Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 6

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 6

8. Lecture-08: FortiGate Firewall Dashboard.

Now, let’s discuss when we first started blogging.

So, what you will see in 40 years firewalled.

So, there are two way to set you 40 year one neighbor when you first time logging Escalona or whatever, you can see this sport, baseball can be a network operation center. No records call. No. This thermometer, to use them and knock wood and so and knock wood, you can see security operations center and network operations center. They want to monitor network devices and normally you will see the same structure like this one. There will be many devices you can see.

So, that’s why they give them this additional network operation center are responsible, held responsible to give you a response. You can change the thing. You can move them, you can resize them, you can go horizontally, you can make them fair. You can fit them vertically, you can change them.

So, that’s why it’s called response. We will give you a response. Whatever you want is a flexible.

So, first time you will see when you open a door, you will see this dashboard, this dashboard is basically divided in four categories. Those four categories status WCG and DMZ, security and system. Even so, let’s let me show you to when you first time logging on under that. Canada is a law to hear it quite a while and there is a name for it. And we you are using it will be written here and then this. The name hostname. By the way, this house name is here. You can change the name, go to configuration setting. You can change from here as well. It will debut here.

So, Hoseason for Desert One and applied.

So, now is 40 year one, either you can go to system suiting, it’s here, okay, and you can train them. The host name from here is. Okay, so that’s the logo, then the name and then the name of the device, and we have a green theme, you can change the theme, which we will see later in the words as somewhere here. Let me go to Femia, this one green again and system sitting here is if you want to change with a little color, if you want to change them to blue, this one anyway, it’s for this one.

So, let me ask you this one quick question. Yes. Then compared to political discourse, if it’s not on the same behavior, whatever other things in Palo Alto we need to do, but here, after changing the name of the device without giving Komeito, it will reflect on the box and records. You are asking this question and you also ask the Salmiya, yes, we need to understand the behavior. I’m just I’m just not sure that’s a good question. I was able to tell you. And it’s not like a 40 year old to firewalled whatever you do on the spot when you click apply on the same button, it will directly say, Sam, like a LTM retreat. And if I. Okay, so, yes, whatever you do, it will be on the spot, but it is a configuration, we will see the makeup in this door, but right now I will say yes.

So, that’s the logo, the name, the name green theme. Whatever theme you like, you can change from here. The theme, it is a search button. If you want to set something specifically, you want the water system or something.

So, what are we going to do with it? And system administration. You want to go showing it. And so anything you can get from here and you can make them as a filter as well. Here is a small greater then and then this one. This is rather than to hope to see an idea, they give you an option to open Zeolite here, the command line interface, clayey command line control, so you can check your things from here as well. Suppose, whatever you want to come onshore system, the one which we run the system interface and questionmark.

So, joining me to be here now, there is a record button if you want to regard this group.

So, it will be regarding and you can watch them later on if you want to be. I don’t want to clear right now because I want to download it. Okay, but you can download and still okay, you can save this camera. Maybe you were on so many remote command and you want to see them.

So, click on this button and you can open in Norfolk on Norfolk.

So, you will see the same command which I ran here. Jason wanting to explore them as well and capitulate rather than to download copy now a copy and will do any more paid. Okay. And you can hear this the same reason, which I don’t know, and from here you can make them a bigger SO and will be duded and will open the big screen separately. You can run all the commands separately rather than do it as a small window. Okay, and the last thing which I didn’t tell you this one to clear the screen, it will clear the screen for you and the last if you want to close it so it will give you this option. This will make the screen bigger. It will remove everything which is coming here. You can bring them back as well, okay? And you can close.

So, it will come back here.

So, another way to full screen here. If you need help line videos, are there any documentation you can go from here? This model notification will show you what they want to happen in your system. It will be showing here. Okay, so. This one right now is showing me only the evaluation license due to the right and the governor there is the user who log in and voted. We say it was here in the car. Okay, so this is the name of the system we are using. What? And no. Which we will see it later on system to remove the system and shut down the system. Definitely clear to you configuration. We will do backup and restore this with this one. We can back up to take backup, we can restore the backup and we can remove religion as well. Because if you have to what need to reach one downhills changes. We can see this one and also to change the password. Suppose, I want to change the administrator password. One, two, three, new password, one, two, three, and one, two, three. And okay, so if you want to change the password, so log in the big. One, two, three. Okay, so let me click on this one.

So, let me. Okay, so this the whatever user log it will show here, change password and logout if you want to go from here and want to log in big.

So, this was the first part now coming here yesterday. Ashbolt okay, and this one is for category status of users. Leinwand Security System Even’s. It’s divided in four category and status one, the one which is selected, it will be green if I click this one. This one is green. Now, if you are using green theme, if you are using of the dream, there will be you will understand that this one is selling to India is look like us. Now this one is selected. Now let’s go back to the status. Okay, so this one is divided in four categories status. And this is just this Regitze. If you click on here, you can research this week as well.

So, now it’s bigger now. And if you mean you can make them single again, if you need a smaller user, you can remove them as well. System information.

So, I remove it if you need. Again, there is a small button in the corner. Okay, and click on Regius, Julius Regitze.

So, we decided love system information. This one in the system information link. And so it’s come up here again. But the important system information here, it’s okay to say no, no, no, I knew what it was. It was such a research dashboard and it will make them big to whatever it was before. Like new ones, if you will be. If not showing, so you have to refresh so I does a refresh so you will see again what they what it was like before.

So, now it’s come up.

So, don’t worry. Just play around in whatever you can send them back. Okay, so system information, we’re just the name of the list system serial number from we’re in on more. We will see more. There are two or three more system diam up down from how long to Illuminati’s bus. And we’re not happy because we are not using license or showing the unknown license information, virtual machine CPU usage and all those information. How much is use and how much is allocated rame. All 40 different cloud related stuff, fabric related stuff, security reading because you don’t have a license again not showing an administrator who is log in.

So, element is a lag in GDP.

So, there is a one small button for the explorer and there is nothing for dictionaries are to utility from where you can log in as well just like us really should be.

So, there is a Ford Explorer as well. Like it you want. There is also of it.

So, one is written here again. You can maximize the size and you can more then keep you from last one minute and minute C.P.U, 30 minutes if you want to see and you can maximize fullscreen and you can resize them as Sam is memory related. 30 minutes for our 24 hour to maximize. And if you want to resize and remote station, how many Sishen is being connected right now, if you want to see the station for all ten minute maximize and if you want to remove and minute and there are many option up to twenty four.

So, that’s this. The status updates that they want to the limit that what it is. Yeah. I will tell you everything. Worry just right now I’m just dealing with it and dashboard what Mihail so is divided in four category and there is widgets that we just can be maximize, minimize, remove and rename and said okay do. The only thing will be clear. Now the second one, we only won the state as well as the top using Lane DMZ. What is there to means by usage means that top uses for the lane and the traffic so lane and deems your traffic.

So, what are the top things means sort of source of destination application side. And so anything you can add your own is with you and you can change the name. If you click here there is a dashboard, okay, and change the name. Suppose, I want to give them a name essed. Okay and okay. Now, the name will be changed to test, okay, and any time you say, I know, I just need the research dashboard. Okay. And now it’s again, WCG men and women, so they’re not thinking it will show you and the dog thing means they’re out of sorts from the other top stories. And again, you can join now recesses, if you would, you know, okay, you can join them. Not like a stewardess, one sitting. If you want to do some things like go for the wheel, you can change the time period. You can then bubble chart rather than to a table view. You can check by Sishen. Here is a return to by mind. You said not my decision to send you to Sation.

So, there is a small button to change the seating of this one. Okay, so let me take by talking again.

So, socially reforming the society and their usage then destination be there is U.S. organization, then top application and topics are what they what really where you need to top things outsourced our destination. You have to come to WCG land and immediately show you like this. Because when I take a screenshot, so it was a lie and there there was a troughing.

So, let me show if there is sort of using this is the IP and word has been used and these are the destination Google they reserved and these are the top application is being Goman and so many other things and obvious areas are whatever there is after. Okay, the third border security related, which you were asking.

So, the compromise was to reach hostas, compromise on your land. Okay. Top threat by threat level, it will show you threat level application and decline detection ability anyway. We will see later in the also, don’t worry, we will exist some of why this is Web site.

So, it will come up here and this piece is infected? I think so. Maybe we need to answer their time. There was so little see again date this time so it will show you here.

So, these are related to security stuff. Okay, and again, before Declan winnability scanning through the horseshoe and anything.

So, in the last warning system, even simulated.

So, definitely the name suggests this dashboard will only see the units which is related to the system. Again, you can refresh them, you can maximize them, you can minimize them and you can see what you can change the system. You can do them and you can remove the last thing, which I didn’t tell you some of the when renewably. People getting out, rightfully so, they will do some showing like this while showing, it will take some showing, some of them it will take to like a grade to from where showing.

So, rather than to shoot a system which is here and somewhere here so you can go from here is where it will take you there.

So, some of the images like this to take a shot here.

So, this was before Dashboard, which we will discuss for a different way.

So, security related to this one, okay. Now, if you say no, I need my own disable and whatever I like, I want to put that one get in the corner. There is a small gear. Okay, click on that one. Egregious means and we just like this one.

So, please, if you want to add an extra Regius to the one which is great is already added. What they’re doing is not so click on this one, it will be edited and it just this is not edited close.

So, when you go down, so there will be more activities and there is activities as well as edited.

So, you can add extra just as well. And for review, you can add in system, resources related security, framework related looking. And so now we know and get a gun. And Airdrie, just an aide, Regius Reeser Dashboard. I already told you it will restart and will make thirty five to eight more. If you want to end instead of UPS, you change the name, which I assure you, so you can add them as well and add new dashboard, not originals.

So, if I say I need a new dashboard, my. Dash. There’s more responsible are not always responsible for responses really quick and angry operating systems like mobile and other, it will be carrying the load, but they’re not going to be doing the same, which is not one. Okay, so now my dashboard has been emptied, whereas it’s here, but nothing is there. You can add whatever you like and widgets. I need your license to watch your machine hosken this one.

Sorry, I need to give them anything to air them egregious or to memory. Use a station, whatever you like and now you are disclosers really. But this is the customized one which you require in my dashboard, not the phone which is the desired one. And any time we don’t need you can go and you can delete it and say, okay, I don’t need dashboard has been deleted. Okay, so let me go if I miss something. Okay, so we see there is a system information built and landed in a discredited photo and you can add more to this log.

So, many things out there which we will discuss later in the post. From here. You can earn your dashboard, you can do the more you can do your dashboard, you can research and you can add a radius which is different. And dashboard is a different thing from this. I can we add our own one. Okay, give them anything you are and we use that one. Okay, there is more information when you click. I told you when you click on this one.

So, it will take you to any more information table and you can see why one minute and one hour, 12 minutes or whatever.

So, it will give you it will do differently.