Most Wanted Certifications in 2020 and Related IT Courses & IT Trainings

Most Wanted Certifications in 2020 and Related IT Courses & IT Trainings

The companies today rely more and more on IT systems and that is why the demand for the IT experts keeps on growing. However, not all IT professionals are equal because the organizations tend to prefer hiring those individuals who possess the right certifications. There are studies that suggest that earning any sought-after certificate can boost your salary by 20%. Therefore, you need to opt for the best option available on the market.

There are so many different IT certification courses that you can choose from to get the certificate you want, but not all of them are equal. So, in this blog post, we will talk about some of the top IT certifications that you can go for in 2020 and related training.

  • ITIL V3 Foundation

The first IT computer course that you should know about is offered by AXELOS and its ITIL certification program. It is one of the leading providers in the world that can easily put your career on the right track. The ITIL V3 Foundation exam can cost over $300 and lasts for about an hour. The great thing about this test is that anyone can go for it because there are no prerequisites for it. The main focus of the program is standardized IT service management practices, which ensure that everything goes accordingly. Starting with even the ITIL Foundation training may not be easy, so you will need to work hard.

  • PMI PMP (Project Management Professional)

The next one is the most popular IT project management certification on the market. It is known as the PMP certificate and is a must if you want to become a good Project Manager. The course that one can complete to prepare for the prerequisite exam is available right on the PMI website for any interested candidate. Verified by the PMP holders, this training will help you advance your skills before the test.

The companies tend to invest a lot of capital in the right project management because an experienced specialist can ensure that everything keeps on running smoothly and that all projects are completed on time. So, please note that if you want to enroll for the course and obtain the PMP certification, you need to have a bachelor’s degree along with some experience.

  • ISACA CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control)

The CRISC certification is another option we want to mention on the list, and it is administrated by ISACA. This certificate is for those individuals who want to become a Security Manager and ensure that the IT infrastructure in the company cannot be penetrated. The vendor offers two formats of learning for this IT security certification, which include self-paced and instructor-led training. Thus, you can opt for an online review course or go for a virtual option with a certified lecturer and get all the other training options to prepare with great deliberation.

The certification exam is on the expensive side because it costs $760 for the non-members and $575 for the ISACA members. Another important thing that you should know about this certificate is that it only remains valid for 5 years. So, if you want to maintain your certification status, you will have to pay a renewal fee.

  • ISACA CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

CISM is another certificate offered by ISACA, which is also designed for the individuals who want to assume the security management job roles. Obtaining this certification has its benefits because someone who holds it can earn over $140,000 per year. If you want to get certified, you will need to put in a lot of hard work. Luckily, exam preparation learning solutions offered by the company can help you with this. There are the same types of options as for the CRISC certificate, so it should not be a problem to enroll for one of the certification courses and prepare for the test.

  • Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS has become one of the most dominant Cloud platforms on the market, and almost every other company is trying to adopt it. This means that these organizations need people who know how to work with the AWS environment and provide efficient solutions. This is when the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification comes in.

To get this certificate, the candidates will need to sit for a 130-minute exam that will truly measure their skills. But before that, they can take the course and successfully complete it in order to gain the required knowledge. Amazon offers a lot of opportunities, both paid and free. Thus, you can go for classroom training, free digital training, or opt for some free webinars. These IT courses will help you enhance your knowledge and form a solid skill set.

  • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

With the Google IT course, you can learn a lot about a particular topic because this training is quite detailed. Therefore, you can decide to take one of the courses of this organization.

One of the Google certifications that has been getting a lot of attention lately is known as Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. It has a 2-hour test and some training options to prepare for it. You can follow the Cloud Architect learning path or take a webinar. Both of these options can be improved with the additional resources, such as documentation, discussions, and solutions offered on the official site.


These were some of the best IT certifications with related courses and trainings that you should know about. If you want to move forward in your IT career, it is recommended that you obtain at least a few of them because they have a lot to say about you.