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    • SPLK-1001 Questions & Answers

      SPLK-1001 Questions & Answers

      207 Questions & Answers

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    • SPLK-1001 Online Training Course

      SPLK-1001 Online Training Course

      28 Video Lectures

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    • SPLK-1001 Study Guide

      SPLK-1001 Study Guide

      320 PDF Pages

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  • Splunk SPLK-1001 Exam Dumps, Splunk SPLK-1001 practice test questions

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    Do you want to declare a statement of intent and design a statistical report through certification training? If so, you need to enroll in the Splunk SPLK-1001 exam.

    Brief Overview of Splunk Core Certified User Certification

    The Splunk Core Certified User is an entry-level certificate necessary for all those candidates that are eager to understand how to create alerts, search, as well as use look-ups and fields in the Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise platforms.

    What to Know Before Sitting for This Exam?

    There are no certain prerequisites for taking SPLK-1001 test but the vendor recommends that the entrants attend the Splunk Fundamentals 1 training first to get ready for their exams and gain all the required knowledge & skills. Through the Fundamentals 1 course, students will cover quizzes, lectures, and hands-on labs that are part of the professional training path to ensure they are better prepared to face the final test.

    Splunk SPLK-1001 Exam Details

    The Splunk SPLK-1001 is one exam that you must go through to obtain the Splunk Core Certified User certification. This certification test is 57 minutes long and the total number of questions in it is 65. This means that the candidates will need to manage their time efficiently to attempt all questions. To know more, the Splunk SPLK-1001 exam costs $125 and you can schedule it through Pearson VUE. Please, note that there are two languages available for this test, which include English & Japanese. You can choose either of them at the beginning of your exam process.

    Skills to Focus on

    The Splunk SPLK-1001 exam addresses the following skills:

    • Fundamental Searching;
    • Introduction to the Splunk Interface;
    • Search Basics;
    • Using Various Fields in Searches;
    • Arranging Reports as well as Dashboards;
    • Changing Commands;
    • Scheduling Different Reports;
    • Defining and Making Use of Lookups;
    • Using Pivot;
    • Dealing with Alerts.

    Splunk SPLK-1001 Exam Content Outline?

    The Splunk SPLK-1001 exam syllabus is derived from the following topics:

    Splunk Basics (5%)

    The concept of Splunk Basics is built around a variety of technical skills as highlighted below:

    • Splunk components;
    • Knowledge of Splunk uses;
    • Defining Splunk apps;
    • Customizing user settings;
    • Basic navigation in Splunk.

    Fundamental Searching (22%)

    The Fundamental Searching component, on the other hand, will emphasize the skills like these:

    • Running core searches;
    • Setting the time limit of a search;
    • Identifying the parts of searching outcomes;
    • Refining various searches;
    • Using the timeline;
    • Working with events;
    • Controlling a job for searches;
    • Saving the results of a search.

    Using Field Searches (20%)

    This topic will cover 3 major skills including the following:

    • Making using of the fields sidebar;
    • Utilizing various fields while making searches;
    • Understanding the fields.

    Using Basic Transforming Commands (15%)

    This is the fourth topic that candidates should master when preparing for SPLK-1001 exam that will address the following tasks like the top, rare, and stats commands.

    Search Language Fundamentals (15%)

    Search Language Fundamentals has most of its concepts derived from these concepts:

    • Revising core search commands as well as common search practices;
    • Examining the pipeline for searches;
    • Specifying indexes in searches;
    • Using tables, dedup, sort, fields, and rename to perform searches.

    Outlining Reports and Dashboards (12%)

    Creating reports and dashboards is one of the key aspects of the Splunk SPLK-1001 test, covering plenty of skills as shown below:

    • Saving a search in the form of a report;
    • Editing reports;
    • Designing reports that display statistics;
    • Creating reports that cover various visualizations;
    • Editing a dashboard;
    • Creating a dashboard and adding a report to it.

    Designing & Using Lookups (6%)

    As you may probably guess, this area will exclusively focus on your ability to use lookups. And to do so, it will address these skills:

    • Describing lookups;
    • Checking a lookup file instance;
    • Creating a lookup file and dealing with a lookup notion;
    • Configuring an automatic lookup;
    • Taking advantage of the lookup when it comes to searches.

    Defining Scheduled Reports Including Alerts (5%)

    This is the last part that candidates need to master to pass SPLK-1001. Generally, the concepts that you will cover here are built around the following tasks:

    • Describing scheduled reports;
    • Configuring scheduled reports;
    • Describing diverse alerts;
    • Creating alerts;
    • Viewing fired alerts.

    New Job Roles to Apply For

    The Splunk Core Certified User certification is your pathway to in-demand big data job roles in 2020. Splunk attracts extremely lucrative job titles, with multiple opportunities to help you advance. Generally, certification holders report a sharp increase in their earning potential, hitting up to $88,417 annually, according to Payscale.com. Even starters report attractive salaries compared to their fellows without relevant background skills and technical experience. Specific job titles that you can obtain using this certificate include the following with the average annual salaries as per the Payscale.com website:

    • Technical Service Manager - $79,218;
    • Programming Analyst - $66,827;
    • Systems Engineer - $80,624;
    • Software Engineer - $86,442;
    • Security Engineer - $91,999.

    The Next Step to Take

    After completing your Splunk Core Certified User certification, you may want to jump straight into an administrative role or diversify your knowledge. And certainly, you will never lack opportunities to advance your skills. Taking a closer look at the job outlook, it’s easy to see why the future of Splunk specialists is all but guaranteed. So, this is the perfect time to make those moves. If you choose to become a Splunk administrator, you can advance your skills by enrolling in professional-level training such as the Splunk Core Certified Advanced Power User certification. Also, you can opt for other prestigious certifications that are issued by Microsoft or Cisco, for example.

    Pass your Splunk SPLK-1001 certification exam with the latest Splunk SPLK-1001 practice test questions and answers. Total exam prep solutions provide shortcut for passing the exam by using SPLK-1001 Splunk certification practice test questions and answers, exam dumps, video training course and study guide.

  • Splunk SPLK-1001 practice test questions and Answers, Splunk SPLK-1001 Exam Dumps

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