5 Certification Vendors to Help You Make a Dramatic Entrance in the IT Field

5 Certification Vendors to Help You Make a Dramatic Entrance in the IT Field

Having an IT certification is an important step that you should make to be a part of the IT sector. Thus, you can verify your knowledge and ability in different skill sets, set yourself apart from the other entry-level candidates, and boost your pay. The credentials make your resume more credible, thereby making you more marketable to the hiring managers and recruiters. And at the entry level, a badge is a wonderful way to differentiate yourself from your peers.

As you continue to grow in your IT career, you will definitely want to consider pursuing more advanced certificates that will help you further your professional development. By that time, you will have known what skills you require for your desired career path and what specialties to focus on. But when you are just starting your career, you should stick with the more generalized options, which will aid you to have your foot in the door.

Therefore, we recommend that you explore the following certification vendors that have the best entry-level credentials to pursue in order to launch your tech career, whether you are trying to make a career change or have just graduated.

1. Cisco

Among the top entry-level IT certifications one can earn from Cisco is Cisco Certified Technician, which is also known as CCT. This badge verifies your capability to diagnose, restore, replace, and repair critical Cisco systems and networking devices at customer sites. Cisco offers two paths, which you can choose from:

  • CCT Routing and Switching;
  • CCT Data Center.

The CCT Data Center certification is all about support and maintenance of the Cisco Unified Computing servers and systems. It is targeted at the field support engineers who are working with Cisco data center system software and devices. You will have to complete the course titled “Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices (DCTECH)” to pass the prerequisite exam. This training is all about data center networking fundamentals, identification of UCS (Cisco Unified Computing System) component models, field servicing and equipment replacement, as well as accessories cabling and interfaces.

CCT Routing and Switching is a badge that covers maintenance and on-site support of Cisco routers, operating environments, and switches. The certificate is designed for the on-site technical support and also other support staff who are working with Cisco data center solutions.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft has another best entry-level option for you, and this is Microsoft Technology Associate. The MTA certification scheme generally includes multiple credentials for the beginners, which cover the fundamentals of a number of IT topics, including JavaScript, security, Windows Server Administration, operating systems, mobility, HTML and HTML5, Python, CSS, networking, databases, and development.

These credentials are targeted at those who want to change their IT careers or those entry-level workers who are starting out in Information Technology. The Microsoft MTA certification exams are designed to help the candidates establish their career track in IT, allowing them to decide what areas they want to focus on. The entry-level certificates are an excellent place to start for those who want to become IT auditors, security administrators, or system administrators.

3. CompTIA

The third vendor that we want to talk about in this post is CompTIA. The provider has one of the best entry-level badges in the industry, which is CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+). It is built for those individuals who want to start a career in Information Technology or those people who are changing their career paths. The certification exam is designed to verify one’s foundational knowledge of the IT sector and give a better idea about what it means to work in it. If this is what you want, you can also go for CompTIA A+ afterwards, which can also help you make a dramatic entrance in IT.

CompTIA ITF+ covers essential IT knowledge and skills, such as the features and functions of common operating systems, identification of the common software applications, ways of establishing network connectivity, and security best practices. The exam covers networks, applications, software, IT concepts and technology, database fundamentals, security, and software development.

4. Amazon

Another top IT entry-level certificates can be found under the wing of Amazon. For example, the company offers you the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner path. In this AWS certification track, the badge requires 6 months or more of AWS experience in a work setting and covers a basic understanding of AWS Cloud services. As a certified Cloud practitioner, you will be able to comprehensively define what AWS Cloud is as well as what the basic global infrastructure is. Additionally, you can describe the Amazon Web Services Cloud value proposition and the major services on the AWS platform.

The vendor has several official training courses you can take to prepare for the Amazon certification exams. The practice test also helps you understand the layout of the exam you are preparing to take. You can also get more mock tests from other sites to complement what Amazon offers on its platform. Besides this path, you can opt for the AWS Developer, AWS Solutions Architect Associate, and AWSSolutions Architect Professionaltracks.

5. VMware

VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) is an entry-level certification track offered by VMware to the operators. The path is designed for anyone who is new to the industry and offers several options to choose from. It is ideal for anyone who performs operational tasks typically assigned by the administrators of the virtualized environment and is interested in advancing their career.


Any of the badges of the vendors highlighted in this blog post will get you started in the IT field. However, you need to have detailed preparation, because each of them requires passing the specific IT exams. To neutralize the difficulty of any prerequisite test, use exam dumps in your preparation and do a lot of practice with mock tests.