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  • Palo Alto Networks Certification Practice Test Questions, Palo Alto Networks Certification Exam Dumps

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    Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity firm that is setting the pace in the industry with products such as firewalls and security-related technologies. It is also known for its cutting-edge training and certification opportunities offered for all aspiring candidates.

    More about Certifications

    The Palo Alto Networks certifications are available for those candidates who wish to start building their skills in cybersecurity or those who already have some experience in this domain. Commonly, the Palo Alto Networks certificates are aimed at administrators and engineers and comprise 5 various qualifications, some of which are covered below.

    Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate (PCCSA)

    The PCCSA certification is a validation of one’s comprehension needed for network security jobs within the entry-level. It includes awareness of the latest trends in cyberattacks facing networks and the front-line technologies for preventing them.

    • Target Audience

      The development of this certificate aims at anyone aspiring for skills in cybersecurity. As long as your interest is in learning more about security regarding Palo Alto Networks and systems, then this validation is for you. With it, you will be able to become a sales executive, security administrator, systems engineer, or even a student of cybersecurity.

    • Prerequisites

      The PCCSA doesn’t have any initial requirements except for the right skills and knowledge. If you wish, you can enroll for official training to assist in acquiring the skills.

    • Exam Details

      The PCCSA test will be in English and is to have 50 items styled in scenarios with graphics, multiple choices, and matching. It will take 1 hour to complete all the exam questions.

    • Certification Modules

      There are the matters that you will be expected to gain awareness of before sitting for the final test leading to the PCCSA certification. They are included in the following domains:

      1. Cybersecurity Fundamentals

      Here, exam-takers will be expected to pay attention to the cybersecurity landscape by focusing on the latest computing trends, new app threat vectors, SaaS app risks, etc. Additionally, candidates ought to get into cyberthreats, cyberattack types, and techniques such as malware, spamming, phishing, bots, and Wi-Fi as well as advanced persistent threats.

      2. Cybesecurity Gateway

      To find in the module are issues touching on the connected globe, physical, virtual, and logical addressing including packet encapsulation, models, and technologies for network security. In addition, this area will explain endpoint security, cloud, virtualization, storage, and DevOps security. Also, security for data center and network concepts are as well detailed there.

      3. Cybersecurity Essentials

      This objective concerns operating platforms for security, securing the enterprise, the cloud, and the future (cortex).

      4. Job Positions and Salaries

      Anyone with the PCCSA certification is poised for the position of a Palo Alto Networks security administrator, cybersecurity administrator, network administrator, and a firewall or proxy administrator. Based on, a specialist with such a certificate can earn about $92k yearly.

      5. Next Certificate

      The most obvious certification after the PCCSA should be the Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) certification.

    Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA)

    The intention of the PCNSA certification is to check if you are truly knowledgeable and skilled in networking administration tasks that include deployment and operation of Palo Alto Networks firewalls called Next-Gen Firewalls (NGFWs). Anyone certified in such a domain has proven consistency in the knowledge regarding the NGFW features as well as the product portfolio concerning core components.

    • Target Audience

      The PCNSA is for security admins charged with the responsibility to deploy, operate, and manage the security suite for Palo Alto Networks.

    • Prerequisites

      There are no prior demands for such a certificate. However, it is suggested that you take a course in Essentials of Firewalls.

    • Test Details

      There will be 50 items in the final test with patterns like multiple-choices, matching, and scenarios based on graphics. The duration of the PCNSA exam will be 80 minutes and it’s available in English only.

    • Certification Objectives

      The topics for the PCNSA test are as follow:

      1. Security Operating Platform Core Elements

      This area covers the elements of the cybersecurity portfolio in relation to Palo Alto Networks that include the model called Zero Trust Security, and a cyberattack lifecycle as well as firewall mitigations.

      2. Simply Passing Traffic

      A segment like this scrutinizes firewall management, gaining access to firewalls, techniques for managing firewalls, firewall configurations, and dynamic updates. Other fields to look into are account administration, security zones, configuring interfaces meant for firewalls, virtual routers, security rules, and implementing NAT solutions.

      3. Traffic Visibility

      Issues tackled here include regulations for security policy, application filters and groups, properties and timeouts, enhancing security methods, and the creation of policies targeting Application ID.

      4. Securing Traffic

      It covers the right security profiles, actions meant for security policy and security profiles, customizing profiles, packet & protocol-based attacks, cloud DNS security, PAN-DB database, and URL categories.

      5. Identifying Users

      Such a topic concerns methods for mapping IP addresses, deploying agents for User-ID, the process of mapping usernames by a firewall to user groups, and identifying users.

      6. Deployment Optimization

      This sector is about comprehending the advantages in addition to differences that exist between Heatmap as well as BPA reports.

    • Job Positions and Salary

      The PCNSA certification enables individuals to possess powerful skills in securing Palo Alto Networks and performing related administration duties. Therefore, you can send your job application to organizations looking for security administrators or systems administrators. As divulges, the salary for such specialists should be around $80k annually.

    • Next Validation

      Once you own the PCNSA certification, you should aim at pursuing and possessing the Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) qualification.

    Palo Alto Network Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE)

    The awarding of the PCNSE certificate is to those applicants with exemplary skills in performing security engineer tasks. They include developing, deploying, running, maintaining, and troubleshooting networks Next-Gen Firewalls for Palo Networks. It means that successful test-takers have a deeper comprehension of the portfolio of a company's products and can utilize them fully in doing most implementations.

    • Target Audience

      The PCNSE test targets any individual making use of the products for Palo Alto Networks. They include systems engineers, support engineers, systems integrators, customers, and partners.

    • Prerequisites

      No prerequisites exist for this PCNSE qualification. However, it is highly suggested that you take part in the vendor's training for the official exam. Also, an experience of six months in deploying the company’s products would be helpful.

    • Details for PCNSE

      There will be 75 questions in the main test with a duration of 80 minutes. The delivery will be in English and Japanese with such question types as matching items, scenarios, and multiple choices.

    • Exam Tested Areas

      Varied knowledge and skills are to be accessed in this certification exam known as the PCNSE. They come clear through the topics covered below:

      1. Planning

      This domain covers Palo Networks products, threat detection, prevention, implementing firewalls, device administration, authorization, authentication, strategies for deploying decryption, and finally, VM-series bootstrap elements.

      2. Deploying and Configuring

      It includes traffic logs, security profiles, URL filtering, prevention of credential theft, adoption of App-ID, log collectors, deploying firewalls, methods of authorization, authentication as well as device administration, and certificates for supporting firewall features. Other areas are IPv6, virtual routers, DHCP, VPNs, NAT policy regulations, decryption, HTTP, and SD-WAN.

      3. Operating

      This is a topic on log types and configuration, direct firewall, methods used in forwarding logs, log files, graphs & reports, custom signatures, systems update for Palo Alto Networks, ensuring stability as well as continuity, HA functions, and integrating firewall with Autofocus. Also, dynamic updates, managing application dependencies, and SD-WAN connections are included within this scope.

      4. Configuration Troubleshooting

      This module is focused on issues about traffic & system, web interface, CLI tools, packet capture, troubleshooting as well as configuring interface components, troubleshooting failures in SSL decryption, and troubleshooting issues related to traffic. It is also about activities for ACC chart as well as GlobalProtect.

      5. Core Concepts

      This domain reveals issues of policy evaluation, appropriate threat prevention components for mitigating attacks, user identity, management & data planes, controlling bandwidth use, WildFire concepts, and policies for MFA & authentication. To be revealed as well are matters including forwarding traffic, configuring policies, the automation of firewall configuration, SD-WAN in networking, and the Panorama commit features for recovery.

    • Job Positions and Salary

      Positions related to the PCNSE certificate include a security network engineer, network engineer, and security architect. As maintains, network security engineers working with Palo Alto Networks take home a yearly salary of almost $94k yearly.

    • Next Certification

      Having qualified already as a security engineer due to this validation, you can consider going for the Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Automation Engineer (PCSAE) certification.

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