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  • Juniper Certification Practice Test Questions, Juniper Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Juniper Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Juniper Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Juniper Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Juniper Certification Practice Test Questions & Juniper Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Juniper certifications map out your career needs according to the demands of the networking industry. Through their top-tiered curriculum, it will be easy for you to penetrate the community of foremost networking specialists. So, to help you connect to their products, services, and solutions, we’ve gathered their leading certificates for your perusal.

    Juniper Certification Track for Various Networking Areas

    First of all, the Juniper Network Certification Program, or JNCP, serves as an evaluation and validation among networking individuals. It comes with a series of exams, both written and hands-on, which endorses your networking capacity. Juniper categorizes their curriculum into the emerging areas of networking. These are Cloud, Mist AI, Data Center, Automation & DevOps, Design, Service Provider Routing & Switching, and Enterprise Routing & Switching. These are further branched out into different levels ― associate, specialist, professional, and expert. For the list below, we will cover at least one from each certification level. So, let’s start with the associate JNCP validations.

    Top-Rated Certifications According to Their Level

    Associate Level

    • JNCDA - Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate

      The JNCDA certificate is part of the Design track that signifies one’s competence in the design framework and pertinent technologies encompassing Juniper networks. Passers of the JNCDA exam known as JN0-1101 have an in-depth grasp of network practices, theories, and principles. And because of their solid knowledge, they can easily distinguish network design requirements and security design ideologies as well as describe different network design architectures. The latter highlights the importance of considerations for branch networks, WANs, and data centers. JNCDA certified specialists have remarkable skills in the discernment of business continuity, network automation, and management strategies. JN0-1101 runs for up to 90 minutes, with a total of 65 multiple-choice items. Using your JNCDA, you can continue with your network design career with the support of JNCIS-DevOps, which is tagged as a specialist-level certification.

    • JNCIA-Junos - Juniper Networks Certified Associate – Junos

      Another certification from the associate-level is the JNCIA – Junos, which actually serves as a prerequisite for three JNCIA certifications. These are Data Center, Enterprise Routing and Switching, and Service Provider Routing and Switching. Its corresponding exam coded JN0-103 delivers the fundamentals of Junos, particularly software architecture, control/ forwarding planes, transit traffic, routing engine, and such. In addition, it tackles the significance of user interfaces, configuration elements, and routing features. Monitoring and maintenance of Junos devices are well-elaborated too so you will decipher different commands, interface errors, upgrades, root password recovery, and such. These topics are spread across the 65 multiple-choice questions of JN0-103. You are given 90 minutes to answer all the items. And if you want, you have the option to pursue the more specialized certification tracks. The JNCIS-ENT is the next stage for both Data Center and Enterprise Routing and Switching while the JNCIS-SP is for Service Provider Routing and Switching.

    Specialist Level

    • JNCIS-MistAI - Juniper Networks Certified Specialist MistAI

      The JNCIA-MistAI certification holders are the only specialists who are given the go signal to pursue this JNCIS-MistAI. This certificate confirms your efficiency in Mist AI technology, specifically its vital features and functionalities. To better understand this certification, here are some of the major topics covered by the JNCIA-MistAI exam JN0-450 by code. It begins with Wi-Fi fundamentals, and then continues with Mist architecture, along with its deployment aspects, network operations, automation, and location-based services. WAN concepts and Marvis AI-driven virtual network assistant are also part of the coverage. To pass JN0-450, you need to accomplish all 65 questions structured as multiple-choices. The total test duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is to be noted, there are no higher-level certifications for MistAI.

    • JNCIS-SEC - Juniper Networks Certified Specialist Security

      If you want to be more adept in Junos security features, the JNCIS-SEC is the key to your objectives. Following this certification track provides you with expertise in Juniper security technologies and Junos software. Since this is already a specialist-level validation, you need to present a valid JNCIA-SEC certification. This way, it will be easier for you to accomplish the critical skillset covered by JN0-334 exam. It consists of application security, advanced security policies, ATP, HA clustering, SSL proxy, and virtual SRX/ cSRX. Other imperative areas involved are Juniper Identify Management Service and Juniper Secure Analytics. All these matters will be featured in the 90-minute JN0-334, which is a test with 65 multiple-choice items. Furthermore, you can solidify your security abilities with the aid of the JNCIP-SEC and JNCIE-SEC certificates.

    Professional Level

    • JNCIP-ENT - Juniper Networks Certified Internet Professional ENT

      For the professional-level, let’s put the JNCIP-ENT in the spotlight. This one is highly recommended among experienced networking specialists who want to cultivate their knowledge in Juniper Networks Junos OS. Completing JN0-648 exam is the most strategic way to keep up with the latest Juniper Networks technology, particularly its enterprise routing and switching platforms. So, if you have the JNCIS-ENT, this acts as your prerequisite to the certification. There are 65 multiple-choice questions that dig into your expertise in intricate routing technologies, including IGPs, BGP, CoS, IP multicast, and EVPN. Also, included are Spanning Tree, Ethernet Switching, Layer 2 functions, and IP Telephony aspects. You should know ahead that your skills must not be limited to the just configuration of the above-mentioned features. You as well must learn how to effectively troubleshoot so that you pass this 120-minute evaluation.

    Expert Level

    • JNCIE-ENT - Juniper Networks Certified Expert Enterprise Routing and Switching

      Considering that you have successfully obtained the JNCIP-ENT certificate, then you are the perfect candidate for the JNCIE-ENT qualification. This one is the last stage for the enterprise routing and switching program. As an expert-level validation, you have to prepare for a more complex evaluation. In fact, the JNCIE-ENT JPR-944 exam is a hands-on lab administered at selected testing centers only. And you are given 6 hours to complete this exam. The major areas that you need to master are pretty much the same as JN0-648. However, the two relatively differ because JPR-944 checks on your technical expertise in advanced Junos-based routing and switching platforms. Additionally, you have to prove your capacity in building an enterprise network infrastructure that consists of various routers and switching devices.

    Salaries & Jobs after Acquiring Juniper Certifications

    From validating your networking comprehension to scoring a promotion, Juniper certifications are downright relevant to your career. On top of that, the salary benefits are very remarkable. For instance, states that JNCIA certification holders are compensated with an average salary of $86,020 and can opt for such roles as network engineers, systems engineers, and network administrators. JNCIS, on the other hand, gets $97,519 and qualifies its holders for the positions of network architects and lead network engineers. And of course, the higher the certification level is, the higher the salary is as well.

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