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  • Splunk Certification Practice Test Questions, Splunk Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Splunk Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Splunk Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Splunk Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Splunk Certification Practice Test Questions & Splunk Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    The idea of Splunk is to ensure the accessibility, usability, and value of the machine data. It retains the massive scalability and speed to provide the users with real-time insights to enhance productivity, security, profitability, and drive the business to its competitiveness. To prove one's expertise in various aspects of Splunk, there are several certifications that can be acquired.

    Splunk Core Certified User Certificate

    From amongst the variety of certifications offered, the Splunk Core Certified User is the most basic certification that you can apply for. This is an optional entry-level validation, where attendees are expected to have a basic understanding and use of the Splunk software. By the way, this will be covered in the Splunk Fundamentals 1 course. Upon the completion of this level, a user is expected to get a compacted knowledge on searching, using fields, creating alerts, using lookups, and designing basic statistical reports and dashboards in Splunk Enterprise or in Splunk Cloud platforms. To attain this certificate, candidates must pass SPLK-1001 test first. The exam registration cost for the Splunk Core Certified User is $125 and it applies to each time a candidate re-attempts. Overall, SPLK-1001 test consists of 65 questions which are expected to be answered within 57 minutes. Candidates will get another 3 minutes to go through the exam agreement. The Splunk Core Certified User test will be focused on the following areas:

    • Introducing Splunk's interface;
    • Basics of searching;
    • The use of fields in search;
    • Search fundamentals;
    • Transformation of commands;
    • The creation of reports and dashboards;
    • Creating & using lookups;
    • Scheduled reports;
    • Alerts;
    • Utilizing pivots.

    Splunk Core Certified Power User Certification

    A candidate who has successfully completed the Splunk Core Certified Power User certification is expected to have a sound knowledge of the commands that are used in searching, reporting, and creating knowledge objects. For the Splunk Core Certified Power User certification exam known as SPLK-1002, you can expect to find questions based on the following sections:

    • The use of transforming visualization in addition to commands;
    • Result filtering and formatting;
    • The creation of knowledge objects;
    • Correlating events;
    • The use or fields like Aliases, extractions, and calculated;
    • Tags and event types;
    • Macros;
    • Workflow actions;
    • Data models;
    • Common Information Model (CIM) offered by Splunk.

    Within this certification track, the attendees will be getting the relevant knowledge from the Spunk Fundamentals 2 course. Just as in the Splunk Core Certified User, SPLK-1002 consists of 65 questions which are expected to be answered within 57 minutes’ duration. Likewise, examinees will get another 3 minutes to go through the test agreement and will have to pay $125 as a registration fee.

    Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Validation

    This certification is ideal for individuals who are in the managerial level of handling the environment of Splunk Enterprise. This upper-level certification requires you to pass one exam coded SPLK-1003, which is scheduled to last for 57 minutes and carries 56 questions to be answered. Attendees will get an additional period of 3 minutes to access the exam agreement and will have to pay an entry exam fee of $125 before registering for it. All in all, the following topics will be covered by SPLK-1003 test:

    • Overview of the Splunk deployment;
    • License management;
    • Splunk apps;
    • Splunk configuration files;
    • Users, roles, and authentication;
    • Getting the necessary data;
    • Distributed search;
    • Introduction to Splunk clusters;
    • Deploying forwarders with forwarder management;
    • The configuration of the common Splunk data inputs;
    • Customizing the input parsing process.

    To attempt this certification, the users are expected to have the knowledge covered in the courses Splunk Fundamentals 1 and Splunk Fundamentals 2. Therefore, the Splunk Core Certified User certification is a highly recommended but optional prerequisite for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin qualification with the Splunk Core Certified Power User certificate being a mandatory requirement.

    Splunk Core Certified Consultant Certification

    Such a certificate will evaluate the candidates’ knowledge and the technical expertise in Splunk execution methods, and the best practices used in the planning process, data collecting, scaling, managerial aspect, and the ability to troubleshoot including the indexer as well as head clustering for searching. In the related exam, SPLK-3003 by code, you will be tested in the following areas:

    • Splunk frameworks;
    • Controlling the configuration of consoles;
    • Defining protocols for authentication;
    • S2S communication features;
    • Inputs of data;
    • Forwarder kinds;
    • HEC;
    • The records for fishbucketing;
    • Processing of events;
    • Index intervals;
    • The implementation of Apps & Servers, etc.

    SPLK-3003 exam is expected to be highly technical and it is a 117-minute test, where you will be expected to answer 86 items. Still, the candidates will get another 3 minutes to refer to the exam agreement. To be eligible for the final test that will cost you $125, an individual is expected to learn the content discussed within the Splunk Fundamentals 1, Splunk Fundamentals 2, Splunk Enterprise System Administration, Splunk Enterprise Data Administration, Architecting Splunk Enterprise, Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Cluster Administration, Splunk Deployment Practical Lab, Splunk Fundamentals 3, Creating Dashboards with Splunk, Advanced Searching and Reporting with Splunk, Core Consultant Labs, and Services Core Implementation courses. To know more, the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect, Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin, and Splunk Core Certified Power User certifications act as mandatory prerequisites for this exam.

    Career Opportunities for Splunk Certified Employees

    Splunk certified specialists can expect to apply for positions of Engineers, Analysts, Service Managers, Architects, and more. Some of the top-paying positions that are available for Splunk certified jobseekers along with their average annual salaries taken from the PayScale platform are as follows:

    • Software Engineer ($86k);
    • Cyber Security Engineer ($97k);
    • Cyber Security Analyst ($76k);
    • System Engineer IT ($76k);
    • System Administrator ($63k);
    • Security Engineer ($92k);
    • Senior Software Engineer/ Developer/ Programmer ($105k).

    Career Path

    If you want to boost your IT knowledge & skills along the Splunk certification path, you may opt for their add-specific certifications. For example, you may pursue the Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin, Splunk Phantom Certified Admin, Splunk Certified Developer, and Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin certificates. In case you want to specialize in other technologies, you can choose to follow the certification tracks offered by other reputable vendors like Cisco or Amazon.

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