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    100% Real Amazon Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Amazon Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Amazon Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Amazon Certification Practice Test Questions & Amazon Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Amazon is one of the biggest players in the world for cloud computing. The certifications issued under the umbrella of Amazon Web Services include the fundamental knowledge for becoming a cloud architect. AWS certificates are popular among cloud specialists in the world for their discipline in evaluating the examinees’ knowledge. They take candidates through different scenarios to make sure that they possess the right knowledge and have a good command of key cloud concepts. Besides, they take the candidate through different stages of the certification process, from foundational to specialty, associate, and professional levels. Thus, they give applicants the opportunity to leverage their knowledge and advance in their careers. Now that you have a short overview of what AWS certifications can do for your professional future, let’s take AWS certifications one by one.

    AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

    The certification for AWS Advanced Networking – Specialty validates the examinees’ skills and knowledge on performing complex tasks related to AWS networking solutions. Their knowledge of hybrid IT networking architecture is also evaluated in the certification exam. It is essential that candidates have a solid background in network solutions implementation and architecture. Thus, they will get advanced knowledge of how to handle AWS networking solutions. The vendor recommends that candidates should have knowledge of AWS Security best practices and how to use AWS storage options. Therefore, they will be able to determine the systems’ underlying consistency models. Finally, candidates should be familiar with AWS networking nuances and know how to make the connection and integration of different AWS services. The exam necessary for this certification has the code ANS-C00. It covers the following topics:

    • Hybrid IT Network Architecture at Scale Design and Implementation;
    • AWS Networks Design and Implementation;
    • AWS Tasks Automation;
    • Network Integration Configuration by Using Application Services;
    • Keeping Highest Standards of Security and Compliance Through Design and Implementation;
    • Network Troubleshooting, Management, and Optimization.

    When it comes to the exam details, candidates will have 170 minutes to answer different multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. The registration fee for this exam is $300.

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

    The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is suitable for those candidates who have the basic knowledge and skills to work with the AWS platform features. After taking the certification exam, they will be able to understand how AWS available services work and what their common uses are. Besides, entrants will become proficient in handling AWS Cloud architectural principles and ensure the highest levels of security and compliance. The vendor’s recommendation for candidates, in this case, is to have a minimum of 6 months of prior experience working with AWS Cloud infrastructure, irrespective of the role they occupied in their companies. Therefore, this certification is designed for educators, traditional and non-traditional students, and also for individuals who are exploring AWS Cloud features. In the latter category, the vendor includes sales managers, project and IT managers, decision-makers, marketers, or other specialists working in sales, procurement, and finance. The only exam necessary to obtain the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is coded CLF-C01. This test evaluates the candidates’ knowledge of the following topics:

    • Basic knowledge of cloud concepts;
    • Compliance and security issues;
    • Technology;
    • Billing and pricing.

    Candidates will have 90 minutes to answer as many questions as possible correctly. The items’ format is multiple-choice and multiple-answer. Also, interested candidates will have to pay $100 as a registration fee for CLF-C01. As for the certification path, considering that the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is for the foundational level, it can be used as basic knowledge for all other AWS higher-level certificates like AWS Specialty, Associate, and Professional qualifications.

    AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

    The AWS Data Analytics – Specialty certification is designed for those candidates who are looking to validate their experience in extracting value from different sets of data while using AWS services. Also, it is suitable for those examinees who are interested in getting a role focused on data analytics. Amazon has some recommended knowledge for anyone who aims to get this AWS Data Analytics – Specialty certification. Those who are taking the certification exam would be better to have at least 5 years of practical experience using data analytics technologies. Also, they should have previously worked for a minimum of 2 years with AWS architecture. Finally, they should have experience in working with AWS services to maintain and build analytics solutions. This validation can be obtained after getting the passing score in DAS-C01 exam. It includes multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions to which candidates should give the correct answer in 180 minutes. The minimum passing score that candidates should obtain is 720 points. The topics tested in this test are the following:

    • Collection;
    • Data management and storage;
    • Processing;
    • Visualization and analysis;
    • Security.

    AWS Certified Database – Specialty

    The AWS certification for Database – Specialty is designed for individuals who are interested in accessing database-focused positions in international companies. The certification exam confirms the candidates’ knowledge of databases, including concepts related to migration, design, deployment, maintenance, monitoring, security, automation, migration, and troubleshooting of AWS systems. Amazon recommends some experience for anyone who wants to take the certification, which equals 5 years of experience in using common database technologies. Also, the candidates who have previously worked for at least 2 years with AWS systems will have higher chances to pass the certification exam from the first attempt. Finally, if entrants have prior experience with NoSQL and AWS Cloud-based relational databases, they will go through the test topics easier and faster. The exam that leads you to this certification is coded DBS-C01. It includes multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Candidates will need to answer questions correctly and get a minimum of 750 points in 180 minutes. The registration fee for this exam is $300, which should be paid every time the examinees want to take this test. The tested topics are the following:

    • Database design workload;
    • Migration and deployment;
    • Operations and management;
    • Troubleshooting and monitoring;
    • Database security.

    AWS Certified Developer – Associate

    The AWS Developer – Associate certification is suitable for those specialists who already perform the role of developer and want to get deeper knowledge of how to use core AWS services and architecture best practices. Also, it is suitable for those examinees who want to demonstrate that they are proficient in deploying, developing, and debugging AWS cloud-based apps. Amazon has a long list of recommended knowledge for those candidates who want to get this AWS Developer – Associate qualification. Therefore, examinees should have at least 1 year of practical experience maintaining and developing applications using AWS systems. Also, they should have a solid knowledge of using at least one high-level programming language. They should also understand how to use AWS services and be proficient in using AWS services like CLI, SDKs, AWS CLI, or APIs to write applications. The only exam necessary to get the AWS Certified Developer – Associate is DVA-C01 by code. To be successful in DVA-C01 test, candidates need to obtain a minimum score of 720 points. The topics evaluated in DVA-C01 are as follows:

    • Deployment;
    • Security;
    • AWS Services development;
    • Refactoring;
    • Troubleshooting and monitoring.

    AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

    A specialist who wants to pursue a career in data science will find the AWS Machine Learning – Specialty certification as a huge step for his/her career. This certification validates the candidates’ knowledge of building, training, tuning, and deploying machine learning models with the help of AWS Cloud infrastructure. The only exam necessary to get this certification is known as MLS-C01. To be eligible for this test, candidates should have 1-2 years of practical experience architecting, developing, and running deep learning workloads on AWS Cloud infrastructure. Also, they should demonstrate that they can perform basic hyperparameter optimization and use deep learning frameworks. Plus, candidates must have a solid knowledge of following model-training and operational best practices. Successful candidates will need to get at least 750 points in MLS-C01 test. It tests their knowledge on:

    • Data engineering;
    • Exploratory data analysis;
    • Modeling;
    • Machine learning operations and implementation.

    When it comes to the certification path, the AWS Machine Learning – Specialty certification isn’t mandatory for other AWS certificates. However, it can be useful for those specialists who want to get the AWS Database - Specialty or Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty certifications.

    AWS Certified Security – Specialty

    A specialist who is currently working in a security role is the right candidate to get the AWS Security – Specialty qualification. The certification exam validates the candidates’ knowledge of properly securing an AWS platform. Therefore, once they pass the test, examinees will be able to demonstrate that they can work with AWS data protection mechanisms and data classification concepts. Besides, they will become familiar with data-encryption methods and know how to implement AWS mechanisms. Amazon recommends that examinees should have prior experience of a minimum of 5 years in using IT security solutions and know how to properly design and implement them. Also, they should have previously worked for at least 2 years with security concepts related to AWS workloads and have experience in determining the right security controls for AWS workloads. To earn this certifications, candidates need to gain 750 points in SCS-C01 exam within the allocated time – 170 minutes. Besides, candidates should pay a fee of $300 to register for the exam. When it comes to the tested topics, the list includes the following:

    • Incident response;
    • Logging and monitoring;
    • Infrastructure security;
    • Identity and access management;
    • Data protection.

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

    The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is intended for solution architects with minimum 1 year of practical experience in design and finding cost-effective and fault-tolerant systems. Candidates need to pass one exam - SAA-C02. It validates the candidates’ skills in defining a solution with the help of architectural design principles following the customer’s requirements. Also, with this exam, they will demonstrate that they can offer implementation guidance by following best practices during a project’s lifecycle. In addition, they should be proficient in working with compute, storage, or networking AWS services.

    The minimum passing score in the exam is 720 points. During the test, they will need to demonstrate the following skills:

    • Creating resilient architectures
    • Creating high-performing architectures
    • Creating safe apps and architectures
    • Creating cost-optimized architectures

    The next certification stage for which candidates can register is AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification.

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certification is intended for candidates with 2 and more years of practical experience in managing systems on AWS. It validates the candidates’ skills in designing and deploying scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable apps on AWS architecture. Also, it testifies their understanding of how to migrate complex and multi-tier applications on AWS infrastructure and skills in implementing cost-control strategies.

    The only exam that applicants need to take is SAP-C01 and to score 750 points to pass it. During the exam, candidates need to answer correctly to questions related to the following topics:

    • Organizational complexity design
    • New solutions design
    • Migration planning
    • Cost control
    • Existing solutions continuous improvement

    AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

    The AWS certification for SysOps Administrator – Associate is designed for anyone who has expertise in deployment, management, and AWS operations. This accreditation consolidates the examinees’ knowledge on deploying, managing, and operating scalable and fault tolerant systems on AWS infrastructure. Also, they should be able to migrate on-premises workloads to AWS systems and know how to estimate AWS usage costs as well as identifying immediate cost control solutions.

    Amazon recommends that candidates should have at least 1 year of practical experience using and operating AWS systems. Also, they should understand how AWS tenets and SDK/API tools work. They should understand how network technologies and security concepts related to AWS infrastructure.

    This certification can be achieved after passing SOA-C01 exam with minimum 720 points. Also, this exam asks the candidates to answer correctly to questions related to:

    • Monitoring and reporting
    • High availability
    • Provisioning and deployment
    • Data management and storage
    • Security and compliance
    • Networking
    • Optimization and automation

    AWS DevOps Engineer Professional

    The AWS DevOps Engineer Professional certification is designed for IT professionals who know how to manage, operate, and provision distributed application systems using AWS platform and have 2 years of experience in operating, provisioning, and managing AWS environments. This accreditation is ideal for anyone who is already on a DevOps engineer role. In addition, the exam-takers should have experience developing code in minimum one high-level programming language. Besides, they should be experienced in building highly automated infrastructures and administer operating systems.

    The only exam necessary to achieve this certification is DOP-C01 in which candidates need to gain 750 points. The exam covers the following topics:

    • SDLC automation
    • Infrastructure and configuration management as code
    • Logging and monitoring
    • Standards automation and policies
    • Event response and incident
    • Disaster recovery, fault tolerance, and high availability

    Career Prospects and Salary

    What concerns the job prospects, AWS certifications will make you eligible for the job roles like a Systems Engineer and Network Analyst Lead. As per, such specialists earn around $81k and $86k yearly. By adding this AWS Cloud Practitioner to their resumes, candidates can apply for different positions such as an AWS Cloud Practitioner, Cloud Developer, SysOps Administrator, System Engineer, and Software Engineer, as well as an AWS Networking Specialist. As for the salary, mentions that the average salary that a Software Engineer gets ranges from $62k to $128k in one year.

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