • Handle basic VPN concepts;
    • Manage user access;
    • Work with ClusterXL;
    • Administrate Task Implementation.

    The only required exam for anyone who wants to get Check Point certified has the code 156-215.80. The exam contains 100 questions to which candidates will need to give the correct answer in 90 minutes. When it comes to the prerequisites for this test, the vendor doesn’t mention any mandatory conditions. However, Check Point has some recommendations regarding the knowledge that candidates should possess. Thus, the candidates who want to take the Check Point 156-215.80 exam should have between 6 to 12 months of practical experience handling Check Point products and have a solid understanding of how networking and TCP/IP work. A candidate who adds the Check Point Security Administration certificate under his/her belt will be ranked higher in an organization than other non-certified colleagues. So, he/she can apply for the role of a Systems Administrator in any international company. According to, the average salary that a specialist working in this position can get is around $63k per annum. When it comes to the certification path, candidates should know that the Check Point Certified Security Administration certification represents the basic level of validation. So, once they pass this step, they can enroll in taking the next certification levels such as the Check Point Security Expert and Security Master.

    2. CCSE R80 – Check Point Security Expert R80

    The Check Point Security Expert certification represents the intermediate-level type of qualification. A successful examinee who adds this certificate to his/her resume can successfully implement the Check Point Security Gateway and Management Server. If they want to acquire the Check Point Certified Security Expert certification, candidates have to meet some prerequisites. First, they should have previously passed through the Security Administration Course or get the CCSA R80 certification. When it comes to the CCSA certification, candidates should pay attention that the R77 certificate is not accepted as a fulfilled condition. Also, it is recommended that they have prior experience using Windows Server, UNIX, and networking skills as well as having experience using TCP/IP solutions. Finally, entrants should have a solid knowledge of working with certificate management and system administration. The only necessary exam that candidates need to pass to get the Check Point Security Expert certification has the code 156-315.80. It validates the applicants’ knowledge of the following topics:

    • Ability to perform the back-up and make the necessary upgrade of Security Gateway and Management Server solutions;
    • Solid understanding of how Check Point Advanced Firewall solutions work;
    • Ability to accelerate and cluster the Check Point technology;
    • Provide the highest level of security for advanced user management;
    • Ensure that users have remote access and have the ability to handle advanced IPsec VPN;
    • Perform audits and create reports of Check Point security gateways.

    Considering that the Check Point Security Expert represents the intermediate level, candidates can move on to the expert stage and get the Check Point Certified Security Master certification. As for the career path, successful candidates can apply for the role of a Security Engineer. mentions that an experienced and certified specialist working in this position can get an annual salary of $92k.

    3. CCSM R80 – Check Point Certified Security Master – R80

    The Check Point Certified Security Master certification is the highest level of validation that individuals can obtain to verify their skills in managing network security solutions. Those who want to add this certification under their belt should be ready to get the passing score in 156-115.80 exam. To be eligible for this test, the examinees should meet the following criteria:

    • Have the relevant CCSE knowledge or equivalent;
    • Strong expertise in using Windows Server and experience in handling UNIX and TCP/IP solutions;
    • Prior experience in using different internet technology solutions and demonstrate that they have solid network knowledge.

    The exam necessary for the Check Point Certified Security Master certification will take the candidates through different scenarios and allow them to demonstrate that they have the following skills:

    • Ability to use different commands so that specialists can immediately identify whenever an issue or problem occurs;
    • Proficient skills to locate the source of an encryption failure;
    • Quick identification of miss-configured VPNs;
    • IPS false positives reduction;
    • SecureXL and ClusterXL app troubleshooting.

    Candidates are allotted 90 minutes to answer 100 questions if they are taking the exam in English-speaking countries. In case they are taking it in non-English speaking countries, the time they will have is 105 minutes. As this is the final stage in the Check Point certification path, candidates should congratulate themselves that they reached this level. This certification allows them to get roles as a Security Manager or Security Architect in international companies. According to, the maximum salary that a Security Manager can get is $125k per annum. In case they choose to apply for the role of a Security Architect, mentions that the average annual salary is $124k.

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