Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 15

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 15

19. Lecture-19: Configure & Verify Static & Default Route Lab.

We will take a few it can be a firewall, as well, by the way, instead of broader, you can take a fight while it can be here. Any firewall. By the way, not only for bigoted can we afford to hear it here. It can be banned, although it can be checked for and it can be anything, any literary device it can be. But in my case, I will take to rotaries example. But keep in mind the opposite. Troughton can be acquired while another firewall. Well. Okay, so we really have to Rohter and we will configure to Lubic interface. Same interfaces and same here because I want to show you something else as well. Outside we will use this ordinated one nine to do 160 or to dart one and two or two is these IP insert. We will take two system 101 sixty and one dark one and one, two and three will be our management interface. By the way, my name is onon for one, but because we are using for one, so we militated for three is an example. Okay, otherwise you can make one is a management and for two and three here if you have some difficulty to configure some. Come on, this is our technology. We will connect management ordinaire klauer so that we can take management of this quite a while. Okay, so let’s do it.

So, from here let me drag for a while. This is a firewall, okay, and let me on them because it’s taking time. Yea, I will take one switch.

So, it’s today, this switch.

So, it will look good. This is a switch. Okay, and here I will take to the altar.

So, let me take your order one. And wrote to.

So, these are two and inside. Let me take a Newsweek and here will do two daughters, one is a reporter. Okay, and let’s take another is rotaries a client? We can make as a client as well, by the way.

So, let me. Do it, so let’s. Align them, okay, and these two rotor and these two p.c. And by the way, let me make them hear this one. Okay, so pick one. Let me change the name to P.S., too. This is my daughter becoming like a two and one or two is okay. What else I need to do? Let me do a connectivity.

So, one is for. I’m doing okay and this one two zero three zero. And zero to two here. Okay, and this one for two is far outside. Connected to PC. And here is okay. Not only need near the clouds, it can be used as a management tool and it triggered. Okay, and let me connect them two or three or five to one, okay, and let me do one thing. This is my management AM GMT. Let me give them this name because it’s of course.

So, let me change the discussion chain symbol and you can use any symbol so simple as this one.

So, this is my management. Okay. And before starting with me, assign you to this dog.

So, what do you decide, one and two two one six eight one zero so far this side and to submit. But they say they believe are okay, so click on doctor and go to a configuration remove from Ardell started from I told him all of it and give them one doctor one. And keep in mind, is Hunter business, because we are not doing any Google or anything. If you want to. That is this certain idea of this device. Okay, and now you can on the devices because the rest of the devices can be enabled and configured IP.

So, let me put one here.

So, this is one dark one. That ought to be BC2, which is this is two. It means one, two, okay. And also, let me copy this one.

So, this should be one and duplicate. This should be two. Okay, that’s. And this idea that if you were watching this will be our hunter, this board site. Wondered how you can choose anything, by the way, it’s not going to be. And this should be one hundred. Two hundred. And when it went differently, our management interface is, by the way. We are using one one for my son, it is this one and you are getting it will be different. By the way, this is when unnerved interface insert before going to configure this piece. You do, but we’ll take one as a piece. Okay, so what I need to do are underwater, which we give them the name piece you do. Okay, and what we need to do to configuration interface is usually zero IP address 192 168 one two two five four to five five two five zero. Shut it down and configuration more time not you building when you send that out so that I going become like a client. Okay, there will be no routing protocol anymore even if you like. There will be nothing will ensure IP around so nothing is there. But I need to configure gateways.

So, I called Gateway and what will be the gateway. I say harder the firewall.

So, 192 168 wunderkinder so might be sealed is ready which I make from our router is a PC. Okay, and you need to dial this one as well. One button on this side.

So, this one is ready now. I need these two devices by the way there is. Which we will consider it. By the way, you can take any IP, but I’m taking at eight. We will configure. It is a little bit interfaces.

So, let me to these two devices and configure it right. Click and console to remove one. Which is the old one, so the interface is usually you. Is one ninety two, one sixty eight to not one, by the way, two five five two five five five five nine zero. No shirt on. Okay, roll this idea. This is going to feature another is a new interface. Lubic One IP address are eight and two five five zero zero and no shirt. No, no, no, no. But anyway, if you want to, another thing I want to count to three. That is ten minutes here. Line two I zero four years transport and put on and put a password. One, two, three and logging divinities configure. Another thing I want to go through to user name admin privilege 15 and password one, two, three. Also, I need to enable HHTTP satellite image to be somewhere in the deep seat here somewhere. Okay, and I’ll be authentication local because we created one user of the network.

So, I and there will be an English DPS enabled element and I apply the interface IP. What I need to get a quick.

So, I will say I’m proud because it’s not PC, I am amusing, is it out there? So, I will say be proud whatever you hell you know, this is to define growth and Cisco, which we will be involved here in as well, and I will say whatever you will, you will have to give in to to the candidate who stood out under this one, this guy. And I believe this in order to make up for it. What do I do now? This one, the same thing which I didn’t here I need to repeat here, but a different IP water interface, easier. Zero IP address, two one sixty eight to the two to five five five five two five 5.0 nawshirwan. Okay, and defined out this 35 year old digital two hundred. Okay, and what I mean to do line device zero two for transport and put in password one two three and log in and configure. Okay is it used to be so it should be said what is configure. It should be secure. Also a student basis. Configure input to local. I say we know what someone log into this device really should be asking the user name and password. What is the user name and password admin privilege. 15 phone privileges. An administrator and password is one, two, three. Okay, if there are two is also going to myod. One is there are two is really C one is really and B C two is really. These are the basic configuration which we’ve done. Now the question is before going to inside this firewall graphically, I need to configure for three years of management because board one is used by another way.

So, what I can do right. Click on this forty year firewall will do console. Okay, I need to do some basic stuff here first by default. User name is Intiman. There is no password. Enter the new ambassador. One, two, three. One, two, three. Now I’m going to fold here five one. If I see a show system interface Christian model so be it is by default enabled on first interface and which I utilize for some other purpose. And I need this for three, which is sturdy.

So, to think I’m trying to assign security going to be from this range, either I can make or number three is the ATP.

So, it’s better to do it in any configuration than the system or I’m config sys interface, wudu system interface configuration and type. And it all now is coming for one president to important, but then again, the key one is between two and then three and now six. If you don’t know anything, I will discuss. We will do. Come on. But anyway, it’s he said. Success in a lower taxes reduces GDP adjusted being, etc.. Another thing said more by the fathers who are standing there is there need to be now we’re doing again automatically IP and data. And when you dive in the means, they’re saying the configuration and apply them to now every social system interface question model.

So, DCP is enable on board three and all three. I have one and cloud definitely after a while and I’d be here automatically from one one full range. And my guess one on one four in your case is can be different to assign IP 190 to 160 and one one formed out to do to copy this IP and now go to Amy or your sister. Brother. Okay, and drive this IP, so let me drive this IP into. Okay, we GraphicLy open the firewall Dedman and Password is one, two, three, so now we are in the firewall. Oh, during the name, they will ask me again and again to give them an okay.

So, I’m if I change the name, okay? First thing for first to reach, we know first always we will start from interfaces to configure the interfaces, go to interfaces. I have three interfaces click on plus, we know this structure now we are disgusted by Stiehm each and everything, so please don’t ask you how to be sure on this old one is not our management minister do exist. No. You know what is administered do exist klinkenborg one either Double-Click either click on and it is up to you and give them the Nambu in so that it will be easy. You want you can give them the URL as well and it’s asking the whole bandwidth to give them any bandwidth. How much bandwidth will go on this one, because it’s not easy being the main ones and whatever you decide to do. One hundred and forty one.

So, I signed that IP one nine to one sixty eight to nine hundred and twenty four done before I did a three down to five four. I don’t need it. Should be no new taxes new. This should be just being because this is not a management interface. And okay, that’s it.

So, Mirin interface is ready, I give them the name and remove the minister is now going to do so in our technology for two years, our main interface.

So, just give them a name, Lane, even if you want to live within the. And it should be. One hundred. This one. One hundred, okay, and just being on this one so that we can test them in okay. Okay, so my learning defense is that any way an injury, okay, but I had third in defense so that at least we know just changed the name. And here I am, GMT. Roll on need and give the real CPR. No need to make them static and yell out everything if you want. This is also an okay. It’s okay, give me an answer to. You are already logged in with that one, so land management and. Okay.

Sorry, let me show you by roll so that we can see it so Alvin and the other one is management coming out of this one anyway, they would like this.

So, land management and went to interfaces is being done. Okay, what? So, next thing, we need to configure a business, but in this case, we don’t need DNS because we are not going outside and we know for which thing we require DNS. Now coming to the third quarter under water, there is a statistic about. Nothing is going to be good here, but before going to figure anything, do you think this is reasonable to this one? Let’s see if from this one. Either piece you do, if I tried to reach to it, do you think it will be reachable? Not a. It’s not reasonable, definitely you will think there is no policy in this country, that a policy is really here is a policy, an object which we discussed would like be for policy by default. Everything is denied and we will see this in detail.

So, don’t worry about this one. And clearly, because there is an implicit denial clear to rule. And give them any name, so who’s willing to give them this name incoming interfaces? And that’s why we give them the name. It’s easy to understand. And going to one source can be anyone and anything destination it can go to anywhere in the world all the time. And it shouldn’t be any services and they should be exempt. And we’ll forget about this natural be an able and organization so that we can see their traffic and okay.

So, now the policy is also the. Okay, not perfect is if I send their traffic again, problems so still eminently achievable and maybe we will see the traffic there as well, which will help the first one. But still, I am not reachable.

So, it’s not about the policy. Okay, policy is still there, but I am not reaching out to do the other side because we don’t have any adult, so hold on network. And here is a student wrote. When I constantly grow, there is a clear plan to create a role, if you have one. You can do them with this pencil icon. You can clone like a copy and paste. You can delete if you configure anything. You can search if you have so many road, okay? And there is a small button to enable more things like if you need a distance. We just discussed distance and priority. We also discussed Florida and applied. Now we will show distance in Florida is when you can feel it out of this one, which I discuss in other thing as well. It’s the same approach you can filter by destination, by Gateway IP interface. What is the destination, the destination network going to be next to IP interface? The exit interface status, it is activated inactive. That means if you put any distance, we just discuss 025 any or maybe 10, maybe whatever in priority. And if you want to search now, let’s create a road link and create new now and say new strategic group dynamic. What is Dynamic Gateway? It will pick up automatically if you want to address changing, either you want it, do it automatically.

So, you can enable Dynamic Garthwaite, but in our case, we want to strategically. Then there is a destination, destination means where you want to go to the destination Del. But the distinction is to submit Internet services some good, which on so if I want to know where I want to reach it, which I’m not reachable from inside look at, I’m not reachable twice in my destination is aimed at zero three eight zero zero zero twenty four seven eight. This is nature of what I want to reach their destination with this on this subject. Keep in mind, you can do single IP as well. Then you have to enter it with energy, too. It’s also possible this is also something new. But this is a single IP, but in our case, it can be zero zero zero and the two incidents will be eight.

So, this is my summer where I want to reach, but it’s asking me to get an address from which here. Do you to go to the. Okay, within the next hope, so Ed is here as well in here anyway, and this time I will choose suppose one nine two two one six two two one two zero one nine two two one sixty eight to one. This is the next door leader and this means the next 12 to look. And the interface is being automatically chose this one for one, because this road is here. Otherwise, you can choose.

So, when bought one. Raging to do that one next to you, so distance, you know, where you want to reach gate, which. What is the next top interface means from each end of the traffic will go out. And when it starts to distance, we know we just discussed by antifa because it’s a system defined outstripping road.

So, administrative distance is done, but you can change them. Come in, I will say. Want to. Wall to wall. Ed, anything I suppose this is a comment, if you want to comment. And all these things are available in there as well. And that means I want to enable this crowd if you want to give them dissembles or it will be inactive, which I will show you later, if I remember it is an advance option priority, which we discussed. If this one is today, you can put a priority yourself to give them priority to someone else.

So, that’s why his name is a priority. But anyhow, right now, I don’t want to keep it. And I guess my oldest stated crowd has been confused with this system and there is no priority. Stewardesses enable this. My comments, all the things that interfaces when and mixed tribes to Darwan. And this is a situation where I want to reach. But when I click, there was another thing. Because of Internet services, this is a free define. Okay, again, is a free line like Amazon, Facebook, Google, so many database already created, I suppose if you want somebody, reach out to Facebook. But Facebook is a huge database.

So, because Facebook is better to Google, because there’s so many sort of who will go in bogyman and gateway address and grotesquerie, it will reach from major interface, which it all.

So, it’s already being defined for you if you want to use, but not even everything, but most of the near future. There are so much huge data. One three, six to one, and instead, which is, as we define the famous one, like a Facebook, Amazon and Day, and so many of these are pretty different for you.

So, you can use the word one when you. This is not our topic anyway. Our one is the subject which we created and it’s there now. When you click, you can log on and create a new one. And you can add it to it will come, and if you want to change something, either you can make them changes as well, and when you click, you can delete them as well. And if you really reached, you get lonely and change the IP to swim because reaching the end of and it is up to is really this one.

So, what not to do, sorry to not to you and I in the faces the same again, but the administrative assistant.

So, let me do it. Okay, so now I have to deal with the same distance, same world and same destination. Now let’s seek an IUD. Now everything is set and now look at our and reach to it. Before it was not too easy for you pretty well.

So, the issue was not with the policy. The issue was related to the road. There was no doubt how I know that this road is being used to monitor and there is a routing monitor. And he insisted there is to study not only this one. It said it is to stand your ground confidently stated in static. With the girlfriend next door obvious to an intruder, one board who told with this one and an administrative assistant again here you can use refresh. I wish to connect you. I told you, we’re going to continue on because these are my connected interfaces. Connected, sturdy, never reach the destination network. Giedre next door interfaces namal the interfaces where the traffic will go out and distance. You can filter them by here if you want to filter something. Again, the same approach. And there is a small gate icon to enable a matrix of. You want to see the metric as well. It will show, because at least you do so no matter what is there. You can see those animala. If you don’t need the matrix, just disembowelling apply.

So, this here again, if you choose, you can edit them from here. It will include the suppose. If I want to do this one, it will take me out from here. From routine monitors to the as well and another roadblock up, I will show you a little differently, huge you and you want to set some specific. This we will discuss this, an endless list and search, if you want to set something, you know, it’s showing me standing and dynamic here in this Daniel Indrawati monitor where a bit later we will do policyholder’s. Well, so far as you click on policy, nothing is going to fit that here. Right now we are on the team configured only steady and dynamic. And be sure here. We will see this on a bit later.

So, this is not outing and you can refresh it as well, and the same thing can be really fired from command as well.

So, the command can be sure from here, which we know CLIA and you can type here. Director. Throw it out and there is in for, I believe. Let me clear. Get in info and then the routing table and let me choose this one so we can figure this one is very far on there to the management. One element of this one, this one little filius one, and there are two roud configure. It is the administrative distance. And either we can copy this command. Okay, I get it. Good to hear, because it will so better to do it here in a minute, I’m going with the sausage one, two, three, and get out and four. The loading dock here, you can see the aircraft, so it means dirty air did this mission and therefore it is the subnet mask then is the administrative distance. Zero means the metric because static and defined how no matter how many students are, so there is zero and it will walk through this way to that one and two are to be old one and port one both. Now the question is which part is being used because in routing table, showing the ball and what is there to be in this same.

So, now let’s go to our one, which is the destination and it is the enable the ICMP and then the same thing in order to as well. Let’s see if we will hear it. We’ll try to do everything a similar. Wichai to India, so the thing which try to do later on is come on before it’s okay because this next story is less will be chosen. You administrative distance is okay. Same priority is similar to the last thing which will be decide the next IAP, which is the last one sort of two. That one is the last one then there to two.

So, the traffic will go to on one to let’s see how we know so generated from R to being added and we’ll do our one.

So, it is being held here. By the age 17, you’re entitled to be. Load balancing into large work as a load balance in community Wherify. Okay, it’s going to boil, it’s doing more balancing, but by the way, the last resort thing is they will decide the next IAP. But in this case, for some reason, it’s coming, both interfaces faces formidable. I think we will do something that was not rooted in so many methods they can use and you can use. But anyway, right now, both are here.

So, big to the annual address from the CNN and the OF is going to have to answer to some based and our aid. This is showing both to it’s me to do, but if I do again, it will show me to.

So, doing a load balancing by the way.

So, it may do again is going to to door to. Okay, and let me do it again. Your daughter is basically taking to talk to you, which is wrong, by the way, anyway, for some reason she is showing me that I’m okay. And the last thing which I just recall you was asking about the. What his name, he said he stayed full instead, at least for a while now, that thing will be here. I just remember. Right.

So, let me show him as well. George will be clear to you. Then we will go to the road with me. Because for the Great Firewall is also a next generation firewall one, and it’s a beautiful flower, while it’s keeping the state’s. Now, from ABC to I can bring back Wanya.

So, if I can bring peace to two to one, so definitely, ah, one has to bring peace to as well, because if we’re from this attempt being so definitely little, it’s coming to me. Look at it from when I see it being. I think that that I will do so, it will be more clear to you to what I can do that one. This one to one, I think. Let me bring it again from back to two and one in reply with the equal reply. Two to two, it’s okay to play to do that anyway, to reply to the gateway.

So. My traveling from this site is going, I think, and he put it like came to me and that’s why he is showing me that it’s reasonable looking to see if I get far listing from the are from R1 to this IP. Do you think it will work? No. Let me bring oppositely. Being 190 to 160 to one or two is not being. Is in a strange way, and from whom I go out to the shop by the mail and again big for me to come back. But when somebody came directly from their shop and coming to inside the house for one block them, you said, no, you are not allowed, you just came out from outside.

So, this is what we call them, Usted full FireWire, because. When you’re going outside, so there will be. Connection created in this person is going out to win a return to the game for all with the existing connection there to speak to already create a connection with this one, this outsider. And the return will be in our. You got my one. I don’t either, if I remember, because there is a connection created a. But I don’t want to go into detail, there are people objecting to the connection there, it’s already there, so the traffic is coming.

So, in this site, it’s not reachable, even though I can read from one way, how is it possible due to net generation for one in connection and stateful a established one? okay, let’s go to our main topic now.

So, this is the way to configure security crawl. Now let me go back to Stand Your Ground and let me do this one. And let me edit this one and how we can configure Diffa, just bomb them zero zero and Mangus also zero. It will it will give everything to this IP. And if we blow out from within and within the minister to understand this one, okay. It is certain everything will be going to ah to this. I can still bring it if I train, I can bring it. By the way, control shift, I just need to bring order to as well. This one. Let me check is there on our show, the interfaith brief, okay? It is not there. I forgot to configure it and it was the issue. That’s why it was not taking.

So, I don’t know how I forgot to put IP here. IP address and eight. Two five five zero zero zero. Okay, and now let’s try again and will work now. Do you configure correctly? In order to show a B and to face brief, so too there two is the B and the phrase is up and show a protest is due to ground zero to one hundred, if anything to two hundred is correct. And let bring get one nine to do one sixty or two hundred. Yes, I’m reachable. And he is also via.

So, let’s try again. For some reason it’s giving me an issue on two to two. It’s trying to do is the correct one. And let me. Gateway, so my gateway is correct here. Okay, and let me see, did I do something wrong to try to correct, if anything, to do that do okay? And with priority, this one to do is cutting, by the way.

So, let me change to one. You can put anything to them or anything to any.

So, for some reason, it’s not doing my role to the other one in order to grab that piece to be see to it. No, I think so. Already established connection is there.

So, that can be the issue after a while was disconnected. Let me see. Clears throat So, yeah, it’s true. He’s not going to be one, so. Let me. Stole this one. inStar. And let me stop this one and start. Okay, let me go from here and try again from here. Let me go to the terminal and thing and there are eight. And let me try it, because you can of that Web browser, really.

So, for some reason. Okay, let me start sort of this one that I have basic connectivity issue. And by the way, let me bring in. Let me bring my dear, bring 190 to 160. One hundred, I can reach my gateway.

So, the issue is in the firewall.

So, let’s go back to the firewall. Okay, and here I need to check the policy as well. The policy is in order to go outside.

So, Landgren is okay, which I you no inspiration for anything it has to go to. It’s not related to that one.

So, the issue is in the routing table.

So, let’s go to Strategic Road and by the way, monitor routing. Okay, yeah. Yeah, you got him. The point. The issue is we could be him management as well.

So, if we want the management interface so it will fix the issue, it’s okay. I got that one. That’s why it’s going.

So, let me change my management interface because it will you automatically get out here. The management interface, this one, it will be funded out automatically.

So, this one is powerful, it will take this one.

So, let me make them strategically say, okay, rather than to use dynamic, because dynamically hitting the road and my traffic will not reach the the one which I want, it will do this one.

So, now if I try, by the way, and it’s come up okay, and if I go to the terminal and I bring a doctor to it’s working now. Okay, and now this one is also come up.

So, element and one, two, three. But I’m going to add one now. You need to stop this one. You can start this one. And the last issue, which I was talking about was also related to this one issue this way that the issue was because I’m using DCB to get the management IP.

So, they took their Diffa round up management one.

So, normally the management interface in traffic will come for a different road. It will take this.

So, I was forwarding here and the traffic was coming here.

So, it is not here.

So, that’s why I was not reachable here.

So, that’s why I made this from the DCP to step one to step one and remove the road it created automatically here. By the way, we show you it will be not here anymore. But anyway, let me show you before here, another different note was here and showing management interface now is only Sunnis are connected. But before it was showing is there to defined road.

So, that was the you know, and the other one.

So, that’s why I did issue. Anyway, let’s go now, if you’ll work to what whatever what I need to show you social network and I’m going to stand your ground.

So, now this deferral, whatever it will do, the two, that one. Okay, so from here, if I initiate any traffic. Okay. Okay, and if I say clears throat and so it will go to the one hundred and then to that one, everything is going to do that one. This one, okay. And if I think if you want to see.

So, let me go to console.

So, you will see their trophy reply from this one, this one. Okay, and let’s go back to do it again. Let me clone on it. But this time, let me to go to as well for the same purpose.

So, to define role, Sam, now what political distance? The same priority is similar, which I was to show you last time, but unfortunately due to their tissue.

So, let me enable to as well, okay, I feel sympathy and now let’s see which way the traffic will go. To the two. Okay, it’s going to be again, so it’s doing a load balancing its okay now what I want to do, if I want to play for anything I have to option, Jane, is to do list is either priority to let’s do first administrative business. I made it. Now, which one will be preferred to that one, because it will check the distribution is similar. It will check the minister do list as defense minister, interior minister to distance the lowest one will be provided. Now, every vote will go to that one. How will we know? So, let’s really fight this on one year or two. Okay, and let’s generator traffic from here. Is going to that one, and if you what I mean again to that one, and if you bring it out, there ain’t no one is cheating. There is no traffic coming in to. Why, due to a to distance, even though both held the same destination. But they’re minister to do this, this is this one, so I prefer this one, so it’s clear to you. Now, let’s do another thing. Let me make this one also eight. Now, the question is both are similar, what I need to do, click on the first one and we’ll do it once and put the priority in.

So, to that, when I give them my highest priority and. To the to give them less priority five, keep in mind what I did this time and Minister do the same, but priority this one is and this one is why we will be waiting for this one. Lowest priority will be for.

So, flustered, which in the end, they will say this is a tie, but the tiebreaker is this one, it will say the lowest one.

So, now the trophy will hold to that two. Let’s try it to rule and make clear to that and let me clear the other two door to a third one and let’s generate traffic. It has to do. Each one to to. Let me put this one here, two men in one window, so it’s going to 2.0, let’s think it will be clear to it. Why, because he’s keeping the record this way, after a while, it will hold dear to don’t worry and we’ll go to this one. Okay, and there is nothing here. Why is going to do that to do due to this priority less priority is so administrative distance is staying. No, it will take a decision based on priority.

So, this whole thing is clear to we. And also the far road and starting road is clear to you. What else I need to show you here, and okay, one thing more we will be doing, David Letterman will do for one. This is the question, is that the last thing I need to show you so far, while eight men and one, two, three is because it’s a train, you get routing and a routing table static both out of the air and said there is a different road started means is a different administrative someone in Moscow, zero eight is the administrative distance. There is no matter what you are for one. But something is written here. Extra five means the priority and then is priority to in routing table. Both will be present. Keep in mind, let me go from one internal routing board will be there. Look at.

So, base UNadministered to distance both Roten will be present in routing table. We will take a decision based on priority, but if I change the minister, this just one will be disappear. This is what I need to hear. The last thing to a new topic.

So, let me change suppose to that to administer to distance to 18. Here I configure both a certain distance and energy, the board will be present and rolled into one. Not only this one. Let’s go to Jacob. Routing table. Okay, look at only one is available. These are my connected state because only one and before the clustering Vauthier let’s see only one is clear.

So, one win both at the same time and a certain distance. Both will be available in the routing table, but the decision will be taken based on priority. The less priority will be for the traffic will go there, but both will be available in table. That’s it. Which I want to show you now. You know all this stuff, so.