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    • SPLK-2002 Questions & Answers

      SPLK-2002 Questions & Answers

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  • Splunk SPLK-2002 Exam Dumps, Splunk SPLK-2002 practice test questions

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    The Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect SPLK-2002 test has been formed to explore the skills of enterprise architects and validate them to ensure efficient work. The exam focuses on how well the professional can use the Splunk Deployment Methodology and assesses if one can make use of the best practices needed to plan and collect data as well as size it for a distributed placement. The candidate will also have to showcase his or her abilities in managing and troubleshooting a standard distribution deployment using an indexer along with search head clusters.

    Crucial Prerequisites

    First things first, the candidates aiming to sit for the Splunk SPLK-2002 test must already have the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification. Still, the completion of the official courses focused on Data and System Administration is not mandatory.

    Another requirement includes taking lab courses that cover the topics such as Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments, Administration of Clusters, Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise as well as Splunk Enterprise Deployment.

    Exam Details

    The Splunk SPLK-2002 exam gets you the Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect certificate. It is a highly technical 85-question test that should be handled in 87 minutes. During this time, individuals will need to show their proficiency in defining the requirements and planning for infrastructure and index, performing an overview of clustering, demonstrate knowledge of deployment and forwarders as well as integration, common tools and methods for troubleshooting, and Splunk Support model. Also, the applicants have to learn more about solving the problems related to user management, deployment, configuration, UI, and search. In addition, the exam requires candidates to be skilled in administering and managing search head cluster along with the indexer cluster, configuring the indexer discovery forwarder, and many other topics.

    Exam Domains Explained

    Generally, an official exam syllabus involves 20 domains that in turn, contain several sub-topics each. Thus, in the introductive domain of the Splunk SPLK-2002 exam, the candidate will be required to describe the specifics of the deployment as well as the deployment process. The applicants will then be tested on their understanding of defining the critical information regarding the environment, size, users as well as the prerequisites of a project. Also, they will need to show their skills in the application of checklists as well as resources to back up the collecting requirements.

    In the next domain, individuals will be tested on his or her knowledge of design as well as size indexes, the estimation of non-smart stores for storage needs, and abilities in the identification of relevant apps. In the Resource Planning section, the candidates will be evaluated on listing different sizing considerations, identifying disk storage needs, defining hardware needs for different components of Splunk, and will have to demonstrate their understanding of different ES and ITSI considerations used for sizing as well as topology. They will also need to prove their capability in describing security, integrity, and privacy measures.

    Regarding the domain about Clustering Overview, the takers of SPLK-2002 exam will be gauged on their understanding of the requirements related to non-smart storage as well as disc usage. They will also be asked to identify the requirements for search head clustering. Further to this is the assessment of their abilities in identifying best practices for handling the forwarder tier designs and their knowledge of configurations that are used for all Splunk components with the help of basic tools for Splunk deployment.

    The next section is focused on checking the candidate’s skills in the areas such as the use of limits.conf for the management of bucket size and ensuring the performance improvement, boosting search performance, and tuning props.conf. The applicants will also be assessed if they know how to use Splunk diagnostic tools as well as resources, and if they have a solid understanding of how to define Splunk internal log files and indexes. One will also be required to show his or her knowledge about license, crash, input, forwarding, and deployment server problems, as well as issues related to job inspector and search.

    The next modules of the Splunk SPLK-2002 test are aiming to assess the candidate's skills in the identification of Splunk server duties in clusters and setting up the License Master in clustered environments. There are also sections that emphasize testing one’s abilities in the configuration of Splunk single-site and multisite indexes as well as will also touch on the migration of clusters and considerations for an upgrade.

    Finally, the exam will be about the management and administration of indexer clusters, including the options for storage utilization, Monitoring Console, mastering app bundles, and peer offline and decommission. The candidates also need to be skilled in configuring the search head cluster, using the search head cluster deployer, handling the captaincy transfer, and show their knowledge of the search head member adding and decommissioning. The last topic observed during the test is the collection of KV Store in Splunk clusters.

    Career Opportunities

    After passing SPLK-2002 exam and getting certified as a Splunk Architect, a professional can select from different job titles and build an amazing career. Here are some of the job positions one can apply for:

    • Software engineer or Senior software engineer
    • Splunk architect
    • Splunk service engineer
    • Senior professional service consultant
    • Senior project manager in IT

    According to the latest information from the ZipRecruiter website, the majority of certified Splunk architects with the above-mentioned certificate can expect to have an average annual compensation of about $140k.

    Certification Path

    After becoming accredited as a Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect, there is no limit to what a professional can achieve. They can venture into other related certifications to grow their expertise. An example is opting for a role of a consultant with Splunk through the Splunk Core Certified Consultant certificate. Still, one can explore certificates from other vendors as well.


    The Splunk SPLK-2002 exam leads to one of the most highly-rated Splunk certifications, which equips an architect with the relevant knowledge needed for the desired boost in their career. The test assesses one’s knowledge of the different uses of the Splunk Enterprise environment and how to apply it when performing daily tasks. It paves way for advancement and assimilation into some of the most rewarding Splunk careers.

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