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  • CWNP Certification Practice Test Questions, CWNP Certification Exam Dumps

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    CWNP managed to become very popular among IT professionals because it provides the only accreditation program designed for Wireless LAN architecture. The certifications they offer cover different technologies that can be adapted to different enterprise WLAN products. By earning them, specialists can prove their expertise in WLANs, Enterprise Wi-Fi apps, the security of networks, troubleshooting strategies, and other areas.

    CWDP – Certified Wireless Design Professional

    The professional who earns the Wireless Design Professional certification can demonstrate to any recruiting manager all the skills necessary to manage a WLAN design lifecycle from beginning to end. This means accredited individuals know how to start with the system’s definition, continue with the design phase, and finalize with the deployment and diagnosis.

    How to Obtain CWDP Certification

    The CWDP – Certified Wireless Design Professional certification requires one to already be a holder of the CWNA certificate. Also, there is a mandatory exam that is coded CWDP-303. It can be taken through the Pearson VUE Testing Center.

    CWDP-303 Exam Objectives

    CWDP-303 exam is split into four topics, as follows:

    • WLAN specifications’ definition
    • WLAN design
    • WLAN deployment
    • WLAN optimization and validation

    The first section tests the candidates’ knowledge of business requirements collection and usage as well as the understanding of how to collect, define, and use technical requirements. Besides, applicants should know the concepts related to design constraints identification and have to be able to collect and deliver essential documents whenever the situation asks for it. Finally, candidates should know how to define the necessary requirement areas with essential metrics included and develop project management effectively.

    The second section includes questions related to WLAN architecture definition and design architecture selection. Also, candidates should be proficient in producing a design and communication with the right individuals who know how to handle WLAN architecture design. Besides, they should have experience in creating, distributing, and communicating design docs.

    Within the third section, exam-takers should understand design documentation and know how to implement it. Also, they need to be effective in performing optimization and validation tasks immediately during the deployment phase. Another subtopic included here is related to deployment tasks recommendation and performance.

    The final topic includes questions related to RF validation survey. The professionals who want to pass the certification exam from the first try should also know how to test client performance, recommend physical adjustments, provide appropriate configuration adjustments, and select remediation solutions whenever a problem occurs during post-validation. The final subtopic covered in this section is dedicated to hand-off and knowledge transfer implementation.

    CWDP-303 Exam Details

    Before taking the CWNP CWDP-303 exam, candidates should know that it can be taken in English only, and the registration fee for it is $275. When sitting for the test, they will have 90 minutes at their disposal to answer as many questions of the given 60 as possible correctly and get the minimum passing score of 70%. In case you are an instructor, then the minimum passing mark becomes 80%. This certification is valid for three years. In case one wants to recertify, there is a requirement to still have the CWNA accreditation and get the passing score in the CWDP exam again.

    Certification Path

    The knowledge gained during the preparation process for the CWDP certification puts the candidates on track for the next level in the CWNP program. Therefore, once they get this certificate, they are ready to apply for the Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) accreditation.

    CWNA – Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    CWNA certification is the foundational level for anyone who wants to become a Wireless Network Administrator. It validates the candidates’ fundamental knowledge of wireless technology. Also, it helps them to understand how WLAN works and how it needs to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

    Exam Details for CWNA Certification

    Candidates can take CWNA-107 exam to obtain the CWNA certification but they should notice that this test is valid until 31st of December 2020. The alternative test one can sit for to get this certificate is CWNA-108 that was launched on the 1st of September 2020. The vendor doesn’t have any prerequisites for this certification. However, it recommends that candidates should have previously obtained the Certified Wireless Technical or Certified Wireless Specialist accreditations. Therefore, they would have the basic knowledge that helps them pass the CWNA certification exam with flying colors.

    Exam Details

    During CWNA-108, applicants are given 90 minutes to answer all questions. The exam includes 60 inquiries with multiple-choice and multiple-answer structure. Candidates will be considered successful if they can achieve a score of 70%. In case the exam-taker is an instructor, then they should answer 80% of the items correctly. Another essential aspect that candidates need to know is that the results of the test are valid for 3 years.

    When it comes to recertification, candidates have two options. One of them would be to get the passing score in CWSP, CWAP, or CWDP exams. In this case, the accreditation will be extended automatically. Another option would be to pass CWNA-108 test again.

    Also, it is important to mention that both the certification and recertification exams will be taken through the Pearson VUE Testing Centers. So, candidates need to follow the instructions provided by the platform and register for the test. Apart from meeting all conditions, applicants should also pay the enrollment fee of $225.

    Exam Topics

    The CWNP CWNA-108 exam tests the candidates’ knowledge of the following topics:

    • Understanding technologies related to Radio Frequency
    • WLAN standards and regulations
    • WLAN protocols and devices
    • WLAN design and network architecture concepts
    • WLAN network security
    • Radio Frequency validation
    • Troubleshooting WLAN

    CWNP Certification Career Prospects

    The successful candidates who manage to pass the CWNP certification exam can apply for positions as Network Administrator, Wireless Design Engineer, Network Administrator, Wireless Network Analyst, and others. According to, a certified professional who works as a Network Administrator or Network Analyst in an international company can earn a salary of $60k in one year, on average.

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