Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 19

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 19

23. Lecture-23: Configure and Verify Routing Redistribution.

Routing protocol, redistribution.

So, if you want to redistribute one drug to run more than one for the whole at the same time, so we call them redistribution.

So, would you buy a new company and the new company and they are earning greater course, but you are running out of feed and you want to integrate them into your existing network.

So, what you will do, you have to wait either to remove really inconvenient Gaggia because you are going to go running wisby and reconfigure everything there, every road in an industry or whatever and other ways to redistribute both the whole and how we can do. You need the model which is getting to both the companies.

So, you have to configure redistribution via some will decide to decide the new running age or be in this certain room.

So, or do is the more moderate moderator, which will configure both the protocol.

So, what do they really do? They will redistribute to be trained and ready to. You have to be in this way or one will be eating one, two, three and three will be eligible to one. We will make sure redistribution as well to a redistribution. We will do so. This industry and these two companies will be monitoring each other. I’m just giving you one example is that you can use in many scenario.

So, this we call them redistribution, redistribution can be one protocol to another, it can be Connington, it can be reformed, it can be spearville, can be changed to be it can be BGP, can be is.

So, there is no restriction on any protocol there. Can you you can do only one for the whole one. Protocol to another. Protocol can be distributed easily and the same thing we can do in. Our 40 year is with how we can do it.

So, let me do one thing. Let me go to network with Spears. Now, I mean, what ising one, two and three, so I am receiving this one, two, three, let me do more. I don’t want to advertise one network to my neighbor. I don’t want to network to my neighbor. And I don’t want to advertise three network to my neighbor either. Let me advertise one and the one is simple so we will give. One and two, two and three for our distribution.

So, let me do this one, okay? I’m just advertising one after a while and these will really start we are two and three will will disappear from here.

So, let me check because it will take some time. Yes, I’m just organizing one, so it has to be removed as well. Yahoo! Is also gone.

So, before fall. Towards the end. Not anymore.

So, it means I’m not eligible to tune up. Which is a little bit interface, because there is no way, there is no road. It was advertised before to me the they hide those so I’m not reachable.

So, what I can do, because I want to advertise through another way, also have not reaching one to three. Only unbreachable to one, because one is being advertised Candleshoe six, if I being one of our Khandala from to do either one.

So, I’m really one to one because I did what I one only what I can do if you click on a glass option either. And there are similar. And what I connected to is getting to. But I mean, whatever I have connected interfaces, I want to advertise all connected interface inside of my OSB. If I want to really see windows with which we determine a certain distance, you can put anything. Suppose, I say to myself, to you and apply now you will see those which was not here before. Three, four and one hundred and sixty one odd will be here, but it will be in all. But with over each one there is always the it should be to I believe this one it will show and you do.

So, let’s see. Let me go to show. I will always be able to look at do it again. But this time with E two is an external insec external means somebody redistributor just not directly through all this is being released to Mujer to me.

So, again I will be reachable.

So, if I think this time do that so I’m reachable and if I say yeah I’m reachable and he want me to do is that I went up to that point which was not reachable through other protocol, the time it was not advertised. But this time there is, there is this one is external because I told them there to redistribute connected interfaces in what is my connected interfaces. These are my connected interfaces. One, two, three, one, one is already advertised through espere.

So, it will ignore this one.

So, two, three, one and one one four one one one four will be here SCCA. Because I told them to advertise on Cunnington just to give me an example of really stimulation and 040 here are the right, there is another matter that as well just I show you in the slide, as well, maybe you are in the border and one side you have got to be. And then there is another way to configure, but just for the sake of what is the solution.

So, just to show you how you can do it. Also, you can if you have a security crowd, you can really stimulate as well. But in this case, we don’t created one state step remove. Everything will be illegal again from here if I go back.

So, nothing is the only one is advertised this way and nothing is advertised by ABC to three on one.

So, that’s why he is here. And 19 is also by one source. I am receiving these. Okay, let me get Stand Your Ground is we know we can create a security crowd so let’s create to all end our zero zero zero eight and next 12 is one ninety two one sixty two there to support an okay so now I homestudy Gloria, I want to advertise their steady ground so there is no idea what it was I created. I think so. I registered it over forty eight years. If I want to this you and I want to advertise to the crowd and released this one, which things or anything you can give them. And now you will see and hear. A little engine there, one here, by the way, because it is already here, so we’re not showing you I need to do something else which is not here, by the way. Let me make them name because it is already here, so I will choose the local interface rather than to use this one.

So, let me go back. And if I say nine was in which in which interface, I couldn’t figure, should it be interface? But if your name and one. Okay, and let me go to waste beer. And more to do, but let me give them. To. To be sure, we can refer to them, okay, and let’s click here. Because nine is coming from another way with the broadcast.

So, again, I can’t say that they’re going to be here, but anyway, I show you how you can do it. My main purpose is to show you how you can do your duty to distribute to it’s not coming because nine can be received from this because they are also member, by the way.

So, they are receiving from here rather than receiving huge cost. Okay. It should be here. By the way. I’ve always been there to this. I assure you, a apology. Joy Behar Show. Always is the commander in chief going to be near. But anyway, this is the way to redistribute either you can really see most of the time if you have a configuration you want to and distributed one year BGP and is is in the same thing you’re going to end up with, which was showing here the same way to really with.

24. Lecture-24: Configure and Verify Dynamic Protocol BGP.

Which we can configure is BGB as well. Okay, if you want to do BGB, let me give you an overview of BGB quickly. BGB is a huge problem. How do we harness all disappearing? BGP BGB means border gateway protocol. It’s also a dynamic routing protocol and routing protocol is the only protocol used for outside Internet protocol of Internet. We call them obligational to whole weekend policy based on what you can call it is why dynamic on the phone name routing protocol and so many name of this protocol. One of the huge protocol and widely used on Internet and Ausra and big organizations are doing the routing for the whole use. TCAP one seventy nine. No, no. Okay, not the protocol. Protocol is based and no I do. There is six five four three five protocol. A number is a huge list of protocol. No, a bystander use manifest capability and reliability, but it’s very slow protocol. And this is the beauty of slowness because in Internet we need a slow protocol to work. Not in that sense. When is going to come up? It’s daytime.

So, in that time we can divert the attention to some other way.

So, it basically is mainly used for scalability and reliability and use autonomous system. No, okay, and just like I remember discounting adenomas system, okay, basically the router which is in your device, which is running BGP, we got them BGP Speaker and any neighbour which is running B, B, B, B, B, A in some form really some. If LSM and Acedia glassless into the main routing, it’s support to Summarisation and Menuha somatization and send up that incremental and trigger update and sending unicast just using unicast administered or distances twenty and two hundred Y two because medium B is to fully aware of LBG B and and BGP immediately means to you in the whole and detail here for internal also you can call it to internal and external is to flow or you can use them. Okay, so it’s a DCB base and working on LaForce received before no one’s own. Denine has to be open to what BGB then I assume it’s using autonomous system. No autonomous system. No. It’s basically just like and as you say, okay. There is a six five five three five adenomas system and also there is another system which is set to build like IPV six and that’s also assigned by Ianna. You know, Ianna is the new this one, the one which we will monitor it for you, all of you. And you will see BGB. BGB is No.

So, there is also the public sighting on this one. I need to go to our Web site. Media, no. Yeah, this one. Okay, so these are two just like ibuprofen and maybe six, 16. But like I said before, anything to do with like a recess.

So, when you click so from zero to six, five, four, three, this is a B for like. Oh, no.

So, you can there are some reserve, just like I for some of them is probably some of them. But I mean so just like the old one that we have autonomous system, we name your company according to their health to buy a Toonami system just like a public ipis. Okay, and we can configure this no system in reconfiguring the devices so we can configure.

So, after which there is a BGP. But first I need to delete or espere so let me delete. Always beer from beer and I don’t in any area and anything, and I don’t need any interface. Okay, and I don’t need to add and apply it.

So, always Beerfest. No, to be able to hold this the as I just told you is no.

So, what was I want to give them. One is no but I ideas we use in BGB in this and also in Egypt. Let me give them one or one. That one our neighbor who is the neighbor.

So, my neighbor is to name one in our two.

So, what is the idea to show you this. The idea of my neighbor.

So, this. Now, if I could one, so it will become an BGB because my local is and the local is the same, so it will be gone if I bought one.

So, it will become IBG, if I suppose anything is to be served one day, it will become MGP.

So, now I can feel it. But I have another neighbor as well, which is to one. And let me give them the. Okay, so now I have to be my it is one and there is two and three which network I want to give them to one zero zero zero.

So, and also I have two seven eight, which I want to advertise and I will it will be three, which I want bureaucratize. And also I need to advertise from which side I’m going to do this one. Edward, what is this one insurance option to keep alive in 60 second keeping keep alive a 60 second, as I mentioned here? I will share this one to study about this one old keep alive a 60 second I mentioned somewhere, right, by the way. Oh, it’s connected. And the Internet is here.

So, let me go to BGB. There’s the authentication method. Yeah, this one says to here, and the time is one, it is the best one. Okay, redistribution again as I show you and nothing to the and apply. Now going to add to Hurricane Katrina fury here was little me remove the oil spill, which we’re going to figure out who is before. And also let me remove from one neuropathies Bill, one of you can cut if you’re going to be so Diprotodon BGB and my answer for when I give them is two that one time. One, two, three.

So, my three and Naimer. Is 190 to 160, a two hundred five I’ll be with Remould is. Remote is I deal with them once, this is the way to make a a ship. Okay, let me take this one and we’ll do our two. What are you doing? Roter, BGB Father, do you give them to and I will say my number is two hundred with Remold is his is his one. That’s it. If I wanted anything on my cell.

So, I do like this one. But what I was saying is that we see to show I believe.

So, I have absolutely eight zero zero and mosque two five five zero zero zero, and now you will see the night here how we can really find. Sure, I’ll be going with. A return to. But in this commercial, it’ll be BGB, so I’m receiving one, I’m receiving two, because your daughter is on these three network, so I’m reachable through BGB. Okay, it has to do with being human one and two and three I can reach and now I can see the road. And also if you want to verify this side, go to here.

So, I’m just receiving no, BGP is not used here because nobody reads anything this this one.

So, let me remove sturdy reconfigure before.

So, let me remove it. Okay, because the study will be pretty far due to administrative distance, so now it’s coming through BGP because I advertise through BGP and this is because we can figure MBG, BS or administrative Westchester’s trendy. That’s why I told you here there are two way. If it is. It will be 20 if it is IBG billion industry with 200 to administer donations, and I’m assuming if I editorialise another thing, I think so far one has to. To show solidarity with those nine. Nine zero zero. And mosque is too far in Utah and also 19. Now, you will receive a year, nine and 19 years military. And here is nine with BGB and it is 19 days. I advertize 19 I’m 19 zero zero zero with Muswell. Should be here now. Nine is in a bar for some reason, 99, you can see what after a while you will see as I am currently a 19 zero zero zero mosque, two five five. Yes.

So, after a while, you will see 19 as wellis, 19 is here. Okay, so eight, nine and 19 being received. And so you can use this command, which I show you and I also from cessation of Wherify. One, two, three, the same. Come on, get done. And the full routing and BTP this time.

So, eight, nine and 19 has been desu, 27 minister to distance. There is no mentoring and is the next door and they story to kind of figure BGB.

So, these are the routing where to configure and verify. Okay, routing monitor to local to create addresses to refresh static and dynamic. And this one is foreign policy. We don’t have any policy at all to configure here.