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  • EMC Certification Practice Test Questions, EMC Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real EMC Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. EMC Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with EMC Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's EMC Certification Practice Test Questions & EMC Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Become an in-demand professional by earning a Dell EMC certification! As a powerhouse in the tech industry, Dell EMC is always credible in cultivating professionals’ skills and providing them with the most relevant knowledge about Dell technologies. And if you want to get validated by this top-notch organization, it’s important to know their certification curriculum beforehand.

    Dell EMC Certification Framework

    Dell EMC offers a range of technology-focused and role-based certificates that are designed to develop one’s abilities and accelerate their careers by verifying advanced competence. It has several major certification areas namely cloud, converged infrastructure, networking, data protection, data science, security, servers, desktop, virtualization, and storage.

    After selecting the most suitable path, candidates have to assess their level of knowledge and experience to choose the option that relates to the associate, specialist, or expert stage. Subsequently, once picked the preferred subject of focus, one should start preparing for the required exam.

    Top-rated Dell EMC Certification for Implementation Engineers

    One of the best options for intermediate-level professionals is the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certification. First and foremost, it requires candidates to have the Associate – Information Storage and Management certificate of any of the 4 versions offered.

    Acquiring this certification means that you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills in handling product-related functions. These cover tasks such as installing, configuring, and administering features involved in Dell EMC Unity as well as Dell EMC Unity XT Systems. Some of these aspects include data reduction, system hardware, dynamic pools, Snapshots, and replication for storage.

    On top of the prerequisite certificate, you will also need to clear the main requirement for the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0. It is passing E20-393 test, also called the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Exam. It lasts for 90 minutes, has a total number of 60 questions and a passing score of 63%.

    Key Products and Features Covered in E20-393 Test

    As mentioned by Dell on their official site, some of the vital products involved in the final exam are Dell EMC Unity VSA and Dell EMC Unity XT. However, other related areas might still be included in the test’s content, so it’s important to broaden your comprehension and not just stick to the above ones. To better understand what you should expect, let’s discuss the main sections covered by E20-393, along with its core specifications.

    • 10% for Concepts, Features together with Architecture necessary for the functioning of the Unity Platform

    Before anything else, it’s significant to have a deep awareness of the entire Unity Platform architecture implemented by Dell EMC. You must distinguish all its features, particularly the UnityVSA SDS solution and the hardware for Unity XT elements like SPE, DPE, and expansion modules.

    • 13% for Installation and Services vital for both Unity XT & UnityVSA

    This area involves the basic tasks related to handling Unity XT by EMC and UnityVSA systems. It focuses on skills such as installing storage systems, setting up systems, distinguishing service tasks, and categorizing service functions such as CRU replacement, event logs, and alert levels.

    • 25% for Access as well as Provisioning of Storage for Unity XT alongside UnityVSA

    When it comes to this section, it will entail your knowledge of storage pool types, specifically conventional in addition to dynamic. Thus, you must be acquainted with how these types are provisioned. The discussion continues with learning the expansion of dynamic pool, rebuild process, and drive sizes, along with provision block, data and file storage. Mastery in configuring host access, NAS access for clients, SMB, and NFS storage file properties in addition to the knowledge of ESXi hosts created by VMware is also crucial. Do take note that this area covers the largest percentage of E20-393 exam, so add extra time learning these subjects.

    • 23% for Scalability, Storage Efficiency, and Features crucial for workable Performance

    At this point, you will gain aptitude in recounting the performance features necessary for FAST Cache and Host known as I/O. In addition, this domain points out vital aspects such as File Level Retention, the File System Quotas characteristics, and UFS64 file system scalability. This further supports you in working with Data Reduction, FAST VP Tiering, and Thin Clones. Since this domain covers at least 23%, it will definitely have a great impact on the overall exam structure.

    • 22% for Data Protection including peculiarities for Mobility

    Another major subject included in the official test is the usage of different mobility features. Here, you’ll be exposed to the nature of Local LUN Move as well as Local NAS Server mobile features. Plus, you must be accustomed to Snapshots data protecting features and how these are created, operated, and utilized on storage service. On top of that, adeptness in Replication is very important as well as sessions for replication like synchronous & asynchronous. You should also know how to create these for storing various resources.

    • 7% for Unity XT as well as UnityVSA Sys Administration

    Completing the exam coverage are the storage systems of the Dell EMC Unity family. You must learn the process of distinguishing and designating different user interfaces for proper monitoring and management. Also, it’s a salient skill to be able to define various system settings that are utilized for system administration.

    Career Prospects and Certification Path upon Acquisition of This Certificate

    By gaining a passing score in E20-393 exam and getting rewarded the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certificate, you signify the level of mastery for the particular technical area, including working with Dell EMC Unity as well as Dell EMC Unity XT Systems, in this case. It gives an edge when it comes to career advancement because your skills are at par with the needs of the industry. Thus, companies will certainly consider you as an asset, hence adding more value to your profession.

    Accordingly, Dell Technologies Implementation Engineers have a salary range of $88k to $134k as stated by Glassdoor.com. And of course, if you have been accredited by Dell, this amount can go beyond the normal rate. Therefore, if you want to enjoy better career benefits and higher monetary compensation, add this certification to your CV. Also, once you have acquired it, you may be interested in pursuing the Expert – SC Series certification.

    Other In-demand Dell EMC Certifications

    • Specialist – Systems Administrator, ECS (Ver. 1.0)

    For those with experience in ECS solutions management, this certification is a great tool to refine skills. Through preparing for its DES-1B31 exam, you become more skillful in distinguishing crucial ECS components, protocols, data client access, and product integrations. But before pursuing this specialist-level certificate, one must have a current Associate – Information Storage and Management or Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services certification. Also, applicants must pass DES-1B31 exam by achieving a score of 63 points from the total number of 60 questions to be completed within 90 minutes.

    • Specialist – Technology Architect, VMAX3 Solutions (Ver. 1.0)

    Magnify your grasp of VMAX3 Solutions with the aid of this certificate. It targets your abilities in sizing VMAX3 arrays, using Unisphere for VMAX, managing Solutions Enabler SYMCLI, and configuring changes related to SRDF and TimeFinder SnapVX. To start with the certification path, you must have an Associate – Information Storage and Management certificate. Then, you have to accomplish the 60 questions provided by E20-542 exam within 90 minutes. To pass, you need to get at least 63 points.

    • Expert – Cloud Architect, Cloud Services (Ver. 2.0)

    Another recommended certificate is the Expert – Cloud Architect, Cloud Services Version 2.0. By having this on your profile, you verify your mastery in planning and designing various cloud solutions and services in an ITaaS setup. This also emphasizes the key IT transformation models, together with the significant planning aspects such as technology, governance, financial, and organization.

    Since this certificate is already part of Dell EMC’s expert-level program, there are certain prerequisites to fulfill. First, you can choose between Associate – Information Storage and Management and Associate – Cloud Infrastructure and Services. Then, you must earn the Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Version 2.0. The main certification requirement is passing E20-920, which is a 90-minute test with 60 questions and a passing rate of 60.

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