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    100% Real Adobe Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Adobe Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Adobe Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Adobe Certification Practice Test Questions & Adobe Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Adobe is a multinational computer software corporation based in the United States that specializes in software for the development and publishing of a broad variety of content, including graphics, animation, illustration, photography, multimedia/video, visual media, and print. Adobe has evolved into digital marketing management services and now provides many software, marketing automation, and e-commerce certifications.

    Adobe Certification Overview

    Admittedly, an Adobe designation is a well-known industry qualification that essentially validates one's knowledge of Adobe digital-media applications. Consequently, an Adobe Certified Specialist is anyone who has demonstrated proficiency with Adobe Systems software products by passing one or more product-specific exams developed by this vendor. Besides, Adobe has a wide variety of online certification programs to help you advance your career in the areas of Software Security, Cloud Computing, Marketing and Advertising, Analytics, E-Commerce, and more. Discussed below are some of the most prominent Adobe certifications.

    Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Expert (AD0-E314)

    Adobe Campaign is one of the most well-known marketing software that serves as a forum for creating cross-channel consumer interactions, as well as an arena for the visual campaign, real-time engagement, and cross-channel execution. The Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Expert exam - AD0-E314 focuses on various elements of Adobe Campaign based on campaign management, data management, reporting, and administration. The exam is ideal for Business Consultants, Campaign Managers, Database Marketers, Business Analysts, and Business Practitioners. The AD0-E314 exam can be taken online (proctored) or in an authorized test center near you. All in all, there are 50 questions (multiple-choice & multiple-select) that you need to answer within 120 minutes and the passing rate is 62%. To add more, the Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner Expert test - AD0-E314 will cost you $180 and you are required to have the following experience in order to take the AD0-E314:

    • Translating organizational requirements into actionable Campaign deliverables.
    • Extensive knowledge of marketing metrics such as ROI, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
    • Working knowledge of typology application, access control, online technologies, and database marketing.
    • An understanding of marketing's legal and ethical guidelines.

    The next step after completing the AD0-E314 evaluation is the Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master Exam - AD0-E318 which reflects on a deeper understanding of various marketing strategies and implementations. All in all, the salary for Adobe Campaign knowledge ranges from $86k up to $155k per annum according to ZipRecruiter.

    Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master (AD0-E318)

    The Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master - AD0-E318 is an advanced exam intended for candidates who already use Adobe Campaign Classic and have experience in implementing various campaigns. The AD0-E318 is best suited for Technical Leads who use Adobe Campaign Classic, Adobe Certified Experts in Campaign Classic, or Martech Solution Architects. The AD0-E318 test is available online (proctored) or at a regional approved test center. Overall, there are 50 multiple-choice & multiple-select questions to be answered in 120 minutes, with a 60% passing rate. The exam will cost you 180 USD and the candidates for Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master designation must have experience with multiple Campaign implementations and should be able to explain how Adobe Campaign functions as a digital marketing solution and how to apply it according to project specifications. Besides, you must also be familiar with the practical scope of work for an Adobe Campaign installation, as well as the technical roadmap, which includes mission dependencies. More so, you should be able to analyze current projects and processes on other sites in order to decide what Adobe Campaign needs to be implemented. In fact, a Certified Adobe Architect has the potential to earn up to $115,547 according to ZipRecruiter.

    Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Expert (AD0-E106)

    The Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Expert - AD0-E106 is designed to test your knowledge of installing, configuring, tracking, running, and troubleshooting AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). This exam also tests your ability to configure tasks for Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment. In particular, the AD0-E106 test is intended for Cloud Engineers, AEM Developers, Technical Managers, System Administrators, Infrastructure Engineers, and System Reliability Engineers. Also, such an exam can be taken either online or at a regionally accredited test center. In 108 minutes, you should answer 54 multiple-choice as well as multiple-select questions with a 64.81% passing score. This exam will cost you 180 USD and the candidate for the affiliated certification must have at least 2 years of experience deploying, configuring, tracking, running, and troubleshooting AEM. Knowledge of technologies and environments such as Terminal, Maven, Curl, Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis, and Unix will be also beneficial. Furthermore, an Adobe DevOps Engineer will be able to earn up to $125,335 annually as stated by

    Adobe Audience Manager Architect Master (AD0-E454)

    The Adobe Audience Manager Architect Master - AD0-E454 is for experienced individuals who have more than three years of experience in data collection, digital marketing, and data management across Adobe marketing platforms. The AD0-E454, in particular, is a master-level exam and has 50 multiple-select & multiple-choice questions which you need to answer in 100 minutes. In addition, the official evaluation will cost you $180. Plus, you'll need to know how to evaluate market criteria, consider current data, and use various methodologies to incorporate Adobe Audience Manager. What’s more, as a seasoned Audience Manager, you should be able to produce and review various reports. Finally, the highest annual salary is listed as $131,000 per year for Adobe Audience Managers according to

    Overall Career Benefits of Adobe Certifications

    When deciding whether or not to earn the Adobe designation, it is apparent that there are many advantages to doing so. Given the simplicity and affordability of being Adobe certified, as well as the numerous benefits that come with it, it is a smart option and well worth the hassle. There are many reasons why you would want to become an Adobe accredited specialist. Your manager may insist on it or may say that it will help you get a raise or promotion. As a freelancer, having an official 'Certified' endorsement on your website can help you win clients. Or you may want to share your Adobe knowledge with others. And you may even simply realize there are a lot of things you haven't learned to do inside Adobe's program and want to take on a challenge.

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