IT Job Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ignore

IT Job Interview Questions You Shouldn’t Ignore

The IT interview questions collect information about your skills, experience, unique approaches, and knowledge of working in the IT field. Understanding how to deal with these job interview questions and answers in the best way possible may be very important for securing an IT job you are interested in.

The hiring managers and recruiters ask various types of interview questions to know you better. Therefore, we are going to help you know the types of the IT interview questions the interviewers are likely to ask you. We are also going to give you examples of a few common interview questions and explain to you how you should answer them correctly.

What to expect during your IT interview?

If you have applied for an IT job and you are lucky to get a call for an interview, then you should now embark on interview preparation. This should involve knowing what to expect during the interview. Thus, there are 3 common types of interview questions that the interviewers might ask during an interview process for a technology position you are aiming at:

1. Questions about you – with their help an interviewer will understand who you truly are (not only as an IT professional but also as a person).

2. Questions about your technical abilities – this is the IT line of interview questioning that demonstrates that you have the knowledge needed to get the job done.

3. Questions for insight on your Information Technology philosophy – they relate to corporate culture, job, and how you would manage various scenarios.

People in the IT field have responsibilities, such as upgrading and installing systems, monitoring and securing networks, preparing user access, and troubleshooting. For this reason, it is very important during an interview to display both soft and hard skills required to be successful within the culture of a company. To do this, you should also include personal experiences wherever possible.

Whenever you are using personal experience to respond to an IT interview question, you should remember the STAR method:

  • Situation: Always take a positive approach and explain a unique tech experience briefly;
  • Task: Describe what role you are playing in that scenario;
  • Action: Briefly explain what steps you had taken to overtake the obstacle;
  • Result: Briefly explain the outcome and also mention what you may have learned.

What are common IT interview questions?

Here are the most common interview questions you are likely to encounter during your interview. Also, check out the sample answers so you can get a guide to your response:

1. What current IT certifications do you have?

When asked about the list of current IT certifications, any interviewer is seeking to know how committed you are to learning new things in your field. They are also asking you this question to confirm your knowledge and mastery of niche subjects. Thus, if you have the CCNP Enterprise certificate, you will be able to prove your knowledge of enterprise infrastructure just by showing your certification. By talking about CompTIA A+, you will be able to convince the interviewer about your solid skills in configuring and supporting PC and device operating systems as well as implementing basic data backup.

Having the relevant certificate before entering an IT interview indicates that you are keen to master critical business technology. A certification can also be helpful in supplementing work experience, especially for those people who are just starting their careers. Such a question gives you an opportunity to talk about your current prospects and education pursuits. It would be good to also mention a certificate that you are looking to earn and the steps you are taking to achieve this task.

When I got an IT manager role at the Xeter Company, I realized the organization would be more productive and efficient if it switched to be multi-infrastructure. For this reason, I pursued the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification that allowed me to develop great Cloud-based apps for the company. As a result, production went up 20%.  I’m also currently pursuing the C++ Certified Associate Programmer certificate.

2. Can you explain an IT concept in very simple terms?

As an IT specialist, you should be able to describe every technical idea in simple terms so that people outside the IT industry can also understand. Your response to such a question will show how good you can present various ideas to those individuals who are working with you. You can include one example of a time you had to speak on a complicated idea or project and you managed to do it successfully.

When describing complicated concepts, I usually try to make them very simple by avoiding jargon, paying attention to word choice, and organizing my thoughts so as to be as clear as possible. Two years ago, I was presenting the idea of DevOps to some students, and the knowledge I got by obtaining the Amazon AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification helped me a lot. I defined DevOps in very simple terms. I ensured that the analogies I used could be understood by them. Later, several students approached me to appreciate my presentation.

3. Are you comfortable with any coding language?

This is one of the most common job interview questions that you are likely to face. The companies may need the Information Technology personnel to be skilled at given coding languages based on their business needs. In your answer to such a question, ensure that you are responding about those coding languages you have acquired advanced knowledge about. You can also talk about the certifications you have or the courses you completed.

I’m proficient in five coding languages: Java, C++, Python, CSS, and JavaScript. I got the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript along with the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certifications and was able to complete several courses to gain knowledge regarding other languages. As you can see, I am a very fast learner and very passionate about coding. I started coding when I got my first job where I was tasked with working on a landing page on the CMS editor. During that time, there was no one else at the company who knew how to use the CSS language. I researched about CSS online and taught everything about it myself. I was able to successfully complete the project because of my desire to learn.


In conclusion, we want to mention that there are various practice tests on good questions to ask in an interview. You should do more research on interview questions and answers for your full and ideal interview preparation.