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SPLK-3003 Questions & Answers
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  • Splunk Splunk Core Certified Consultant Certification Practice Test Questions, Splunk Splunk Core Certified Consultant Certification Exam Dumps

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    The Splunk Core Certified Consultant certification focuses on individuals who want to develop a solid grasp of Splunk Deployment Methodology and understand how to set up extensive Splunk installations together with developing solid expertise in dealing with multi-user Splunk clustering, architectures, and scalability subjects.

    Audience for Splunk Core Certified Consultant Designation

    This validation is suitable for those specialists who want to develop solid skills in installing, implementing, and sizing Splunk environments. It also targets individuals who want to learn how to advise other specialists on how to use the Splunk products and use them at their maximum value to meet the necessary requirements.

    Details of Affiliated Certification Exam

    This certification is quite complex and represents the final step that the specialist should take in their certification track. The exam necessary to become a Splunk Core Certified Consultant has the code SPLK-3003. It includes highly technical questions and has a duration of 117 minutes. Also, the candidates will need to answer 86 questions that focus on evaluating the examinee’s knowledge and skills in handling Splunk Deployment Methodology, as well as implementing the system’s best practices for data collection, planning, managing, sizing, and troubleshooting the standard architecture with indexer combined with search head clustering. Note that the exam duration is completed with 3 more minutes, which should be used by the test-takers to review the test agreement. When it comes to the prior steps that the candidates need to follow to be eligible for this certification, they should complete the hands-on labs, lectures, and quizzes that are included in Creating Dashboards with Splunk, Fundamentals 3, and Advanced Searching & Reporting training sessions. They should also complete the Indexer Cluster Implementation and Fundamentals Labs, as well as the Architect Implementation Labs (1-3), the Distributed Search Migration Lab, and attend the Services: Core Implementation Instructor-Led training class. As for the certification exams that should have been taken by candidates before going through SPLK-3003 test, they are the Splunk Core Certified Power User, Enterprise Certified Admin, and Enterprise Certified Architect.

    Topics Tested in Splunk Core Certified Consultant Validation

    The candidates who want to become Splunk Core Certified Consultants from the first try should demonstrate that they possess the following skills:

    • Splunk deployment

      Under this topic, the candidates must learn how to define the Splunk Validated Architectures. They should also work on understanding why and how the Splunk infrastructure makes the transition from a standalone to a distributed environment with the help of Search Head clustering and indexer. What is more, examinees will find questions that test their knowledge of understanding the difference between the Disaster Recovery and High Availability features as well as how examinees can address them by using Splunk architecture.

    • Console monitoring

      This chapter focuses on assessing the candidates’ knowledge of describing which instances can help in configuring the Monitoring Console. Also, they should become skilled in articulating how to configure the Monitoring Console for a distributed or single environment. Another subtopic included in this chapter assesses the appicants’ ability to examine how the server groups and roles can be used within a Monitoring Console. Finally, the exam-takers should demonstrate that they can perform periodical MC health checks and extend them as needed.

    • Providing roles and access

      Here, the takers of SPLK-3003 should become pros in identifying authentication methods. They must also know how to describe LDAP configuration and concepts. Then, the exam-takers will have to become proficient in listing SSO and SAML options. Finally, this chapter includes a subtopic that evaluates the candidates’ knowledge on defining roles and knows how to use such roles for data securing.

    • Data collection

      This topic focuses on evaluating the candidates’ ability to articulate different ways that can be used to integrate data with an indexer. Also, the exam-takers will be asked to demonstrate that they know how one Splunk instance communicates with other instances developed by the same vendor (S2S). To add more, such a chapter is divided into other two subtopics that test the entrants’ skills in describing the data inputs configuration and types, and also the troubleshooting methods that can be used for data inputs.

    • Listing indexing locations and artifacts

      Within this domain, the exam-takers should get ready with the relevant skills for describing the processing events and data pipelines. They should also gain the necessary expertise to describe the indexing process and the underlying text parsing. Finally, some of the questions will be related to data retention control listing.

    • Performing search methods

      This chapter is divided into four subtopics that focus on describing how to use the search inner-workings and the search job inspection. Also, applicants should develop the necessary experience in listing various search types and describing how they maximize the search efficiency and sub-searches work.

    • Configuration management

      The individuals who are determined to pass the Splunk SPLK-3003 exam should know how to describe a deployment app and system configuration. In addition, they should gain the necessary knowledge of making a Deployment Server work properly as well as managing such a Server.

    • Indexer clustering

      The candidates will need to know how to list migration procedures and understand how multi-site clustering works. Then, they should also demonstrate that they can determine recovery processes and failure modes. Finally, the candidates will be asked about describing component and deployment configuration as well as how to use data lifecycles with the help of buckets.

    • Search head clustering

      Test SPLK-3003 includes questions related to Search Head cluster management and deployment. Plus, the candidates will be asked to describe how they use the Deployer for content management and the cluster members’ roles. Other topics included in this section evaluate the candidate’s ability to determine the situations when they might need a Search Head Cluster and when not to recommend it.

    Career Opportunities for Splunk Core Certified Consultants

    The successful candidates who manage to obtain the Splunk Core Certified Consultant designation can enjoy the benefits of being hired on roles, such as:

    • Splunk Administrator;
    • Splunk Consultant.

    According to the data available on Glassdoor.com, the individuals who get accepted for a Splunk Administrator position where Splunk skills are required can receive an average salary of $79k in one year. Also, a Splunk Consultant can reach an annual salary of $77k on average.

    Certification Path

    The Splunk Core Certified Consultant certificate is the final stage of accreditation that the specialist can obtain if they become skilled consultants. The next level of certification is the Splunk Phantom Certified Admin.

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