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  • Google Certification Practice Test Questions, Google Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Google Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Google Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Google Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Google Certification Practice Test Questions & Google Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Fill your knowledge with a certification from the tech giant, Google. With their plethora of learning paths, you can easily map out your career according to your preferences.

    Google AdWords Certification

    Not so long ago, the Google AdWords certification and its related exam known as the AdWords Fundamentals retired with the new Google Ads certificates having come into existence. So, if you want to be adept in different Google Ads aspects, then these certifications are perfect for you. Overall, you are given six specializations that highlight your abilities in both basic and advanced Ads features. Each of the six certification exams runs for up to 1 hour and 15 minutes. And nothing to worry about the fees because the certificates below are free of charge:

    • The Google Ads Search is the certification created to unlock your mastery of relevant Ads Search campaigns.
    • The Google Ads Display assesses your skills in handling display advertising to create strategies that will help achieve business objectives.
    • The Google Ads Video is your gateway to mastering the Google Video advertising solution so that you can effectively reach potential clients.
    • The Shopping Ads certification focuses on how you connect products with customers for better engagement and sales.
    • The Google Ads Apps is a great way to demonstrate your proficiency in optimizing App campaigns to meet and deliver marketing goals.
    • The Google Ads Measurement gives emphasis on your capability to utilize digital ad performance via the own measurement solution by Google.

    Google Analytics Certification

    When it comes to the digital marketing industry, earning this certification is definitely a wise move. It’s because the Google Analytics certification signifies your expertise in working with the Analytics platform. To earn this certificate, you have to finish the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam, which is an assessment of different Google Analytics concepts. Some of the relevant areas deliberated in the main test are its key principles, planning stage, data collection, attribution, dimensions, and metrics. Before taking the 90-minute exam it’s highly recommended that you avail of the official training courses ― Google Analytics for Beginners or Advanced Google Analytics. Upon the completion of your learning stage, you can schedule your GAIQ via Skillshop. Your Google Analytics certification will be valid for up to 12 months.

    Associate Cloud Engineer

    Intensify your grasp of cloud technology by becoming an Associate Cloud Engineer. This certification supports the growth of your skills in app deployment, operation monitoring, and enterprise solutions administration. Furthermore, anyone who has completed this certificate can effectively use Google Cloud Console, along with its command-line interface. The skills covered here include performing basic platform-based functions, maintaining deployed solutions, and leveraging both self-managed and Google-managed services. To attain this certification, you must have at least 6 months of technical background in Google Cloud. Subsequently, you have to clear the 2-hour exam that costs $125. You can choose from the available language options, including English, Indonesian, Japanese, and Spanish. The questions are formatted into multiple-choice and multiple-select types and can be taken in person or remotely. Generally, the Google Associate Cloud Engineer test spins around a cloud solution environment. Therefore, you must learn how to set up, configure, deploy, implement, operate, and maintain the security of these cloud solutions.

    Professional Cloud Architect

    Prove your capacity to work with different Google Cloud features by achieving the Professional Cloud Architect certification. This kind of validation is what you need to solidify your awareness about the Google Cloud Platform and cloud technologies as a whole. This also means that you can excellently design, cultivate, and handle different cloud solutions to help drive business success. Through its certification exam, you will learn the ins and outs of cloud architecture and infrastructure. It polishes your skills in managing cloud solutions, designing security, optimizing processes, administering implementations, and ensuring operations efficiency. The Professional Cloud Architect certification test has a time duration of 2 hours, with questions in the multiple-choice and multiple-select format. As long as you pay the registration fee of $200, you can take the exam either remotely or personally. There are two language options, English and Japanese. However, do take note that even if this certificate does not come with a prerequisite, you must have solid work experience for at least 3 years, one year of which is about dealing with solutions via GCP.

    Professional Cloud Security Engineer

    Individuals with the Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification are adroit in providing and supervising a secure infrastructure. Moreover, these people work according to the best security practices and requirements set by the industry. So, if you want to capably handle tasks such as configuring access, designing network security, guaranteeing data protection, managing reports, and ensuring compliance, this particular Google certificate works wonders for your career. In a nutshell, this track transforms you into a pro in key Google security technologies, along with the functions related to Cloud Security. You can attain this coveted qualification by completing the 2-hour test that costs $200. The questions in it are structured in both multiple-choice and multiple-select formats. As of now, English is the only available language for writing the Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam. Likewise, you are given the opportunity to choose your preferred delivery method, either you avail it online at a remote setting or onsite at a testing center. There are no prerequisites stated but make sure that you have at least 1-year background in working with GCP, which makes part of 3 years of industry experience.

    Professional Collaboration Engineer

    Professional Collaboration Engineers can proficiently alter goals into tangible conformations that are relevant to users and business owners. These individuals also have a substantial understanding of key security practices, identity management infrastructure, and mail routing. And if you want to gain this set of skills and secure successful communication and data access within the organization, then start preparing for the Google Professional Collaboration Engineer exam. This test takes up to 2 hours of your time, and the questions are given in multiple-choice and multiple-select choices. The exam can also be taken online or onsite, with a fee of $200. To give you an overview, the scope of the topics mainly circles about Google Workspace, Google toolset, along Team Drive. Before you take this test, you must have prior background in Google Workspace or G Suite.

    Professional Data Engineer

    With the Google Professional Data Engineer certification, you won’t have a hard time making data-driven decisions during the course of gathering, converting, and publishing data. This certificate also harnesses your abilities in designing data processing systems, employing making learning models, and guaranteeing solution quality. In addition, there will be a great weight on security and compliance, together with aspects such as scalability, reliability, portability, and flexibility. As to the exam requirements, it has the same format as the above-mentioned certification tests. It must be completed within 2 hours and the questions are of multiple-choice and multiple-select types. The languages available are English and Japanese, while the registration fee is also $200.

    Job Prospects & Salaries

    Competing in a digital world requires you to have up-to-date skills. Because of this, you have to make use of relevant certifications to solidify your career. And surely, with any of the aforementioned Google certificates, you won’t have to worry about job opportunities. Thus, with the Google certifications that we have covered above, you can opt for positions of a cloud engineer, cloud security engineer, and cloud architect if to name a few. When it comes to yearly compensation, reveals that cloud engineers can make $91,409 in one year while cloud security engineers earn on average $136,485 per annum. What’s more, the annual income of cloud architects is $128,418 annually, which makes these Google certificates even more attractive for candidates.

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