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    The Splunk Core Certified Consultant SPLK-3003 exam is designed for Splunk professionals who aim to assess their comprehension of the vendor’s Deployment Methodology. It also tests one’s implementation skills and knowledge of multi-tier Splunk solutions. The exam also touches on clustering as well as topics related to scalability. In addition, it will check how well the consultants can advise other professionals on the deployment of Splunk infrastructures and how they can maximize the productivity of the product so it meets their needs fully.


    To be eligible for the Splunk SPLK 3003 exam, one should already be accredited as a Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect. Also, the applicants should take and complete several training courses, including Architecting Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Practical Lab, Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise, and others. However, going for the programs that focus on administering data and systems is not obligatory.

    Exam Details

    The Splunk SPLK-3003 exam is the last step for becoming a Splunk Core Certified Consultant, and it is a very technical test. It has 86 multiple-select questions as well as MCQs that should be tackled in an official 117 minutes, with a bonus of 3 minutes usually used for revising the exam policies.

    The list of the skill areas covered by the exam is quite extensive. The candidates should be aware of authenticated architectures for Splunk, authentication protocols, communication that runs from Splunk to Splunk (S2S communication), and have to be skilled in the monitoring of console configuration. Also, they should learn more about the topics such as data inputs, know different types of forwarders, HEC tokens, fishbucket records, pretrained sourcetypes, and indexes buckets and intervals.

    It is also crucial for applicants to demonstrate their skills in processing events and retaining data as well as knowledge of search head dispatch, sub-searches, apps and servers for deployment, clustering of indexers, and upgrading indexer clusters. Finally, one needs to know failure modes for indexer clusters, multi-site clustering, indexer migration, and search head clustering.

    The above list of topics is supposed to serve as a guideline for the candidates as they prepare for the exam. However, this outline is not 100% guaranteed to be followed during all tests. The content might be supplemented with other relevant topics without noticing the applicants, so one is supposed to study extensively to ensure strong readiness for the exam.

    Exam Domains Explained

    The official SPLK-3003 syllabus consists of nine major domains. In the first one, the candidates will be tested on their knowledge of Splunk deployment. It includes the topics such as validated architectures, explanation of the growth trends of Splunk from an isolated environment to distributed one with the help of an indexer as well as search head clustering. The applicants should also be able to distinguish between Disaster Recovery and High Availability as well as know how they are both approached in Splunk.

    The second domain will assess the candidates’ knowledge of the Monitoring Console, including an understanding of what are the instances that can be configured. Also, they should know how the MC can be set up when it comes to different environments, how it applies the server roles as well as groups, and how the MC health checks are administered as well as how they can be prolonged.

    The candidate will then be required to recognize different methods of authentication, discuss the LDAP ideas as well as configuration, make a list of the SAML as well as SSO options, and explain different roles and how they secure data. Data collection, indexing, and search are also areas that will be covered in the exam. The candidates will be asked to show their skills in these areas by covering the questions related to the assimilation of data made by indexers and different ways of troubleshooting data inputs. They may also be required to outline indexing artefacts as well as locations, data holding controls, and explain the operational modes of sub-searches.

    Other sections that are likely to be involved in the Splunk SPLK-3003 test are configuration management, index clustering, and search head clustering. Under these domains, the candidates could be asked to explain how deployment servers work, as well as what is included in their management. Students may also be asked about the deployment as well as the configuration of components, different modes of failures as well as their recovery processes, and different migration operations. The candidate can also be required to explain how search head clusters are deployed, their applicability in different situations, and how the deployed cluster can be used for content management. They could also articulate the different roles of cluster members as well as the Captain and how Captain election is done.

    Career Opportunities

    A person can venture out into very fulfilling careers after they have passed SPLK-3003 exam. The certification that comes with this test shows that they have all the relevant skills and knowledge to be productive consultants in the work environment. The job roles one can apply for include not just Splunk consultants but also Splunk engineers, technical consultants, professional service consultants, Splunk architects, and cybersecurity architects, to name a few. When it comes to compensation, ZipRecruiter website states that those specialists who have the Splunk Core Certified Consultant certificate can earn about $137k annually, on average.

    Certification Paths

    The Splunk SPLK-3003 exam opens up paths for the candidate to go for rewarding careers. With the certification that comes with the exam, one can look for other relevant certificates in the industry, and take them for a career boost. This is going to depend on the direction individuals would wish to take regarding their professions. Some vendors whose accreditations you can pursue include Microsoft, Cisco, and neutral certification vendors like CompTIA.


    The Splunk SPLK-3003 exam is designed for Splunk Core Consultants and it helps them to prove their skills, knowledge, and relevance in the market. It is also a final step to obtaining the Splunk Certified Core Consultant certificate, which is a highly valued qualification in the market. If candidates pass this test and get certified, they become exposed to remarkable opportunities.

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