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    • 220-1001 Exam Questions

      CompTIA 220-1001 Practice Exam

      CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 1

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    • 220-1002 Exam Questions

      CompTIA 220-1002 Practice Exam

      CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2

      This 220-1002 exam bundle includes 3 products: 484 Questions & Answers, 104 Video Lectures, 2287 Study Guide PDF Pages.

  • CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions, CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Dumps

    Real CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate CompTIA CompTIA A+ Exam Dumps & CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Practice Test Questions.

    The CompTIA A+ certification plays a role in preparing individuals for the IT industry's latest technologies that involve cloud, security, and data management. It also touches on device configuration, troubleshooting as well as solving challenges, and supporting vital networking and infrastructure for IT.

    A+ Certification - Brief Overview

    The creation of this certification was intended to meet the professional needs of new individuals in the IT sphere. As a rule, these are those candidates seeking to initiate and get going in the field. Thus, the A+ is the entry-level certificate which starts from the basics of IT while exploring vital technologies. The core skills and capabilities that the workplace in IT demands are what such a certification makes valid. It is to be noted that it is acquired from passing 220-1001 in addition to 220-1002 exams.

    Details for A+ Exams

    The CompTIA 220-1001 test is mentioned as Core 1 while 220-1002 exam is referred to as Core 2. Each test will contain up to 90 questions whose completion should not go beyond 90 minutes. The takers will be exposed to multiple choices, performance-based challenges and, finally, instances where they will answer questions by dragging and dropping answers. The first test has 675 points while the second one has 700 points as the passing score, respectively, where the overall grades are 900. Lastly, it takes $226 to take each of them.

    Topics Covered for CompTIA A+ Certification

    This certification explores nine key areas. But since there are two tests, we're going to consider each separately.

    Topics for 220-1001 Exam

    Five topics have been allotted to 220-1001. They are as follows:

    • Mobile Devices

      Initially, candidates are expected to look at setting up and configuration of the hardware and parts for laptops. This includes the keyboard, memory, hard drive, optical drive, battery touchpad, and more. What comes next is the domain regarding setting up parts related to the display of laptops. Other tested areas cover appropriate features for laptops, features for differing mobile gadgets, connecting and configuring other mobile gadgets' ports and accessories, and bringing about mobile gadget synchronization.

    • Networking

      This topic covered in 220-1001 test encompasses such areas as TCP as well as UDP ports, protocols and what they're used for, common devices of hardware used in networking, wired/wireless networks, and protocols for wireless networks. They'll also be exploring network host services, Shield Twisted Pair, configuration concepts on networking, Plenum vs. PVC Cabling, internet connection and types, and tools for networking.

    • Hardware

      The critical topic on hardware includes cable types, ordinary connector types, RAM types, and their connection, and setting up and configuring devices meant for storage. Also, areas like setting up motherboards, CPUs, peripheral types, and power supply and types, custom configuration of PC, common devices, printers, and maintaining varied print technologies are to be explored within this section.

    • Virtualization & Cloud Computing

      This is the aspect of the CompTIA 220-1001 exam including two domains. The first one concerns concepts touching cloud computing and includes common models of the cloud like IaaS and PaaS, and differences between public, private, hybrid, and community. The other one is about setting in place and configuring virtualization for the client's side. This regards virtual machines, requirements for resources, network, emulator, security, and hypervisor. In addition, you'll get to know more about emulation vs. virtualization and the implementation of the latter.

    • Troubleshooting of Hardware & Network

      For this objective, candidates must acknowledge best practices techniques for solving challenges. It covers troubleshooting issues in RAMs, motherboards, power supply, CPUs, hard drives, RAID arrays, video, display issues, and projector. Printers and common challenges facing wired as well as wireless networks are also among them.

    CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Topics

    There are four objectives regarding 220-1002 test. These are:

    • Operating Systems

      This wide topic targets types of OS and compares various Windows OS, covers their features, installation and upgrading methods and tools for command line, and networking on desktop or client side. Concerning Windows, takers of this test also cover the usage of utilities for the control panel. Other issues explored as well include Linux and Mac client/desktop OS, tools as well as their features.

    • Security

      In the A+ 220-1002 exam, the all-important Security topic explores how vital security measures are. To look at are issues like security concepts, protocols, authentication methods, and how to discover, remove, and ward off malware using proper methods and tools. Then, there are also security settings for Windows, mobile device security, executing proper data destruction, and setting up security for SOHO wired/wireless networks.

    • Software Troubleshooting

      Within this area, candidates must be aware of certain ways to troubleshoot software. Thus, the domains they'll cover include troubleshooting problems for Windows OS such as slow performance, slow bootup, app crashes, limited connectivity, etc. Next is resolving security issues for PC including pop-ups, browser redirection, failure to update OS, and others. They must also be familiar with how to apply best practices while removing malware. The last two parts concern troubleshooting of OS for mobile as well as solving security issues regarding apps. This is where common symptoms like dim display, non-responsive touchscreen, apps failing to load, over-heating, slow speeds for data, power drain, and signal drop are covered.

    • Operational Procedures

      Test 220-1002 also concerns issues like applying best practices during documentation. Also, basic best practices for change management, implementing basic methods for disaster prevention as well as recovery, safety procedures, and environmental impacts with proper controls are investigated here. There are also areas touching on various processes to use in the case of prohibited content, policy, privacy, and licensing. Finally, this A+ exam addresses professionalism and proper techniques of communication.

    Career Opportunities and Salary

    The A+ certification concerns support roles in the sphere of IT. Thus, those who earn it are commonly preparing for positions like a technical support specialist, help desk tech, data support tech, service desk analyst, computing tech, and field service tech. As opines, the specialists who have the CompTIA A+ earn a little bit more than $62k annually.

    Career Path

    The A+ marks the start of a great journey where your career is concerned. To achieve compounded benefits, it would be wise to look at the possibility of building your skills even further. Within the CompTIA plan, it's possible for every aspiring specialist to grow. The step that follows next should be earning the Network+ certification. This will start you on a path towards being a pro in networking.

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  • CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Dumps, CompTIA CompTIA A+ Practice Test Questions and Answers

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