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    Willing to build a career in Splunk and know how to take over Splunk Enterprise Security? Here’s our in-depth analysis of the Splunk SPLK-3001 exam.

    Introducing SPLK-3001 Exam: What Should You Know?

    Splunk Enterprise is among the most innovative software products and today everyone can prove their proficiency in using it by acing the Splunk certification exam such as SPLK-3001. Specialists who manage to nail this test are in-demand since they can search, gather, analyze, and envision data of all kinds from business apps, security systems, and infrastructure features efficiently.

    Core Specifics of Splunk Enterprise

    As already stated, Splunk Enterprise is a software that gathers relevant data from apps, websites, and devices, and serves as a useful tool in promoting business effectiveness. The data collected helps companies improve their operations and further increase results. Still, this solution requires proper security supervision and SPLK-3001 can verify the skills needed for it.

    Certification Track

    SPLK-3001 exam is the main requirement for the Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) Certified Admin certification. Such accredited specialists are competent enough to handle the operational functions of the Splunk Enterprise Security environment. This involves knowledge of settings, deployment, analyzing risks, normalization, configuration, and more.

    Exam Audience

    Overall, test SPLK-3001 is intended to validate Splunk Enterprise Security Administrators. Such specialists have an in-depth understanding of the core concepts of the Splunk Enterprise Security environment.

    Are You Eligible to Attempt SPLK-3001 Exam?

    The Splunk SPLK-3001 exam also has some of the toughest eligibility requirements. Candidates willing to attempt this test will have two eligibility options. First, they should have already aced the Splunk Enterprise Data Administration and Splunk Enterprise System Administration courses before registering for this exam. The alternative path to satisfying the eligibility requirements is to ace the Splunk Cloud Administration exam. In whatever path s/he chooses, candidates should demonstrate a solid understanding of the core exam domains and extensive hands-on skills to prove their familiarity with the Splunk Enterprise Security environment. The mentioned eligibility requirements are just a recommendation from Splunk, and never compulsory to all learners.

    Detailed Exam Specifications

    SPLK-3001 consists of 61 questions to be answered within 57 minutes. On top of that, you are given an additional 3 minutes to review the exam guidelines or agreement. This means that the total seat time is 1 hour. All Splunk certification tests cost $125 and can be taken via online proctor or in-person at any Pearson VUE testing center.

    SPLK-3001 Skills to Gain

    The key areas covered by the Splunk SPLK-3001 test are as follows:

    • Standard ES use cases;
    • Installation of ES & usage of lookups;
    • Deployment requirements for normal ES install;
    • ES threats, risk analysis, protocol intelligence;
    • Designing custom correlation searches;
    • Steps in handling inputs using add-ons;
    • ES settings and related customizations.

    Aside from the mentioned skills, there are certain extra concepts that you need to master. These include pertinent ES notions, along with various security features such as posture, events management, and incident reviews. A solid understanding of Security Intelligence and Threat Intelligence Framework, Forensics, and such are also important.

    Detailed Exam Syllabus and Content Information

    All in all, candidates will have to cover the below-mentioned domains to succeed in SPLK-3001 with the specific weight of every test objective given in brackets:

    • ES Introduction (5%);
    • Monitoring as well as Investigation (10%);
    • Security Intelligence Features (5%);
    • Forensics, Glass Tables Together with Control for Navigation (10%);
    • ES Deployment (10%);
    • Installation & Configuration (15%);
    • Validating ES Data (10%);
    • Custom Add-ons (5%);
    • Tuning Correlation Searches (10%);
    • Designing Searches for Correlation (10%);
    • Lookups Including Identity Management (5%);
    • Framework for Threat Intelligence (5%).

    Now, here’s what you need to know about each of the key knowledge areas listed above:

    ES Introduction

    ES introduction addresses one task known as an overview of the ES concepts and features.

    Controlling & Investigation

    This topic will concern the following knowledge areas like:

    • Incident review;
    • Security posture;
    • Management of notable events;
    • Various investigations.

    Security Intelligence

    The security intelligence domain includes one part and is centered on an outline of intelligence tools for security.

    Forensics, Glass Tables Together with Control for Navigation

    Here, you will be expected to cover different forensics dashboards, analyze glass tables, and configure the dashboard as well as navigation permissions.

    ES Deployment

    ES deployment confirms if a candidate is familiar with these skills:

    • Identifying deployment topologies;
    • Examining the checklist for deployment operations;
    • Understanding the strategy of indexes for ES;
    • Grasping divers ES data and their models.

    Installation & Configuration

    Under the installation as well as the configuration section, students will be expected to master the following notions like:

    • Preparing a Splunk environment for being installed;
    • Downloading and installing ES on a lead of searches;
    • Understanding ES Splunk users, their account alongside roles;
    • Post-installation of tasks necessary for configuration processes.

    Verifying ES Data

    Here, you will perform the following operations:

    • Planning ES inputs;
    • Arranging add-ons essential for technology.

    Custom Add-ons

    The Custom add-ons section will address two vital tasks as indicated below:

    • Designing an unused add-on important for custom data;
    • Using the add-on builder to construct an add-on that wasn’t utilized.

    Tuning ES Correlation Searches

    Tuning correlation will emphasize the skills listed below:

    • Configuring scheduling & sensitivity that are key for search correlation;
    • Tuning correlation searches for ES.

    Creating Correlation Searches

    Conversely, this topic will prove your mastery of the knowledge areas listed below:

    • Creating a correlation search for customers;
    • Putting into operation responses that are adaptive;
    • Export as well as import search.

    Identity Management and Lookups

    Lookups & identity management is meant to address the following concepts:

    • Identifying ES unique lookups;
    • Understanding and configuring lists for lookups.

    Framework for Threat Intelligence

    This is the last topic that aspiring candidates should focus on to pass their exams easily. It will address these skills:

    • Understanding and configuring threat intelligence;
    • Configuring user activity analysis.

    Career and Salary Prospects

    When having the Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin certificate, you can apply for job positions such as a Splunk administrator, cloud administrator, security monitoring analyst, systems security technician, and others. According to PayScale, the average salary for cybersecurity analysts with Splunk skills is about $102k per year.

    Career Path

    The Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin certification demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of a Splunk Enterprise Security environment. So, after completing your training, you may want to focus on advanced technical certificates from the same vendor such as the Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin, the Splunk Phantom Certified Admin, or the Splunk Certified Developer.

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