Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 5

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 5

6. Lecture-06: Install FortiGate Firewall in GNS3.

Second method to how we can install a 14 year firewall in three the games three, which I’m running. Okay, so let me give them any name I believe I’m using to pawn it or something. Yeah, to to say one, it can be anywhere. And by the way, it’s the same procedure almost. And I’m using Windows seven with 16 says it can be less are more limited. Okay, but this is my detail to say one and I knew what it was and where it has to be enable cambium. Okay, cambium has to be enabled and your system Karmal based virtual machine cavium. Okay, so if I go to my virtual machine, which is running will be a.

So, if I check support is available through it has to be true.

So, these are the minimum requirements you can check. Okay, now let’s go. How we can install Indianness three.

So, we’ll do anywhere. By the way, if you click on the road each year, but better to click on the firewall. These are the security devices and click here to play. Also, you can go from here as well. Preferences. And there is a key museum and knew this the same way, war and so many other materials. Well, but the easy method is click on security device, click on New England and choose the first one recommended installing appliance from DNS three server. This again is three. This one. Okay, next. And you can feel that as well before you. It will show you to get a proxy for your sandbox with so many for here. But anyway, the one which I need is for the tweet using Kimeu. Okay, so you can filter either if you don’t want to filter or two for one section and here is 40 here and click install. Okay, it will show you only one option, which is the James Trivium. This one it will be just three Rehame click next to schema you binary which is running cavium next it will show you with so many words to say, six want to do it in one end. But the one which I downloaded. Okay, ok. Didn’t download by the way. Now we need a simpler operating system for Janez three, not the real one.

So, what you need to do, you have to go back to support for Fortinet. Molde for dinner services and support Log-in this time, assuming you can register here if you don’t have any card in my guess, I have three going to let me login with any code. Yes, I’m like with my Olympian and download firmware images. Okay, sorry, images. This time for it again for the year, but cavium, I just told you, cavium, Colonel Bass, wonderful machine, which is used by Eve Engines three. And this is the ordinary, genuinely stable one. This one. And again, this is quite an upgrade. And this one is found in your deployment. Click on download. Okay, this one. And because I let you download this one and I’ve Namor because the anime convention is really difficult to understand.

So, they why able to compress and all we have and this one is the cable.

So, let me unzip cavium. Okay.

So, my cambium is here. This one is Gilliam, the extension will be Kyouko, I told you later on, the team will be underwriting this, the abbreviation of Gilgo to Gilgo. One was the old one. Now they introduce a new one. Kyouko okay, you Mugabe. Right. And this what we need here is Hugo extension. But the one which I don’t know is six one two four. Is there any six. One, two, four. No, it’s only Schwing six to two. It’s okay. You can create here. There is a button created new waddingham and type only the one six five two for the story Genya. Six point two four, even if your program is okay, it’s not an issue, it’s not compulsory to time, but it’s better to try to exert one six two four. Then you will say, what the hell is this one 140 year? It will come automatically. Don’t worry and click again. And now we know in the end, look at this come up automatically. Forty six point two. Okay. And when you click, okay, so this one, it should be download first. And if it is your first time, click on this one because it’s already download. Click on this download empty 3G, this small file which require you to click on that one. It will download automatically. It no need to do anything. It will download from stores of automatically empty metadata, something which is required for a menu file and anything data and download. First time for you because I love you. Just showing me is there. But in your case, if you want to do it first time, so it will be Nardil and the image now I will show them the image. But this one you do not your first time now six Fondo for the image you can import and the image, just download it to us and decompress, okay. And I do them. We took them to song. We had this one. And this is for the operating system. Can you click on that one and it will ask you did the device. It’s okay. Just tell it’s okay. Yes. Okay, now it’s uploading this year to history and we’re okay because it will run from the okay to okay is done now click on this one and send next six to four and next, okay, it’s okay. It is still missing.

So, let’s do it again. Yes, because I alluded to also is showing me that maybe he is doing it again. I love you.

So, for this reason, so it’s showing again missing.

So, what I need to do, I need to change the world again because I have the same origin. Anyway, let me do it again. I just wanna refresh it will be there some time when you refresh.

So, it’s still missing.

So, just give me a minute to do it again. Yes. And you want to guess it will be stripped away and only in my guess, because I’ll let you two or three more to install.

So, it’s because sometimes we write them so issuing a. Okay, so let me delete this one, and my guess is showing error, so I will use the existing one because it’s already there.

So, let me choose for today. Okay, install next. Next. Okay. And let me move to create a new one again in six by two four. Okay. Yeah, this one, and you ought to guess, what do you need to do, download this empty file and for this one? And my guess is already there, so I will send a it. And you have to also do the next one after you upload them and click. Yes. It said there is a demand username which we know and know what is said and finish. Then it was so easy to install.

So, this was six point two for this one. Okay, great. And from here, Dragonair Cloud don’t change anything. Not really. User changed this one to this one.

So, then there will be no internet on this one. Keep in mind, you don’t need to change anything. I mean, you dragging this name is showing you a system name, either your username keeping the same again and repeating now then Boaster and sending me the messages that I don’t have Internet and I cannot expose the device because no need to change this one cable when you’re doing it, okay. And from here.

Sorry, this one coming in first. What is the money? We just saw there is anybody at S.P. and on because unshared Cloward DCB is already there. We know this one. The naglaa is basically taking this strange IP to willingly challenge one man to 160, one one one four. You have to check you are one from here. Now, let me die before I already know it will be from this range. One one four zero range. It can be any IP now unless you reach IP, they want to assign both number one. Okay. And this is what get if you want to change the name every time we you the huge name, so killing six, one, two, four. And from here, remove this. And empty and okay, now we know next time, six months before it was a big one, if you drill a new one, if you do that, it will be like this one. Okay, Ed Lavandera, let me move this one just to show you how you can change the name. And it’s not like a 40 year to date out of Palo Alto. Click on console war game console. Any console you are using, maybe you are using Pooty. Maybe you are using supportability. And my guess I’m using different is a secure CRT, so it will open and there is one and you your it can be open and anything whatever is here and console application. Mike is a secure CRT maybe. And you are can be fully, can be super pretty and it can be anything ok. Not is there. If you need security again we here I can share with you. Okay, so now let’s. It will take a bit of time to find and remove the device. Okay, so what I done, basically, I can take no cloud, no cloud is very different. And just released Wednesday night cloud. If you are using your own cloud, then you can use this one named Cloud, basically providing you Internet access in June three is getting the IP from here. The same range of eight, so if you don’t know you are a mid range, you can come here and you can find out from here. One hundred and sixty one one four, okay? It’s still starting.

So, let me show you another way to find out your range. What do your interfaces? Djangirov, corruption. Okay, and click on Ryung at eight and detailed, you will see your one hundred and sixty eight one one, four and other you can find from Sambi so let me know. It started to Illman. There is no password. I told you. Enter one, two, three. One, two, three. Okay, insurance system interface, let me you the diagnose, there is another command diagnosed IP. Let me see, it is another command as well, you can find from their phone as well. It must be addressed. This is the command you can find from this command as well, so that be and give them one one for which we were expecting one one four and we’ll do that again. And Type B and this IP. Okay. Twenty one, ninety two. I missed one. Okay, so it’s come up now you will thinking how it is accessible from Janise through to our browser because this negative gearing IP from our major interface and nerd interface is my system interface.

So, definitely unbreachable. Here to click on here, Edman and Password is one, two, three.

So, this time I use the June three and log in here, if you don’t want to use this time, you don’t want to change the name.

So, it will keep the same name, okay, this time with curium.

So, this is the method of how we can install them with a new player. And we recommended next year we for the year install it next. Okay, we’re next.

So, there is nothing you can create your own either. You can click next to us next. Okay, no password is there. You need more details so you can go to the admin, serve the password. Your password user diagnosed the IP address either system information system interface. It’s up to you in questionmark, type in the browser and login and you can see.

So, this is the way to install forty year firewall energy industry if you are using Jeunesse three.

7. Lecture-07: Install FortiGate Firewall in EVE-NG.

They’re to install 40 year firewall is in if you and Jamie calls them. Basically, it’s also a simulation software, just like a giant S3. It requires some devices first you have to download and install in your room where if you don’t know, you can follow my video on YouTube. But just let me show you from where we can download even a community edition, which is free edition, where you can run more than 64 devices on the same time that evening, download and Google, it will take Evangelised Ordinate and from here you can download, okay, if English only come and go and download professional exequatur license or free. And here we make a link and also Google. Well, the second thing you need one is the window Clydeside application. It has to be run, otherwise you will be not working again. You can download from Google either. You can download from these two things is required. The second thing is required when ASCAP to upload their win ASCAP. Minisub is a FPP utility where you can upload and download from Jeunesse three and even images, so you have to download free this utility to three thing is required. And the fourth one, definitely you need that. We are where we try to do from where you can download a metro station. Okay, so if you have already, then it’s okay how we can install it. And so I already running it in my app is one one four one thirty eight.

So, let me do one one for one thirty eight. I need to open my IV one nine two two one thirty eight.

So, my IV is open before username and password. Is Eve ok. India is rude, and even if you want to log in here so rude and it is the password Diffa one, okay, and GraphicLy, we have this one. Okay, let me close this one. Clotheslined is the only which we are running. And let me create a new file with IFG. Anything to. Okay, so maybe I will forget you, I have some over forty six point two, three and six from zero nine six from two two, but I don’t have six point two four, which is not only help, so I can bring it and you work and there will be nothing when you type here for bigger, it will be great or nothing will come just like this one. Like impolite to inhale issuing a. Yeah. I say for a while she has started issuing me.

So, what can I do. I need when ASCAP which I just told you. Oh we can give them. I mean ASCAP. And from here, this will be. This one one nine two two one six two and one one four one third, in your case, it can be different.

So, let me see this one. One third year, this one is the U.S. ambassador is you and I’m using BP, okay, and login.

So, it will take me here, but maybe it will take you here and you are to this one, not this one, this one, this deal in Lennix. Okay, so what do you need to do? You have to do or option. Okay, then you have to who do you blame then you have to do it on you. There is a Kimaiyo you have to do kumu this. They’re going to be administered to where you can put your. Forty year to file was OBD unit is on Kimeu okay, as I have already so many like maybe I have forgotten it here. Now, the only thing here, the name can change and it has to be followed correctly, otherwise your device will not come up. And from where I find this, I’m going to mention it’s okay, we’ll do it. And you document and we’ll do documentation just to show you. And there is Kimeu and naming Kimeu. I don’t know what this means by Kimeu. Okay, and here, Kimeu, you imagine and control if I know Fortinet.

So, look at this, if you want to stop this saying Kimeu for the name and Eve and remember and give me you image, name by extension, you go to which I told you so, Jeunesse three, and you were using the same extension you will go to, but there is no such thing to change it. But here there is a farmer made me asking you for the name. Should be let me go back now. It should be start from Fortinet then the next thing is to be with the far one name. Okay, and insert the file name has to be this one. Really sure issue is something we sure will do something.

So, it has to be like this one. The first one is Diffa. One second is the another thing. This one is demand. This is the manager.

So, they have to assume anything.

So, I it means my name has to be start from this one.

So, let we will be talking to you and let me make a folder here and give me your folder and give them the name. This one.

Sorry I forgot. It has to be different to look the same as the Fortinet. Now, the second is, if you are using firewalled, the name should be for doing it again.

So, I say 40.

So, do you feel it should be fired? Fire. Well, it shouldn’t be defeated right away, otherwise it will not fire. Doing it for a while and the last thing is the, oh, what is God, what again? So, what is on what again? Let me go back to our original six. One, two, four. I did one. Six, four to four, okay, so there is only one dash, keep in mind, 14 for a while, there is no capital or something than the original six to four and seven full Funimation. I want to give anything to this device. I don’t care. CNN’s John Zarrella has the full permission. And John, Wide Flat is reporting that for five one six one two four, this one is the former creator, but there is nothing in sight. It’s empty, so now what? They say the name should be this one little blue dot is something.

So, me got to be this one. And this side this side is my system and this side is the view.

So, let me go in there, do I? So, let me do the eyes and see an insurgency and let me go back to it. Is incompressible to sort of or. And God bless, and it is a game you than this one and greater to. Okay, it will not take much time because a small fine, but the name shouldn’t be like this, it has to be this one, which is a just copy and rename this one by if I identify right. Click on and give them this name, they said. And now go back to here and come on this. You have to type one. Come on this one obd you will not let remailer you do changes and you even you have to apply this command. Keep in mind anything you delete, remove it of this command. I can give you this command and you can copy from here as well. It will be mentioned here as well. That’s it. Now, go back before it was not suing me for if I want to hold it for the year.

So, look at it now. I have six, one, two, four. But is it installed correctly? So, let me choose this one. How many number of one you need? I say one. What will be the names? Let me change the name to G. Okay, what will be the icon. Okay, how many interfaces you need. What is the name you want to just leave it Diffa one. But yeah this is okay. Unsolicited Internet insu.

So, now this one is coming to right click and this time to network and choose from here management, okay, and keep in mind so let me give them GMT and okay. This one to start before, because then I’m going to do for one for is DCB enable and save. Now you will say why you choose the money. Let me on this one, then I will tell you their story.

So, I choose management. And basically this management came from my team. How many interfaces I have here? So, let me go to my e-mail. Okay, so the first interface is named in, the second one is the last one.

So, you’re the first interface and maybe this one. This one, this, not this one.

So, this is the cloud and cloud, one is the other one, this one totally. If I add a new interface, then I can choose the third one. Cloud three, so this is no cloud in my case. If you are using your source to lead the first one, then you are management cloud will be the hostelry. Okay, so now come here and right here, this natoli and three double click and open secure. Again, I am using security. In your case, it can be put out or something is okay. Whatever you said in your system for you. Okay, so now let’s see. And so it’s already started. Username is no password. Enter Sudan. Your password. One, two, three, four. One, two, three and four. System interface. Questionmark. It will show the IP again is getting the same range because I’m here. I’m using their cloud and copy this IP in your browser with HDTV. Nazneen HTTP is. Enter and want to be. Now I’m blogging and Sam begins to let me Chengde if I’m okay, now I change the host name and I login. I’m using this time Eve to connect to my apology. Now, here you can connect external, internal, whatever, TMZ, you can do whatever. But the first four days of management, you can use them for a moment as well for awareness. And it’s okay. You can take two things from it.

So, let me show you quickly what I do. And this is my card and this is my system. Say, okay, we will do Kumu here. We create this is the part where you create a folder you can create directly in your system and Debro. But I created here and read the folder. I already created this site and just doing it. But this time I created here and import here.

So, it’s up to you. Whatever you want to use. The last thing, whatever you change, you play this Gomaa. Then we will then lose the management interface from Matlab and we connect them okay. And then send the new password diagnosed idea that is up to you. Which command is sold to you. And I have this one and we log in with the device.