Most Popular Certification Choices for Top 6 IT Jobs in 2020 You Should Know About

Most Popular Certification Choices for Top 6 IT Jobs in 2020 You Should Know About

After graduating from college, almost every single person thinks about starting a career. There are many fields in the world, but some of them have had a huge impact on our society. IT is one of those realms because it is difficult to imagine our life without the technologies it has brought forward.

There are many IT jobs that you can go for right now, but some of them are clearly better than others. If you want to make serious money in the IT sector, you will need to work hard and develop the right skills. With so many options to choose from, things can get quite confusing. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about some of the top IT jobs you should know about.

  1. Data Engineer

Becoming an IT Engineer is not an easy task because it requires a lot of hard work. People often get confused between the responsibilities of a Data Scientist and a Data Engineer. Although both of them may look similar on paper, they are actually completely different. Unlike the Data Scientists, the Data Engineers work with big data. They are tasked with developing and maintaining huge architectures such as databases.

To become a Data Engineer, you need to be well versed with a programming language and also have a good grasp of statistics and modeling. Getting a certificate will help you with mastering these skills. The most popular option in this case is the Google Professional Data Engineer certification. It requires that you pass only one exam to validate your knowledge.

  1. Java Developer

Programming is a big part of the IT world, so if you want to become an IT specialist, you must work on your coding skills. There are many programming-related jobs that you can find, but there are a lot of people who want to become a Java Developer. Java is one of the most popular programming languages out there and that is why there are many job openings in this area. As a Java Developer, it will be your responsibility to develop easy-to-use and intuitive applications. To become such a professional, you need to have a good knowledge of object-oriented programming and databases. The average annual salary of a Java Developer is around $80,000.

All in all, there are a lot of certifications in the IT industry that cover the Java domain and almost all of them are offered by Oracle. Thus, many IT specialists opt for the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer certificate to get all their skills being evolved to perform the tasks at the professional level. This path requires that you hold OCA and then take the 1Z0-809 exam.

  1. Security Engineer

Cyberattacks are one of the biggest problems that the companies are facing today and that is why they are willing to spend a lot in order to find the best Security Engineer. As you can probably tell, it is the duty of a Security Engineer to ensure that the right security measures have been put in place to provide protection from any kind of cyberattacks. And the best training that you can get is provided by EC-Council to allow you to get the most sough-after certification out of all, which is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). For this path, you need to take the EC-Council 312-50 exam that will last for 4 hours. Eventually, you will be able to earn about $161,955 per year.

  1. Systems Administrator

The next IT job that you need to know about is a Systems Administrator. It is the main responsibility of an IT Administrator to provide technical support for all kinds of issues, which are related to software or hardware. These professionals must also maintain secure data backups, upgrade systems, and make sure that the right security measures have been put in place.

If you want to become a Systems Administrator, you need to have some experience with virtualization, storage, server architecture, and security features. The CompTIA Server+ certification can help you validate these skills and will become proof of your professional-level skill set required for the everyday tasks. This specialist can earn around $65,000 per annum.

  1. Front-End Engineer

The Front-End Engineers are also known as Front-End Web Designers or Developers, and they can install, manage, and test the UI elements of a website. The functionality, usability, look, and feel of any site are the main tasks of these specialists. And nowadays it is hard to find an organization without its own online platform. The companies need to present themselves well on the market, so they need the help and experience of these professionals.

There are more than 13,000 job openings for this position, so you will be able to find a place you prefer. The most important thing for you is to hold a certificate that will prove your knowledge base. The MCSA: Web Applications certification that requires two exams is one of the most popular choices among the IT specialists. If you get it, you will have even more chances that you will be spotted by an IT recruiter. If you land a job, you can earn an average of $105,240 per year.

  1. UX Designer

If you’re curious about how things should function, and usability, design, and branding are what you want to know about, then you should become a UX Designer. It will be an IT career switch that will bring you a lot of benefits if you want to be a part of the IT field. These specialists track the whole process of acquiring and integrating a product and that is why it will be important for you to provide the customers with the best user experience and meet their needs. You can opt for the Nielsen Norman Group UX certification to get all the needed skills that you will learn during the 5-day training or choose the Springboard UX career track, which is also popular among the candidates.


Many specialists are looking to improve their IT careers due to the ever-changing world, so it is important to keep up with the times. Becoming an IT professional is something that a lot of people dream about, but it can be a difficult goal to achieve. That is why you need to possess the right skills, but doing so requires a lot of hard work. So, put all your efforts into the task and let your career thrive.