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    100% Real ISC Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. ISC Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with ISC Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's ISC Certification Practice Test Questions & ISC Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Out of thousands of IT certification vendors, (ISC)² has managed to offer sought-after, skilled-focused, and career-shaping certificates in the field of cybersecurity. The significance of earning them is known to the entire world. Below, the most popular options for professionals of different levels of expertise are disclosed in detail.

    Types of (ISC)² Certifications

    (ISC)² is one of the few vendors that offer multiple kinds of accreditations that can shape the career of an IT professional in key industry areas like cybersecurity, cloud security, IT administration, and software development. The board certification portfolio is impressive, ANSI-accredited, and can get aligned effortlessly with one’s professional goals.

    1. CAP — Certified Authorization Professional

    Earning the CAP certificate helps a candidate to get advanced technical skills in RMF that are needed to authorize the entire IT system of an organization.

    Targeted Audience. CAP is the right choice for the IT security professionals that want to gain top-notch expertise in RMF and are aiming to work with organizations like U.S. federal government and military as it aligns with the DoD8570 mandate. To earn this certification, you need to pass the CAP exam.

    Exam Overview

    The CAP exam has a duration of 3 hours with 125 multiple-choice questions. The passing score is 700/1000. The test is provided in English. The domains covered are as follows:

    • Information Security Risk Management Program
    • Categorization of Information Systems (IS)
    • Authorization of IS
    • Selection of Security Controls (SCs)
    • Implementation of SCs
    • Assessment of SCs
    • Continuous Monitoring

    It’s recommended for applicants to have two or more years of working experience in at least one of the mentioned areas.

    2. CISSP — Certified Information Systems Security Professional

    This certification imparts all the skills needed to design, manage, and implement leading cybersecurity programs. The candidate validates knowledge of the key cybersecurity strategies as well as the ability to implement them.

    Targeted audience. Ideal for cybersecurity professionals or managers who want to amplify the gained understanding of security practices and principle and aim at job roles like Chief Information Security Officer or Chief Information Officer. In addition, 5 or more years of paid working background in the tested skills areas is required.

    Exam Overview

    The CISSP exam option that is offered in English lasts for 3 hours during which one should answer 100-150 questions. They are presented on multiple-choice and advanced innovative formats. The score the candidates need to gain is 700/1000.

    Notice that if you are going to take the CISSP test in another language (German, Spanish, Japanese, etc.), you’ll be given 250 questions to be answered within 6 hours.

    Domains Covered:

    • Security and Risk Management
    • Security Assessment & Testing
    • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
    • Asset Security
    • Security Architecture & Engineering
    • Security Operations
    • Communication & Network Security
    • Software Development Security

    3. CISSP Concentrations — CISSP Concentrations

    Under this category, (ISC)2 offers three different specialized certifications aiming at architect, engineering, and management job roles. These are the following:


    With a motive to strengthen knowledge validated by CISSP and gain mastery over the targeted skills, these certifications provide an ideal opportunity for career growth and uplifting.

    Targeted Audience. Professionals who have a minimum of two-year work experience in an associated field.

    Exam Overview

    The exam format is generic and is the same for all three tests. The only difference is in their content. The common details are the following: a duration of 3 hours, a total Number of Questions is 125 and they are provided in the MCQ format, the passing mark is 700/1000, and the language of the exam is English.

    Domains of CISSP-ISSAP

    • Architect for Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management
    • Security Architecture Modeling
    • Architecture of Infrastructure Security
    • Identity & Access Management (IAM) Architecture
    • Architect for Application Security
    • Security Operations Architecture

    Domains of CISSP-ISSEP

    • Systems Security Engineering Foundations
    • Risk Management
    • Security Planning and Design
    • Systems Implementation, Verification, and Validation
    • Secure Operations, Change Management and Disposal

    Domains of CISSP-ISSMP

    • Leadership and Business Management
    • Systems Lifecycle Management
    • Risk Management
    • Threat Intelligence and Incident Management
    • Contingency Management
    • Law, Ethics, and Security Compliance Management

    4. CCSP — Certified Cloud Security Professional

    This one is the industry’s premium certification in cloud security. Its holders are known for possessing the key skills required for designing, managing, securing, and implementing cloud security principles and protocols.

    Targeted audience. Best for IT security professionals who want to learn the most modern and effective IT security practices and aim for job roles like Enterprise Architect, Security Administrator, and Systems Engineer.

    Exam Overview

    Just as many other ISC exams, CCSP requires candidates to answer 125 MCQ questions is 3 hours with an aim to achieve a score of 700 points out of 1000. The test is presented in the English language.

    Domains Covered:

    • Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design
    • Legal, Risk, and Compliance
    • Cloud Application Security
    • Cloud Data Security
    • Cloud Security Operations
    • Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security

    5. SSCP — Systems Security Certified Practitioner

    This globally recognized certification is here to help IT Administrators to get hold of impeccable and laudable knowledge about end-to-end implementation, monitoring, and administering IT infrastructure. Aspirants will learn key practices and policies and verify their competence.

    Targeted audiences. This certification is for specialists willing to gain a best-of-breed understanding of IT administrating skills and become ideal candidates for pivotal job roles such as Network Security Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Security Analyst.

    Exam Overview

    When sitting for the SSCP exam, applicants will be given 3 hours to answer 125 questions of MCQ type. One can take the test in English and should earn 700 points out of 1000 to pass. The domains covered are:

    • Access Controls
    • Security Operations and Administration
    • Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis
    • Incident Response and Recovery
    • Cryptography
    • Network and Communications Security
    • Systems and Application Security

    Job Prospects and Career Benefits

    All these certifications are the gold-standard and provide ample opportunities for professional growth. As (ISC)² is a globally recognized and well-accredited organization, candidates have the whole world to explore when career opportunities are concerned. The mentioned certificates make an IT specialist the best-pick for some of the crucial IT job roles like IT Administrator, Security Engineer, Network Engineer, Enterprise Architect, to mention a few.

    When it comes to salary, certifications like CISSP have been reported as the highest-paid ones in many researches. PayScale says that CISSP accredited professionals can earn $116k annually which is around 20% higher than any other certificate of the same category. Such kind of high pay and better career prospects are experienced with other certifications offered by this vendor. Thus, SSCP certified individuals get compensation of about $75k annually while those possessing the CCSP certificate get about $111k per annum.

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