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  • Fortinet Certification Practice Test Questions, Fortinet Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Fortinet Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Fortinet Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Fortinet Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Fortinet Certification Practice Test Questions & Fortinet Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Do you want to substantiate your security proficiency? Then train with Fortinet and earn one of its prominent Network Security Expert (NSE) certificates.

    Outline of Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Certification Program

    In general, certifications are used to validate your theoretical knowledge and technical abilities. And if you’re highly interested in network security, Fortinet offers their reputable Network Security Expert program to back you up. This eight-level curriculum comes with an extensive learning path and independent authentication of your network security adeptness. For beginners, you can start with the Network Security Associate that comes in three levels (1 to 3). Then, there’s the Network Security Professional (4), the Network Security Analyst (5), the Network Security Specialist (6), and the Network Security Architect (7). The last level is the Network Security Expert (8), which is meant for those candidates who want to demonstrate their mastery of network security features and functions. These certifications are valid for up to 2 years from the date of the test completion. Moreover, each track has its own set of training courses and practice materials to provide you with the latest skills required by current and future employers. Now, it’s time to accentuate the three of the most recognized NSE certificates below.

    NSE4 - Network Security Professional

    For those who have completed the associate-level NSE certifications (from 1 to 3), you can further pursue your training with the NSE4 - Network Security Professional certificate. This is a great step to underscore your abilities in handling day-to-day FortiGate device tasks such as configuration, installation, and administration. It also develops your mastery in the essential network security policies, along with FortiGate Security and FortiGate Infrastructure as a whole.

    Recommended Candidates for NSE4

    The best candidates for this certificate are both security and network specialists with prior experience in FortiGate devices. Their background must include dealing with daily security functions including implementation and management tasks.

    Network Security Professional Core Requirements

    The Network Security Professional comes with one certification requirement and that is the Fortinet NSE4 – FortiOS test. This is where you’ll understand better different FortiGate features as well as security profiles. Likewise, this certification exam brings to light topics such as IPS, SSL VPN, web filtering, antivirus, security fabric, and the like. Below are the current and upcoming versions of this exam:

    • NSE4_FGT-6.2 – a 120-minute test with 70 questions available in both Japanese & English. Do take note that the registration for this exam will end by April 30, 2021.
    • NSE4_FGT-6.4 – a 105-minute exam with 60 questions. The status of this exam is already available on the website. When it comes to the language options, there are two choices on display, which are English and Japanese versions.

    NSE5 - Network Security Analyst

    At level 5, the Network Security Analyst is already considered an advanced certification phase. In fact, this certification signifies that you can integrate network security management along with analytics using the right Fortinet security devices.

    Recommended Candidates to Opt for NSE5

    If you are a network or security specialist with a background in Fortinet security devices, you can push through with your goals for attaining the NSE5 certificate. Just make sure that your prior experience includes tasks such as analysis, management, and reporting.

    NSE5 Core Requirements

    Unlike most certifications, Fortinet allows you to choose from their list of NSE5 exams. At present, there are four options that individually emphasize different key services. On top of these, there will be additional tests in the future to expand your choices. The current exams are known as the Fortinet NSE5 FortiAnalyzer, FortiClient-EMS, FortiManager, and FortiSIEM. The new additions that will be released soon are the Fortinet NSE5 FortiSOAR and FortiEDR. Overall, you have to prepare and pass at least two of the below-mentioned exams to become a fully-fledged NSE5 - Network Security Analyst:

    • NSE5_FCT-6.0 – a 60-minute test that includes 30 items; available languages are English and Japanese.
    • NSE5_FCT-6.2 – a 60-minute exam with 30 items; languages accessible are English and Japanese.
    • NSE5_FMG-6.2 – a 70-minute test with the coverage of 35 items; languages are English and Japanese.
    • NSE5_FAZ-6.2 – a 50-minute exam with 25 questions in the English and Japanese languages.
    • NSE5_FSM-5.1 – a 50-minute test containing 25 questions; English is the only available language.
    • NSE5_FSM-5.2 – a 60-minute test covering 30 tasks; English is the only available language option.

    NSE7 - Network Security Architect

    As the 7th level of the NSE path, expect a more challenging scope of topics and a complex set of skills to be validated. The Network Security Architect is a certification designed to demonstrate your capacity to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot advanced security solutions.

    NSE7 Recommended Candidates

    Professionals with a solid familiarity in advanced management and provision of security structures via Fortinet solutions are the best candidates for this NSE7 certificate.

    Core Requirements for NSE7

    Just like the previous track, you are given the opportunity to pick your preferred exam area. As of now, there are six test options namely the Fortinet NSE7 - Advanced Analytics, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Security, Public Cloud Security, Enterprise Firewall, and Secure Access. Another exam will be added soon and that is the Fortinet NSE7 - SD-WAN. To earn the NSE7, you only need to pass one test from the provided list:

    • NSE7_ADA-5.2 – a 60-minute test with 30 questions available in English.
    • NSE7_ATP-3.0 – a 60-minute exam containing 30 tasks; available languages are English and Japanese.
    • NSE7_CDS-6.0 – an exam with 30 questions to be solved in 1 hour; English is the only available language.
    • NSE7_PBC-6.0 – a 1-hour exam that has 30 items; English is the only available language.
    • NSE7_EFW-6.2 – a 60-minute test with 30 questions conducted in both Japanese & English.
    • NSE7_EFW-6.4 – a test with 35 quizzes that will last for 1 hour; English is the only available language, however, Japanese is coming soon.
    • NSE7_SAC-6.2 – a 60-minute test with 30 items; languages - English and Japanese.

    Career Prospects and Salaries

    The NSE4 certificate will qualify you for the position of a Network Security Professional, whose average annual income is $72,663. When it comes to the Network Security Analyst certification, it will get you $71,355 per annum. Finally, the Network Security Architect on average makes $126,166 yearly. It is to be noted that these salaries were provided by


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