Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 4

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 4

4. Lecture-04: Introduction About Fortinet FortiGate.

I mean, to what is Fortinet, because you had to was 14 and 14, so you will say what the hell is for in 48, Will said. This one is a 14 in the 40 game. Then you will think maybe I’m pronouncing that differently, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s called for dinner five one. But when I’m talking about 40 dessert for one.

So, let me get you for dinner is the name of the company of the multinational company which is based in America. Most companies are based in California, like a 40 Palo Alto, as well, Cisco, as well and LDM as well. All these companies are based, not one in California.

So, Fortinet is the multinational company which headquarters California and is a US based company. And this company has developed and marketed cyber security software, appliance and services. Okay, they are to be in the of a firewall, antivirus intrusion, prevention and border security and divide us.

So, this is the main product of this company. Fortinet Fortinet was founded on two 2000 and means it’s only a 20 year old company by two brothers, Mike and Mike. And these two brothers founded this company in 2000 by the name of Fortinet.

So. The first from it was for Deger by the name of 40 year to file a one. This is the first project and 2002 they deploy, they introduced this product by the name year for a while and the last time it was only Antispam and Despierta, such cyberbully anada like a five one today. But in 2000, there was no competitor.

So, this far, while the head of the international market into to Europe and this company becomes. Multinational company and two year only. There are 190 million annually into why this only small program by 40 year for.

So, after 10 years, they introduce the certification, as well, just like Osisko and any other under their certification name is by the name network security expert, which we call them in E, and they have a level of certification this year. If we will discuss a bit later. One, two, three is free. You can do the certification free.

So, I mean, the main certificate started from A.P. four.

So, this is a company which by the name of 49 and based in USA in California. Now, the question which I do do. Folding it in one or two for one is the two Next-Generation Firewall, which we already know what is next generation firewall, and they are almost similar features like ideas into words. You are infiltrating sandboxing.

So, they both are doing the same. We’re filtering antispam reliability zone protection, dust protection, if anything do by Parlato, everything is due by 4:00 a.m.. Both under got me.

So, then what is the difference if you see the next generation to both are doing user I.D. and user, both are doing by container, they both are doing application. Abbi, what would you like both help the Malian interface. But let me tell you, because these two are the most widely deployed. Hello. Yes. Yes, without any question. Okay, so the leader is out of these. Basically, we were talking about what is the difference between one or two for one and for the Great Firewall, Palo Alto Network, me and for the economy, both are based in USA and both are USA and based company, both and doing the same similar job both are doing in and to others who are infiltrating sandboxing anything which representing what they want to do by one firewall. The other is doing both Next-Generation Firewall, both are doing. And why do user IP content both at a state full firewall.

So, both graphical user interface, both command line interface. And if you dropped in for a while, you will find Florida is under Dawber and they are the leader and the second you will see for quite a while and then check point. Now, the question is. Which one is the better one? To be honest. One, two is okay. The best one. Second one is for bigger. Why briefing and the second position, WiiU for quite a while. The reason is it’s not expensive as compared to one or two for one, but not too far. One is really expensive and you need so many licenses. Well, a faulty gate is a cheaper price compared to this one.

So, it really got me there. Let’s see. Let’s check out for the very first. We don’t have a budget to the middle of me and maybe big companies. I’m not saying like this one.

So, they’re for a 14 year fight. While. This compared to people or otherwise, that water, if you settle, there is a difference between 80, 90 maybe, certainly not a huge difference between these two FireWire. What, again, as a dependent on the requirement, but the leader of different interests followed to follow up. Now coming to is I handed it, told you it’s been found in this company in 2000 and 2002, they introduced 40 operating system for dubois’ means fattiness operating system like a Cisco is always like other the hero’s journey for him to join junior operating system and so many other.

So, they do this operating system then in 2003, therefore, they managed to for the manager. We will talk about this like how to manage a from one centralized location. Then they changed them to for the operating system, updated operating system and so on, in 2006, they introduced four before Wi-Fi everything. They are starting 440. Again, this is before doing anything. Everything when they introduce them will start. Forty, forty, forty, forty, forty manager for the last 40 something and 2009 get is a little start again and and so on for a bit introduced. And then they don’t use up already high prices or they end up to not do the things you want in the house.

So, many Brautigan High C.P.U. And is Alturas like one or two for a while. To four days now six, the introduces operating system, which you can do so many things to be written, certification for the Guard and for the agents. And so anything, whatever you can do with you, are allowed to fly out while you can take from this one.

So, this for the operating system has so many features like any other A. Like endured is in despair and despair, intrusion prevention, intrusion detection, data, leak prevention, flow based inspection. We’re filtering application control and foreign network access control, winnability management monitoring, logging, reporting, regime optimizer is dealing. We will do so anything from this one.

So, this operating system is on the future, just like any operating system. I don’t want to fight what they call Benyus one or two operating system. This is for boys, Cisco. I always. These are the certification, one, two, three is free certification, one, two, three is open for anyone in this one, Enescu two and three. If you want to continue the link online video, an exam, just copy paste from Internet and dance and you will get see one and two and three certification that will be on your email. And download the beauty of it as well.

So, these trees are is open for anyone, by the way, in these three. One, two, three, three is for the if you want organization is the customer register will be, for example, you install to get in your organization, then you can do it re-examines. And the one which we are doing and we will do and we will go out on the detail is NSB for. You have you manage day to day configuration, monitoring and operation, really able to do the thing which you do normally. And this what require NSP for? Now, what about the NSC, for example, the name is for the network security expert. Now the Gen six foreign to the rest will be returned to explain to the new one. This is the operating system. Exam number is Enescu, for example. Prices four hundred is what I as I told you, I can provide you a walcher with two hundred and fifty three. You can save some money and write the exam. Duration of the exam is 120 plus extra some minute. If your English is not your first language and exam and this is the old one now the agenda and you to the question. And Boston scored as ready as you can easily pass and you can register your design with BSN View, which is really IDM, you can write the exam directory from home. You don’t need to go to any center to book the exam. You just named a Web game and I’m like, okay, on your left. Just take a picture up, right, left, up front and back and send those picture and scan your copy of a passport, either any identity card, anything, and book the exam and you can read the exam directly from your home.

5. Lecture-05: Install FortiGate Firewall On VMware.

First of all, we will do how we can install 40 here for a while and we only had one station. Okay, if you don’t hear one radio station, you can download what I’ve done and I will provide you the key to register it so you can go to Google. And suppose if any of you don’t know who we are, where our station download and Google do the first link, are there any. Okay. And from here, what, in 15 final four, I click on this one and you can download Farand. Or if you are using make make make operating system, then there is also our Region of the Americas kind of refuge and I think so we will feel generally aware. Eugenia, this one so far, what I have the keys, so you are using make so you can use a fusion to download and I will provide you the key, if you will, already.

So, no need of anything. Second thing, we really need the image. The image can be downloaded from support for the dot com website, which I mentioned here. What you can and Google support for it will take you to this Web site. Let me try and Google it for you. If you type in Google so old and tired 040 get either Fortinet both is okay. We’ve got Neném that we want them to come here and create your own account. Okay, it’s really easy. Just it to try to create your own account and you can log in and download. Okay, so it doesn’t matter what any support content to log in and create and download the images. It’s okay. Anybody can do just need to create an account and download the images.

So, let me go there to show you. Okay, so here is a download, ok.

So, if I say if I’m with images so it will ask me to use a name to login. Okay, so you create your own icon and login with that one. I’m already login by the way. If it is not then it will ask you to just create a new it will show you here. And when you create an a new record you can come to download firmware images. And here is the product selling product.

So, they for the manager for the analyzer, Watts’s logs, for the manager to manage many devices. But the one which we need for period, which we discussed yesterday, and this is the selling platform for each player to find unique.

So, right now I need for women so we can be seeing this one under this while we are ready.

So, I click on that one so it will show you the latest image, six one four one six one two four. And earlier, again, which is the old one, the one I need to one is six point two for. Okay, now there are two. One is to upgrade from previous login and this one is new deployment of forty here.

So, keep in mind, you need this one because we want to deploy a new one, the other we will use later in the course.

So, I say a new deployment and this one is the name because I choose to be a metro station and download click on this one and it will be AT&T.

So, just click on it will download and we will go further.

So, I don’t know this one new environment I choose from here for new deployment. This one choose the way, because this slide is also and this time I do six to two, but now we have four to this one is downloaded, okay.

So, we just don’t know, you have to unzip because I’m using idioms, it will download on my compressed folder, but in your case, it should be in download folder.

So, let’s go to download folder, okay, and compress.

So, this one is the this one is okay anyway, but I’ll download and remember so that we know which one is the.

So, if okay will we have means open virtualization. Fotomat which is fine, we just unzip it. You can use any of the one which is the if I’m using is a free word again.

So, I will say extrude with the same folder name so it will extended.

So, it is here now. Okay.

So, these are over. Okay, open virtualization. Fotomat the one for the front page. I need to open it is this one. Okay, remakes named Dark Three now will be what I need. Okay, so I have this the file, which I need to open it and we are Watt Station. I already opened the Emerald Station, which I don’t know if you learn how you can install by next. Next next click on Open. Okay, we’ll do their download folder, which will in my case is in compressed and this one is the only if I made and choose the number three over here.

So, it will open it except the license. And next. Okay, give them any names of those. I will say a 40 year old. Give them the location. In my case I will give them the location because I don’t have space and see location and I have a real folder.

So, I will create a new folder with. For to get. Six, okay, you guys are six is six months before, but anyway, so I give them this name 40 anyway and give them a real name.

So, let me go back to D.. Okay, and go to Meum. Okay, and let me rename it. For. Dessert for dessert six, okay, and. Okay, so the name and click on Important Button, it will take maybe one to two minutes to important. It’s different on your system.

So, it’s come on now, don’t change your memory because by default is limited memory. You don’t have a license for license.

So, you can use only one GB memory processor so you can not change them. And also the hard drive. But they have so many interfaces we don’t need such interfaces you can click on and either you can click on any interface. Okay, that will open the details. But all these interfaces, so the first one we will use for management purposes just keeping is it’s okay that you can make them that second one we will use farmand means for the Internet.

So, make them connect the third one. We will use Farm Lane.

So, let me make them as a lane segment. Okay, and the fourth one, let’s create them as their bamsey.

So, I make them hostelry and I don’t need these interfaces. Just remove it, remove the remote, be more. You can it later on as well if you needed. The first one is the keep in mind this one is my munadi interface. Second one is you, you can use the first one for management and as well as part of the brain. Also you can use the first one is for the management and for the lane. But anyway, I say this one is management. The second is the Internet, one when interface and this will play a role for Milin and this will play a role by Demsey. I suppose if Renier later on in the course okay and fight any other words we can use them. Okay, let me use this one as well.

So, only for interfaces. One, two, three, four. These are enough for us. Second thing and Rehame especially you have to go to option and there is a reason where Tool Time sync is off. You have to enable this one simple and a simple nice guess. And we knew it was toaster’s my system, so it will synchronize their timing with this device. You have to enable this one and okay. Okay, and press power either from here or anywhere you can and from here as well, it’s up to you. Okay, so it’s starting.

So, what we’ve done, when Import this one, okay, and then we extend the license, then we give them the name and the detail, okay, then we remove the interfaces. We just pull the interfaces. The first one is the yeah. And also we centralize their time option and then we on this one by default user name and there is no password. But do you have to reset the first and the password. The password is blank. Okay, which we welcome now.

So, let’s see if it will take some more time. Okay. And there is a small issue when you come first time, which will not give you the license, so we have to register them with executive director Richard Gomaa anyway, let them start.

So, we rely on them and then we can use this command letter by July. We can see their system status.

So, if it is going to be a license, then it’s okay if holding their driver’s license, okay, and then we can drink our interference by a commercial system interface. Either diagnostic system might be what command we can use. We can serve the state to be better funded and more certified be. We will do later, okay, and then we can bring them supplies. If it is being blown out from my device, we will see that one and then we will have the same IP by default. On first interface, DCP is enabled so it will get automatically IP from my bridge. Okay, the one which I believe you can make them and so it will hear from their cloud IP. We will take that IP and the user name, which is Erdmann and Password, which we select first time and you can login so it will ask you to change the username anyways. Come up. Yeah.

So, I started a user name is Ataman and enter. There is no password to enter now it’s asking you but also I say one, two, three and confirm password. One, two, three. Now is come up. It’s a welcome and now I’m like into forty year old Rehame sixty four this written control. And to clear the screen just to see now how I know that we shall be a good show system interface and questionmark. Flustering Defense DCB is the name, but not in other interviews. Keep in mind this why I say the first interface is my management. One to hold one there is IP address hardware one ninety two from where they the IP from my Bregier interface because I make the first interface is a bridge you can make them as and Bridgend references I who I make the interface my wife. I look at this wi fi and my wife is using the same range hundert range and your concert can be different so don’t follow. My beard can be different.

So, if I come here and see Solander is the range and there is a distinct being able to provide the IP for support. Okay, so what is IP hundred and one ninety two.

So, the best ways to get it is being able unmatchable to command from and type one 90 to one sixty one ninety two.

So, expendible it means we can accept it.

So, hundert one ninety two to any Broza one ninety two one six to eight under one and two. To keep in mind you have to use it to be a student is not allowed, you don’t have a license when you click it will stay in. Your secure connection is filled. If you get the license it will show you right because you don’t have a license. This is a second disadvantage is to make them beat and it will come up.

So, the user name was Elliman and Password Reset. One, two, three, one, two, three. And enter in first time you login. Okay, so what do you say? Evaluation license is expired. They didn’t get you an evaluation license and it’s expired.

So, in reality, this is the only issue, not in any other we will see in history as well.

So, what do you need to do? You have to come back here again. And Ezekiel’s system, what was the command line for guard? System executed. Restored, I think, to something was skimmed from my mind and sorry, so you have to get executed actually reset again to reset into. Yes, but why you okay, it will rebound and this time it will work.

So, this is the only and we are railroad station, okay, so don’t worry if you are not using women. Oh, so the other one, you don’t need to repeat this process. The only issue is with the. Man.

So, we’ll just wait for a while, it will vote again and again because I recently to victory.

So, what will happen if will ask me again to reset the password ID just like I opened it again.

So, this is the way to deal with the real image to install.

So, it’s come up now.

So, user name is Intiman. There is no password to enter. New password. One, two, three, new password going from one to three. And now I can tell by your system status.

Sorry, sister. Status.

So, this time I have a license, you can see expiry this the system status, okay, and every detail here is suspended to this 14 days only so we can see.

So, now if I refresh this one, I then remove. The same way be, by the way, some type of game. Admin and password is one, two, three. This time it will it will not ask you the UK is not asking this time, but this time is asking you, do you want to change the password? And do you want to send the horsemen? okay, so if you say yes, so begin if you are to say later so you can click here to. Yes.

So, let me change the name to F g. I give them the name hostname device name. Now the device name is this one 40 or 60 for Ajanta. If 40 year let me make them one in. Okay, no I’m login and if you see and also the name is changed now basically it was asking your name from forty to fifty one and it’s showing here as well. Okay, if you want.

So, this was the method to install the. Okay now basically I have in their licence now. This one is have many one mission license expired, 10 to 12 to 20, okay, so it will give you today is guarantee. It’s almost 14 days free license to do anything if after 14 days you can import a new one and we start to just take a backup and restore, okay, if I missed something.

So, let me go with you to photostatic, I’d be willing to discuss this one with them. And we hope to browser and log in. We change the name if you want. Okay, and it does was the way to install 40 year old firewall and workstation.