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  • Certification: MOS: Outlook Associate Outlook and Outlook 2019) (Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate (Outlook and Outlook 2019))
  • Certification Provider: Microsoft

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Microsoft MOS: Outlook Associate Outlook and Outlook 2019) Certification Practice Test Questions, Microsoft MOS: Outlook Associate Outlook and Outlook 2019) Certification Exam Dumps

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The Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate (Outlook and Outlook 2019) certification proves the skills of individuals to utilize Outlook and ensures they obtain the most out of it. Having this certificate is an illustration of the holder bearing the essential competence for customizing various features and capabilities of the application. This also shows one is familiar with the concepts related to Outlook user interface, working with meeting requests, and others.

Target Audience

The persons to apply for this associate-level certification are those who understand how tasks like customization of the message content, creation of graphic elements, sending and responding to emails alongside meeting requests are performed. The candidate’s training should have run for 150 hours. One more recommendation is to have practical experience with Outlook.


There are no defined requirements to satisfy before applying for this certification. However, Microsoft emphasizes the need for candidates to possess knowledge of specific Outlook features. Also, students have to pass MO-400 exam, so the mastery of the topics included in its syllabus is a must.

Certification Exam Details

The Microsoft MO-400 exam is availed in English, Spanish, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and French. The number of questions ranges from 40 to 60, and one will be given 50 minutes to answer them. The least you can score to get a pass status is 700 marks.

To schedule the test, the candidates should pay $100. The registration process occurs at Certiport where you have to create an account first and then follow the instructions after selecting the certification you wish to apply for.

Topics Tested

There are several domains with diverse subtopics that every candidate aiming for the certification should explore. They include:

  • Managing Outlook Settings & Processes

    This section focuses on customizing Outlook settings where tasks involved are changing the display for contact records, messages, calendar items, and tasks, adding accounts, and configuring automatic replies. The next topic is related to configuring mail settings and this is about specifying responses and new message default fonts, customizing settings for reply messages, and creating, assigning and modifying signatures. What follows concerns performing search operations and it looks into creating search folders, searching for calendar items, messages, tasks, and contacts, and searching with advanced find. The domain closes with printing and saving information, with areas covered being print message, contact, task and calendar items information, previewing and saving message attachments, and saving alternative formats for messages.

  • Managing Messages

    Issues of concern for this topic include creating messages. This touches adding or removing message attachments, designating recipients with the use of courtesy copy (CC) as well as blind courtesy copy (BCC), using @mention to attract someone’s attention, forwarding and replying to messages, flagging outgoing messages to ensure follow up, and setting the importance alongside sensitivity of all outgoing messages. Included also is inserting specific content in messages such as hyperlinks, images, and signatures. Another area captures organizing and managing messages. The tasks covered are sorting messages, creating folders, moving messages between various folders, categorizing and flagging received messages, ignoring conversations, and changing message display.

  • Managing Schedules

    For this domain, one should be skilled in creating and managing calendars. It captures issues about setting work times and managing multiple calendars. Another subtopic covers the creation of appointments and meetings as well as events. This captures tasks like creating recurring items for the calendar, cancelling meetings, creating calendar items aimed at messages, setting times alongside time zones for calendar items, setting up meetings with the use of scheduling assistant, and setting availability aimed at calendar items. There is also the topic concerning organizing and managing appointments and meetings in addition to events. This covers forwarding calendar items, configuring reminders, inviting meeting participants, responding to invitations, and updating individual calendar items or those items that are recurring.

  • Managing Contacts & Tasks

    The first thing to do to master this section is to gain skills needed for creating and managing contact records. This touches tasks like importing contacts present from external sources, editing contact information, updating contacts within contact groups, and deleting members from contact group. The second and final sub-topic will be about creating and managing tasks.

Career Prospects, Job Positions, and Salary

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate certification endorses a candidate’s proficiency and verifies their readiness to go into the job market so that they can exercise the appropriate execution of the core principal Outlook features. It means they can begin tasks and complete them independently. It’s satisfactory to note that most organizations and businesses utilize Microsoft Office Suite. So, if you’re working in an office or intend to work in one, it’s best to acquire expertise with the Office apps including Outlook.

Job positions to apply for after earning this certificate include office administrator or administrative assistant, among the rest, as well as customer service representatives. Major responsibilities of these professionals include coordination of building resources, organizing staff meetings, processing E-mails, sending out marketing campaign messages, creating business reports, mailing lists, and labels, and sending E-mails. The certification is also an outstanding manner of saying you are aware of how to assist your company in facilitating connectivity by utilizing calendar tools and emails. When it comes to salary, PayScale states that MOS accredited individuals can earn about $54k annually on average.

Next Certification to Earn

After obtaining the Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate certification, one can possibly explore another options related to the MOS track. With the three levels of the certification, you can decide to register for the MOS Expert or MOS Master certification that are focused on Office products. These can be Microsoft Office Specialist 2016 Master, Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert (Office 365 and Office 2019), and others.

Also, augmenting your skills by attaining the Microsoft MTA or MCSA certification would be beneficial. Of course, the action you choose is going to depend on your current job responsibilities, career plans, and the direction you’d like it to take.

Certification Expiration and Recertification Process

Just like other Microsoft Office Specialists certificates, the MOS Outlook Associate (Outlook and Outlook 2019) does not expire. But for professionals who care about the future of their career, it’s always best to keep updating themselves with new features whenever new versions come into being.

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