Advantages of Free IT Training: Top 6 Benefits That Will Bring You More Than You Think

Advantages of Free IT Training: Top 6 Benefits That Will Bring You More Than You Think

Who said there are no free things anymore? Frankly speaking, there are a lot of free options out there, even when it comes to learning and gaining very important skills. If you are pursuing an IT career or you have a business that relies on information technology, you should start embracing IT training. The good thing is that you don’t have to pay for every IT training that you or your staff attend, because there are so many companies and institutions that offer free training and courses.

IT training can help you and your staff be more comfortable and confident using various technology and services. This will lead to a number of benefits to your business, including the following:

  • Quicker adoption of new technologies;
  • Improved bottom line;
  • Greater efficiency;
  • Increased productivity.

Due to the costs that are usually involved, user training and systems support are normally seen as additional overheads. However, it is important that you invest money in these two areas to ensure the success of IT systems.

If you are not yet convinced that free IT courses can bring tangible benefits to your team, then you should read on. Staff training and development can be beneficial in the following ways:

1. It helps your business run better

Free IT training equips your staff with necessary and advanced skills that make them better at what they do. For example, Red Hat offers a lot of free courses that you can complete to get the sought-after certifications. Google Analytics Academy also provides all the interested candidates with free online courses. Thus, you can go for Google Analytics for Beginners, Advanced Google Analytics, Google Analytics for Power Users, or Google Analytics 360.

Through such courses, your employees will be better equipped to effectively use computer systems, deal with customer inquiries, and make sales. It also makes it easier for the transition to new technologies and IT systems not only for the staff but also for the customers.

2. It affects your personal development

Through taking the Information Technology courses, you gain new knowledge and skills, thereby increasing your general contribution to your business or company you work for. The self-esteem of those IT professionals who have acquired new skills often goes up as well. When you have gained confidence in your use of IT knowledge, your productivity and efficiency will also increase multifold. With the help of IT training, you advance your personal development in regards to your area of specialization or career. The same will happen to your staff if they enroll for and complete some courses.

Thus, if you want to improve your mobile app or website design, you can try the free UX Fundamentals course offered by The Gymnasium. The platform also has an option with the Modern Web Design course if you are interested in this sector. The Microsoft Learning Platform can also offer you a lot of interesting options. You can learn about Networking Fundamentals or even enroll for the HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners certification course.

3. It enables you to undertake different and new tasks

Targeted training helps you gain a specific skill set that will give you the ability to undertake different tasks that you have never handled before. This can usually lead to job enhancements and promotion as well as increased motivation and job satisfaction among the employees.

If you visit the SAP website, you will find a lot of free IT training that you can take advantage of. The platform covers any field from building apps to Sketching Basics for IT Business as well as from innovation culture to Human Experience Management.

4. It aids in staff recruitment

Encourage your HR team to take advantage of some free IT courses available online so that they can keep relevant with what to look for in the applicants and how to identify whether they have what it takes to occupy the vacant position or not. And if you are the head of Human Resource or belong to a recruiting panel, free online courses can help you identify the right IT technical interview questions that you should be asking during an interview panel.

5. It prepares you for certification exams

We all know how important the IT certifications can be at times like this when technology in every industry is ever-evolving. However, they usually require passing specific exams. Dealing with them often requires thorough preparation. It includes completing recommended or mandatory training courses, practicing with practice tests, reading official books and guides, and even watching video tutorials. There are also several prep companies that offer genuine free IT courses to the candidates preparing for these exams.

The certification vendors also offer free IT courses online for their students. For example, if you are pursuing a Microsoft certificate, you will have the chance to take a free official course offered to all the students on the Microsoft website. Best of all, you don’t have to search for them for a long time because they are available right on the webpages of the certification exams.

Taking free IT training courses offered by any provider will help you get the correct IT exam answers when taking the actual test. If you are pursuing an entry-level IT certificate and looking for some IT courses for beginners, you can always check out the free options offered by the company that sponsors the badge.

6. It can provide you with a free certificate

More often than not, you will be awarded a certification after completing free courses online. For example, after you complete IT Essentials Chapter1, you will be awarded a badge that verifies your successful completion of it. The same is true when you clear IT Essentials Chapter 4 and so on. You can also do your own research to find out online IT courses free with certificate. For example, Amazon has its own training platform where it provides all the interested individuals with free certifications, such as AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, AWS Lambda Foundations, and AWS Security Fundamentals.


There are so many benefits of free IT training. The good thing about these courses is that they are offered online. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to pay for them, you also use the least amount of time, because you just can study from wherever you are. So, what are you still waiting for?