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    • SPLK-1003 Questions & Answers

      SPLK-1003 Questions & Answers

      159 Questions & Answers

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      SPLK-1003 Online Training Course

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    • SPLK-1003 Study Guide

      SPLK-1003 Study Guide

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  • Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam Dumps, Splunk SPLK-1003 practice test questions

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    Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam Overview

    The professionals aiming to gain and verify all the skills needed to manage Splunk Enterprise expertly should consider passing the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam or SPLK-1003 by code and earning a corresponding certification. With it, one proves expertise in using Splunk software that gives a highly innovative end-to-end user experience which makes it more functional for business operations.

    Curating Your Career with SPLK-1003 Exam

    SPLK-1003 test is the instrument needed to succeed in obtaining the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certificate. It validates one’s ability to manage important components in Splunk Enterprise such as license management, configuration, monitoring, search heads and indexers, and more.

    Since its inception back in 2003, Splunk continues to emerge victorious even in a competitive field of open source. The Splunk Enterprise software makes it very convenient to gather and analyze data produced by security-systems, websites, or businesses. Thus, passing SPLK-1003 exam, one will become a valuable asset in any organization that uses these technologies.

    Who Is the SPLK-1003 Exam For?

    SPLK-1003 exam mostly targets general administrators as well as data administrators. Also, the professionals whose responsibilities involve managing Splunk solutions can benefit from the test. It is the best choice for specialists working with big data or those who are interested in helping large companies with analyzing the data generated via their technological infrastructures.

    Exam Outline

    SPLK-1003 is considered an upper-level certification test. It comes with 56 questions to be answered within 57 minutes. There's an additional 3-minute time duration given for exam-takers to recheck the exam agreement. Henceforth, the total time allotted is 60 minutes. Notice, that you can choose to pass SPLK-1003 either at the Pearson Test Center or online, in the comfort of your home.

    There are official prerequisite courses available that are suggested by the vendor to be taken prior to registering for SPLK-1003 exam and certification. These courses are Splunk Fundamentals 1 (recommended but not mandatory), Splunk Fundamentals 2, Splunk Enterprise System Administration, and Splunk Enterprise Data Administration.

    You can enroll in the Splunk SPLK-1003 exam by following the next steps:

    • If you are registering for the first time, connect to the Pearson VUE website via your Splunk account. Submit contact information to this platform.
    • Await an Authorization to Test email from Pearson View.
    • On Pearson VUE, create your own account and schedule an exam appointment by choosing the needed test on the list of all eligible options. Go through verification screens, and click on Schedule this Exam. Subsequently, click on Proceed to Scheduling.
    • Verify the appointment and contact details. You can proceed to payment, after agreeing to policies and lastly, submit the order.
    • Await a registration confirmation email which will be sent by Pearson VUE to you.

    If the candidate will need to sit for the exam one more time in case of failure, Splunk allows a retake, a week after the initial test. This requires one to pay a special fee of $125. Notice that individuals cannot retake the exam if they passed, unless purely for recertification purposes, which has to be approved by Splunk.

    Exam Topics

    Administering an entire Splunk Enterprise takes a lot of skills and effort. But nothing to worry about because the exam coverage for SPLK-1003 is well-founded. It incorporates all key Splunk components and functions that professionals will come across on a daily basis. Some of the important things the candidates need to know to pass the test and perform well in the workplace include:

    • Deployment of Splunk
    • Authentication, roles, and users
    • Splunk applications
    • License management
    • Distributed search
    • Splunk clusters
    • Splunk configuration files
    • Configuring data inputs and getting data in
    • Customizing the process of input parsing
    • Working with Forwarder Management

    By mastering the above list of knowledge areas, students will become more competent in handling day-to-day tasks as a Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin, improve administration skills, and know how to keep a Splunk Enterprise effective and reliable. Once acquired, certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

    Detailed Overview of the Concepts Tested

    To pass SPLK-1003 exam, one should be skilled in identifying all the Splunk components and understanding the license types along with license violations. Also, candidates have to be familiar with configuration precedence, layering, directory structure, and assessing settings. The other skills required relate to checking index data integrity, implementing data retention policy, adding users and creating custom roles, knowing the authentication options and forwarder types, integrating Splunk with LDAP, using CLI, and configuring a distributed search group. In addition, knowledge of the following topics is needed: forwarders’ configuration, input options, deployment management, inputs’ monitoring, scripted inputs, agentless and fine tuning inputs, parsing, using Data Preview, and manipulating Raw Data, among the rest.

    What Next After SPLK-1003?

    Passing SPLK-1003 exam not just helps one get accredited serves as a prerequisite for other Splunk certificates. These include Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect and Splunk Certified Developer. These advanced certifications can further finetune your Splunk software skills, expanding on new areas such as building apps using Splunk Web Framework, and gaining knowledge on Splunk Deployment Methodology.

    Career Opportunities for Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

    With the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification, individuals have specialized skills and expertise to manage components of Splunk Enterprise environments, such as ensuring a healthy Splunk installation. PayScale states that Splunk System Administrators can earn up to $80k annually.

    Generally, the roles available for those certified in Splunk have three main areas: architect, administrator, and developer. Still, there are various career options available for certified specialists in several big data domains, such as Splunk administrators, software engineers, systems engineers, programming analysts, solutions architects, security engineers, technical services manager, and more. Splunk software is used in various fields, from finance and insurance, technical services, retail, manufacturing, to information technology. This creates wide career options for those qualified to use Splunk software.

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