• Certification: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty
  • Certification Provider: Amazon

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Amazon AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Certification Practice Test Questions, Amazon AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty Certification Exam Dumps

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Earning the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty certification is an ideal way to make big in the world of networking by acquiring best-of-breed technologies. Conducted and managed by Amazon, it prepares one for future networking issues and intends to provide the key skills related to designing, developing, and deploying cloud-based solutions using AWS. Professionals aiming to become AWS experts can also obtain this certificate to gain the deepest understanding of AWS core services and related best practices.

Targeted Audience Profile

This accreditation mostly targets networking professionals who want to grab advanced AWS-related skills and aims to know what it takes to do the effective implementation of AWS and hybrid IT network architectures. Also, it is a good option for those having the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, AWS Certified Developer – Associate, or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certificates.

Minimum Pre-requisite for the Certification

Apart from possessing the above-mentioned certifications, it’s recommended for candidates to have advanced understanding of AWS networking concepts and technologies, five-years of hands-on experience, a basic understanding of CIDR and sub-netting, IPv6 transition challenges, and automation scripts and tools. In addition, knowledge of interconnectivity options, OSI model, and DdoS protection along with WAF, IPS, and IDS is required.

As far as AWS networking experience is concerned, an applicant should know the best AWS security practices, AWS storage options, AWS networking nuances, and AWS integration principles.

Exam Format Details

To earn the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty certificate, a candidate has to pass ANS-C00 exam. This test is 170 minutes long and contains multiple-choice and multiple-answer question types. The exact number of tasks is not revealed by the vendor. The result of the exam is valid for three years and should be renewed further to maintain certification relevancy.

This test is available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese language and its cost are $300. The exam is available at testing centers or in an online proctored environment.

Exam Content Information

The exam is based on six domains. Each of them is extensive and pays attention to some of the most advanced cloud computing knowledge.

Design and Implement Hybrid IT Network Architectures at Scale is the first exam section and it talks about tools required for hybrid IT connectivity implementation, fabricating hybrid IT architecture connectivity solutions, the use of AWS Direct Connect for extend connectivity, and evaluating the design alternatives required for AWS Direct Connect leveraging. Tools like VPC Subnets, VPC Routing, VPC Peering: Subnet Considerations, VPC Subnets, Flow Logs: VPC Subnets & VPC CIDR Blocks and their roles are well explained in this domain in a very impressive manner. VPC endpoints configuration and implementation along with VPC IPsec VPNs have given much-needed significance in this domain.

The second domain is all about designing and implementing AWS Networks. Skills such as defining network architecture on AWS, design optimization, appropriate architecture derivation based on customer and application requirements, and evaluating and optimizing costs related to network design and application are well covered in this section.

This domain also through enough light on TCP/IP networking models and ensures that the candidate knows the key skills related to the implementation, architecting, and/or operating these two models at large scale networks. There is a detailed Open System Interconnection model as well.

Candidates will gain an advanced understanding of AWS task automation in the third exam domain that checks one’s ability to Automate AWS Tasks. It gives much importance to automation alternatives evaluation for network deployments and it talks about ways to do effective network management. As this section only covers 8% of the exam, it is not very extensive yet crisp enough to make you an AWS automation professional.

Configuring Network Integration with Application Services is the fourth domain covered in the test. Skills related to leveraging the Route 53 capabilities, DNS solution evaluation, the configuration of DHCP within AWS, and balancing the AWS ecosystem are associated with this domain. Reconciling network requirements with AWS service requirements have given much importance as well.

The fifth exam domain is names Design and Implement for Security and Compliance and imparts the best of breed knowledge related to design requirement evaluating, AWS security features, the use of encryption technologies, and network communication tools. Also, the management of network traffic along with strategies for monitoring are covered.

In the questions related to the last exam domain called Manage, Optimize, and Troubleshoot the Network, the candidate will learn about the ways to solve network-related issues. The 13% of exam content is focused on this topic.

The Job Market of AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Certification

Once a candidate passes the exam successfully and acquires the associated certification, there won’t be any dearth of career opportunities as the job market for holders of this certificate is wide and diverse. Promising career growth, multiple job roles, and potential compensation are some of your take-away from this accreditation.

As almost every other organization, one can apply for job roles like Network Engineer, Security Specialist, and Cloud Security Specialist easily, to name a few. The average annual salary of such employees is from $75k to $96k on average, according to surveys conducted by PayScale and ZipRecruiter. Moreover, these figures will increase with an increase in experience.

Generally, AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty paves the path for career advancement and upliftment of a cloud practitioner by all means. The key skills learned and verified in this exam make one a real-world problem solver.

The Career Path beyond ANS-C00 Exam

Since AWS Specialty certifications don’t have higher-level options, professionals can gain further expertise in cloud computing and networking with standard associate or professional accreditations. Still, one can also apply for other Specialty certificates such as AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty, Security – Specialty, Data Analytics – Specialty, and other options offered by the vendor.

With the right certification, a candidate can touch the success sky easily and effortlessly.

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