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Cisco CCIE Security 350-701 Practice Test Questions, CCIE Security Exam Dumps, Verified Answers

    • 350-701 Questions & Answers

      350-701 Questions & Answers

      270 Questions & Answers

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      350-701 Online Training Course

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    • 350-701 Study Guide

      350-701 Study Guide

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  • Cisco CCIE Security Certification Practice Test Questions, Cisco CCIE Security Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Cisco CCIE Security Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Cisco CCIE Security Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Cisco CCIE Security Exam Dumps & Cisco CCIE Security Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The CCIE Security is one of the most valuable IT certifications at the expert level offered by Cisco. The question is, do you have what it takes to take the next step in your career with such validation?

    What’s Cisco CCIE Security?

    The new Cisco CCIE Security certificate was introduced in April 2020 in line with the long-awaited certification changes. This certification is meant to help IT nerds and security professionals distinguish themselves as the global industry leaders in managing tons of security technologies, products, and services within the Cisco networking platform. Thus, achieving this certificate confirms your expert-level mastery of complex security solutions.

    Who Does It Target?

    The Cisco CCIE Security certificate is designed to validate advanced-level network engineers tasked with planning, operating, and troubleshooting complex network infrastructure.

    Do You Qualify?

    There are no basic requirements that candidates must fulfill to qualify for the CCIE Security certificate. However, students are highly advised to have a broad mastery of the test objectives including those assessed by the lab exam. Also, CCIE Security candidates are advised to have a minimum of 5 to 7 years of professional experience in the design, deployment, operation, and optimization of security technologies before enrolling in this program. Remember, this is an expert-level validation and probably the highest that you can attain along this path.

    Which Exams Should You Pass?

    To achieve the new CCIE Security certificate, candidates must pass two exams: a qualifying core test coded the Cisco 350-701, and a practical lab exam, known as the Cisco CCIE Security v6.0.

    What Does 350-701 Entail?

    The Cisco 350-701 also referred to as Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) requires an in-depth mastery of data center infrastructure. Aside from helping you qualify for the CCIE Security certificate, this exam will also earn you a Specialist title to help you get recognized for your expert-level skills and commitment along the way. What’s more, it is also the test that you should pass to become CCNP Security certified. So, instead of just updating its certification path, Cisco chose to align these certificates with the industry-specific skills that will be critical in the everyday procedures of their operational environments. And the outcome has been nothing if not impressive. The CCIE 350-701 exam has a time limit of 2 hours and is currently available in the English and Japanese languages.

    What Does It Test?

    The core exam will address these skills:

    • Security Concepts (25%);
    • Network Security (20%);
    • Cloud Security (15%);
    • Content Security (15%);
    • Endpoint Protection and Detection (10%);
    • Secure Network Access, Visibility, and Enforcement (15%).

    What Should You Know about 350-701 Exam Objectives?

    Below, find out what every domain of the Cisco 350-701 entails:

    Security Concepts

    The topic of security concepts is a career-specific objective that focuses on the following skills:

    • Explaining the general threats used against cloud environments and on-premises.
    • Differentiating various security weaknesses including software bugs, overflow of buffer, the traversal of paths, scripting that is cross-site, and missing encryption.
    • Defining diverse functions of the elements that cryptography contains including encryption, hashing, PKI, and IPsec.
    • Opposing site-to-site VPN features together with far-flung access VPN execution kinds such as IPsec, Cryptomap, and DMVPN.
    • Covering security traits such as intelligence, consumption, and sharing.
    • Explaining the endpoint function of protecting individuals from social engineering attacks and phishing.
    • Interpreting basic python scripts for calling Cisco Security appliances APIs.
    • Getting into DNAC APIs for optimization, provisioning, troubleshooting, and monitoring of networks.

    Network Security

    This area, on the other hand, covers the following skills:

    • Opposing networking security resolutions which ensure firewall capabilities and prevent intrusion.
    • Describing the models used for the implementation of network architectures and security solutions that provide firewall capabilities and intrusion prevention.
    • Defining the elements, benefits, and capabilities of records for NetFlow & Flexible NetFlow.
    • Installing as well as validating networking architecture security tools.
    • Executing segmentation, reach, AVC, filtering of URL, malware protection, and control policies.
    • Putting into operation diverse options for managing networking security solutions including perimeter security and intrusion prevention.
    • Deploying AAA for gadgets in addition to access to networks.
    • Configuring secure management of infrastructure devices and perimeter security.
    • Installing and verifying site-to-site VPN traits as well as far-flung access VPN facets.

    Securing Cloud Features

    This domain looks into such areas:

    • Familiarizing with the solutions for security issues used in cloud environments.
    • Contrasting the accountability security of the customer & provider for various cloud service types.
    • Defining the notion like DevSecOps.
    • Putting into practice app & data security features in multiple cloud platforms.
    • Identifying deployment models, policy management, and security capabilities to defend the cloud.
    • Configuring monitoring and cloud logging methodologies.
    • Describing workload security in addition to application concepts.

    Content Security

    Within this scope, you’ll encounter:

    • Implementing traffic capture and redirection methods.
    • Describing the identity of web proxy together with authentication concepts such as the identification of transparent users.
    • Seeing the differences between aspects, benefits, and capabilities of local and cloud-based web & email solutions.
    • Checking the methods for providing email & web deployment security to protect remote and on-premises users.
    • The validation of email security features including SPAM filtering, blacklisting, email encryption, and antimalware filtering.
    • Configuring and securing web security features and internet gateway including URL filtering, blacklisting, URL categorization, and malware scanning.
    • Highlighting the parts, benefits, and capabilities of the Cisco Umbrella.
    • Configuring and verifying controls for web security based on the Cisco Umbrella.

    Endpoint Protection & Detection

    Such a topic is built around the concepts listed below:

    • Comparing endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection platforms (EPP).
    • Explaining retrospective security, antimalware, telemetry for endpoints, and antivirus.
    • Configuring and verifying quarantines and outbreak control to eliminate the infection.
    • Providing justifications that can be utilized for dealing with endpoint-based security.
    • Describing the values that the management of endpoint devices brings and covering asset inventory including MDM.
    • Designing the usage and significance of the strategy known as Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
    • Outlining various solutions for endpoint posture evaluation to ensure that endpoint security is performed.
    • Explaining the significance of a strategy for endpoint patching.

    Secure Networking Access, Visibility Including Enforcement

    This final domain of test 350-701 focuses on:

    • Describing the concepts of the management of identities as well as secure networking usage including posture assessment, profiling, and guest services.
    • Configuring and verifying the functionality of different network access devices including MAB, WebAuth, and 802.1X.
    • Discovering the advantages of making use of networking telemetry.
    • Describing the components, benefits, and capabilities of different security solutions and products such as Cisco Umbrella Investigate, Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics, and Cisco pxGrid.

    Path to New Career Opportunities?

    As one of the most in-demand expert-level security certifications, the new Cisco CCIE Security curriculum is designed to prepare you for the technical job roles listed below:

    • Network and Security Engineer;
    • Senior Security Architect;
    • Network Specialist;
    • Network Consulting Engineer;
    • CCIE Security Trainer;
    • Senior Network/Security Engineer;
    • CCIE Networking Technical Architect;
    • Network Security Architect.

    Salary reports of Payscale state that a typical IT professional with the CCIE Security certificate earns an average salary of $125,507 every year.

    Passed My CCIE Security Exams. What Next?

    If you opt to stick with the professional Cisco certification track after attaining the CCIE Security qualification, the next option will be the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) training. However, some individuals may want to try out a completely different path by focusing on the following programs:

    • Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP);
    • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM);
    • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

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  • Cisco CCIE Security Certification Exam Dumps, Cisco CCIE Security Practice Test Questions And Answers

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