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  • Salesforce Certification Practice Test Questions, Salesforce Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real Salesforce Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. Salesforce Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with Salesforce Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's Salesforce Certification Practice Test Questions & Salesforce Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Salesforce is an American organization that provides enterprise-level software to customers. They also issue valuable IT certifications, which you can get according to the skills you possess and the career path you’ll choose. Thus, the certifications they offer range from Salesforce Administrator, Architect, Developer to Marketer and Consultant.

    Some of the most demanded certifications are the Salesforce Certified Administrator, Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1.

    Who Is Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification Targeted at?

    This certification is designed for those candidates who are accustomed to working with Salesforce and are always trying to help their organization adopt new technologies in order to reap more benefits, those who have an understanding of the features available to end-users and the setting adjustment decisions open to Salesforce Admins, and those who are able to manage a Salesforce organization and fulfill typical business needs. In addition, the Salesforce Certified Administrator targets applicants who can carry out administrative tasks using Salesforce features, and finally, those entrants who have at least 6 months of expertise working as a Salesforce Administrator out in the real world.

    What Is Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam?

    To earn this certificate, aspiring candidates must pass one exam coded ADM-201. This test encompasses all the various software, facilities, and functions provided to end-users, and all the settings and maintenance choices that Salesforce Admins are able to make on platforms such as Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds. This exam will cost you $200 and needs no prerequisites but it is highly recommended to take all the official courses before attempting the official test. To pass it, a candidate must score at least 65% by solving 60 tasks in 105 minutes. Upon the successful completion of ADM-201 the student will be awarded the Salesforce Administrator certification. Attaining this certificate means that the candidate will be able to pursue the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator in the future.

    What Topics Are Tested in ADM-201?

    The domains tested in this exam are rather extensive and some of the most weighty ones include Marketing & Sales Apps, Common as well as Custom Objects, Access with Security, and Support & Service Apps. When it comes to the first area, it tests your skills in getting to know the capabilities that a sales process has. Also, you will learn how to use Price Books, automation tools, and the Content of Salesforce. Within the second domain, candidates will get equipped with the knowledge of the infrastructure and relationship model, the layout of pages, and record types. The third highlighted topic will cover security features, templates, and dashboards while the fourth one will explain the peculiarities of the case management, the Knowledge & Communities of Salesforce.

    Who Is Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification Aimed at?

    This next certification is built for highly experienced Salesforce Administrators who are accustomed to applying the relevant theoretical concepts out in the real world, certified Salesforce Admins who have completed the Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins course or have equivalent expertise, and students who have finished studying the official Salesforce materials. What is more, this certificate also targets employees who are always looking for new technologies so their organization can reap the benefits of new features, individuals who can carry out admin functions at an advanced level using Salesforce, and people who are able to resolve business problems and automate complex business functions by deploying the advanced capabilities of Salesforce. Lastly, those individuals who can enhance configurations to make an organization’s use of Salesforce more efficient and productive can as well opt for this certification.

    What Is Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam?

    The qualifying test for this certificate is ADM-211. This exam covers all the various software, features, and functions made available to end-users. It also addresses the setting, maintenance, and extension options open to Admins when they work with the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Chatter applications. This test will have 60 MCQs and 5 non-scored questions that will have to be answered within 105 minutes. Examinees must score at least 65% to pass ADM-211. The registration fee for this exam is USD 200 while the retake charge is USD 100. This test can be taken onsite at a local testing center or online under proctored conditions. A necessary prerequisite for this test is that candidates must already hold the Salesforce Certified Administrator certificate. Once the student aces this exam, s/he will be awarded the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certificate.

    What Topics Are Covered in ADM-211?

    The objectives for this test address technical knowledge and skills that successful candidates will need to have when working in the field. The categories are:

    • Security and Access — This domain requires students to explain the depths of the Enterprise Territory Management.
    • Extending Custom Objects & Applications — It assesses whether students can create custom objects with the correct relationship types.
    • Auditing and Monitoring — For this area, candidates will be given different scenarios and they will have to decide on the correct tools needed to check and troubleshoot system activities.
    • Sales Cloud Applications — This topic will evaluate whether students can tweak and manage products, price books, schedules, and quotes.
    • Service Cloud Applications — For this exam portion, candidates must demonstrate they understand how to produce and manage the Salesforce Knowledge and explain the aspects of Salesforce that facilitate contact between support agents and clients.
    • Data Management — This category requires entrants to explain the tools and standard practices one could adopt in order to improve and enrich the quality of data.
    • Content Management — Here, students have to describe how the Salesforce Content is configured and managed.
    • Change Management — To complete this exam topic, candidates must be competent when using tools such as change sets or Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code to shift metadata across different environments.
    • Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards — For this exam objective, candidates must familiarize themselves with countless analytical tools such as custom report types, reporting snapshots, and complex charting.
    • Process Automation — This last domain evaluates whether students are ready to troubleshoot approval processes and whether or not they have the aptitude to combine various automation tools to come up with solutions to business problems.

    Who Is Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Certificate Intended for?

    This last certification is designed for those examinees who have expertise building their own applications using the Lightning Platform, developers with 1-2 years of experience and 6 months of familiarity with the Lightning platform, individuals who can use object-oriented languages like Java & Ruby, and people who are familiar with relational databases. Furthermore, individuals who know Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, candidates who are capable of using features of the Lightning Platform to create unique interfaces and develop custom business logic are also eligible for this certificate. Finally, this certification also aims at those specialists who can broaden the Lightning Platform with the help of Visualforce, individuals who have an understanding of the development lifecycle, students who know what can be done with the core objects in the Salesforce schema, and people who know when to opt for declarative vs. programmatic methods.

    What Is Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Exam?

    The Salesforce Platform Developer I certificate can be achieved by passing one test coded CRT-450. This exam addresses all the programmatic functions of the Lighting Platform that students need to know in order to make unique business logic and interfaces. Students will also learn how to make use of Apex, Visualforce, and basic Lightning components to broaden the Salesforce software. Students must score 65% in the official test to pass. Also, this exam has no mandatory prerequisites but it is advised that candidates complete all the official courses available before sitting for CRT-450. Once the candidate successfully gets through this exam by dealing with 60 items in 105 minutes, they will receive the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I certificate which will act as a prerequisite to higher-level certifications like the Salesforce Platform Developer II.

    What Are Exam Objectives for CRT-450?

    The five domains that candidates will have to study for this test are as follows:

    • Salesforce Fundamentals - Here, the applicants will get to know to create a multi-tenant environment and understand design frameworks in addition to MVC architecture. At last, you will learn how to take advantage of cases utilized for declarative vs. programmatic customizations.
    • Data Modeling and Management - Within this tested area, candidates will be highlighted on the importance of data modeling like fields & objects. Also, there will be a coverage of various relationships and IDs of customers, of exported data, and cases for formula fields.
    • Process Automation and Logic - In this part, you will know more about Apex features, SOSL & DML statements, and subscribe logic.
    • User Interface - Here, you will grasp how to utilize a Visualforce page and how to incorporate it into the Lightning Platform. Besides, Lightning Components, Visual Flow, and Visualforce will as well be covered by CRT-450.
    • Testing, Debugging, and Deployment - In the final domain, applicants will be exposed to triggers, classes, and flows, and will define such tools as Salesforce DX, CLI, and Developer Console.

    What Jobs & Salaries Can Certified Individuals Get?

    When it comes to the job opportunities and salaries, the Salesforce Certified Administrator can qualify you for the position of a Salesforce Admin with an average annual income of $68,033 according to A Salesforce Advanced Admin, on the other hand, is entitled to the yearly pay of $85,828 while a Salesforce Developer will enjoy a salary of $83,976 as stated by

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