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  • Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Practice Test Questions, Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Salesforce Salesforce Developer Exam Dumps & Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Practice Test Questions.

    If you want to start a career as a Salesforce Developer and learn how to develop different applications on the Salesforce Platform, then you can opt for the Developer certifications that this vendor offers.

    About Salesforce Developer Certification Category

    The Salesforce Developer certification category is meant for Salesforce developers, being part of the professional Salesforce career path. Under the Developer certification path, the Platform Developer I is the most basic certificate, then the Platform Developer II follows. Also, within this program, you will find the JavaScript Developer I certificate that tests for JavaScript skills for a developer, stepping out of the Salesforce platform.

    Details for Certification Tests

    To start off your career in the Developer track, you can enroll for the Platform Developer I certificate being the prerequisite for the Platform Developer II qualification. The JavaScript Developer I certification, on the other hand, has no prerequisites. Thus, the Platform Developer I and the JavaScript Developer I are entry-level options while the Platform Developer II is a mid-level certificate. To know more, Salesforce recommends 3-6 months of experience before taking the Platform Developer I exam coded CRT-450, 2-4 years for the Platform Developer II, and 1-2 years for the JavaScript Developer I validation. Registering for every exam will cost you at least $200 with the taxes or other extra charges applicable. What's more, the tests can be scheduled at elected testing centers, thanks to the Salesforce partnership with Kryterion, which has its testing centers distributed across the globe. There is also the option of taking the exams via the online proctored mode, at your convenience, even in the comfort of your home. The tests are currently available in English, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish. The Platform Developer I exam or CRT-450, in particular, consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, with candidates given 105 minutes to complete it. The passing score for CRT-450 is 65%. The Platform Developer II test also has 60 multiple-choice questions, 120 minutes to complete it, and a passing score of 70%. Lastly, the JavaScript Developer I exam contains 60 questions with a 65% passing score and 105 minutes allotted to finalize the test. Should a candidate fail to achieve the passing mark, retakes are allowed, and they will be required to submit a registration retake fee of $100 plus taxes and registration details. For your information, certification maintenance protocols dictate that students must complete the Trailhead maintenance modules every year. Failure to maintain the certificates by the required dates means that they expire.

    Topics for Those Tests

    The exam topics for each of the aforementioned Salesforce Developer exams are tailored towards its specialty and are constantly updated to take into account trends and developments in the platform. The current list of the tested exam domains are as follows:

    Platform Developer I

    This training covers the skills listed below:

    • Salesforce Fundamentals (7%) - deals with MVC architecture as well as Aura Framework, and describes the multi-tenant environment.
    • Data Modelling and Management (13%) - this tested area covers object schema and data relationships, custom IDs, and formula fields.
    • Process Automation and Logic (38%) - this section highlights apex classes and triggers, SOSL, SOQL, and DML statements in Apex and platform events.
    • User Interface (25%) - it extends to visualforce pages, controllers/extensions, and Lightning Components.
    • Testing, Debugging, and Deployment (17% ) - this topic sheds light on Salesforce DX, Salesforce CLI, and Developer Console.

    About Platform Developer II

    The Platform Developer II qualification, on the other hand, will address these concepts:

    • Salesforce Fundamentals (8%) - it deals with the effects of using base-system objects, localization features, and capabilities.
    • Data Modelling and Management (5%) - this covers apex managed sharing, types of custom metadata, and custom settings.
    • Logic and Process Automation (20%) - this segment describes apex triggers best web practices, Apex asynchronous coding, and interactions between declarative & programmatic processes.
    • User Interface (20%) - in this domain, you will get the gist of visualforce controllers, and Lightning vs Visualforce.
    • Performance (15%) - this part defines common performance issues, asynchronous callouts, maximizing application performance, and code reuse scenarios.
    • Integration (14%) - here, candidates will be exposed to such notions as inbound & outbound types of communication, and External IDs for integrating data.
    • Testing (13%) - within this area, you will be taught to assess Apex triggers and identify the issues occurring.
    • Debug and deployment tools (5%) - this topic will concern deployment processes, JavaScript code, and best practices for handling errors.

    Main Details of JavaScript Developer I

    Lastly, JavaScript Developer I is built around the following technical concepts;

    • Variables, types, and collections (23%) - here, you will mainly deal with JSON objects and responses.
    • Browser and Events (17%) - this domain will concern such concepts as Events and event handlers & propagation, DOM, and Browser Dev Tools.
    • Debugging and Error Handling (7%) - within this area, you will learn how to correct errors and utilize the console for breakpoints.
    • Server Side JavaScript (8%) - it will scrutinize the Node.js implementation, the Node.js CLI command, and the Node.Js Package Management.
    • Asynchronous Programming (13%) - this explains event loops, the event monitor, and loop results.
    • Testing (7%) - this objective exposes a block code and the Unit Test features.
    • Objects, Functions, and Classes (25%) - this portion focuses on the function implementation practices, a JavaScript module, and a JavaScript decorator.

    Career Opportunities and Pay

    Salesforce is a current market leader in cloud-based customer relationship management, and its popularity is steadily on the rise. With the ever-increasing job market, Salesforce developers are well-placed to benefit greatly from these opportunities. It is estimated that over 150,000 companies use Salesforce as their customer relations management (CRM) platform. According to Forbes, Salesforce had a 19.5% market share of the CRM market, more than double that of its closest rival. The CRM field itself is the fastest-growing enterprise software category. Interestingly enough, by 2022, Salesforce predicts the creation of about 3.3 million job opportunities. Overall, the Salesforce Developer certification holders are tasked with customizing programs for clients, as well as testing and implementing the same. Other roles that you may perform include the following:

    • Developing CRM workflows;
    • Maintaining user roles and security;
    • Formulating designs & plans;

    Considering the market demand for Salesforce development skills, the wages that come with the certificate are bound to be higher. Currently, Salesforce developers earn up to $84,562 annually as Payscale reveals.

    Following Your Career Path

    With growing experience from mid-level to senior-level roles, the benefits of attaining the Salesforce Developer certificates can only get better. The path to reaching the pinnacle of your career involves the following stages:

    • Junior Developer;
    • Mid-Level Developer;
    • Senior Developer/Technical Director;
    • Technical Architect;
    • Chief Technology Officer.

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  • Salesforce Salesforce Developer Certification Exam Dumps, Salesforce Salesforce Developer Practice Test Questions and Answers

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