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    • ADM-201 Exam Questions

      Salesforce ADM-201 Practice Exam

      Administration Essentials for New Admins

      This ADM-201 exam bundle includes 3 products: 201 Questions & Answers, 86 Video Lectures, 591 Study Guide PDF Pages.

    • ADM-211 Exam Questions

      Salesforce ADM-211 Practice Exam

      Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin

      This ADM-211 exam bundle includes 2 products: 379 Questions & Answers, 222 Video Lectures.

  • Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Test Questions, Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Dumps

    Real Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Test Questions & Exam Dumps for Studying. Cram Your Way to Pass with 100% Real & Accurate Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Dumps Questions & Answers. Verified By IT Experts for Providing the 100% Accurate Salesforce Salesforce Admin Exam Dumps & Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Practice Test Questions.

    Have you ever wanted to become part of the highly productive Salesforce Administration team? If so, here’s what you should know about the Salesforce Administrator certification path.

    What Does Salesforce Administrator Path Entail?

    Well, Salesforce in itself is best defined as a first-class customer relationship management tool that fosters a strong affiliation between companies and their clients. The Salesforce Administrator certification path is meant to validate IT specialists with proven experience in working with Salesforce and constantly looking for new ways to assist their organizations in getting the best out of their services. Thus, the Salesforce Administrator path addresses a breadth of administration certificates describing features and functionalities as well as the configuration and management options for administrators and collaboration clouds. The most popular comprehensive certificates within the Salesforce Administrator certification program including the following:

    • The Salesforce Certified Administrator;
    • The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

    Certification Levels

    The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is an entry-level certificate that helps you showcase your ability to manage the Salesforce best practice configuration and features. When it comes to the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, it is a higher-level certificate that validates candidates’ capacity to complete all the aforementioned tasks at an advanced level.

    Preferred Audience

    These two qualifications are intended to validate Salesforce Administrator candidates who can respond to business needs, maintain a Salesforce organization, and perform other administrative duties. Before registering for the Salesforce Certified Administrator test, it would benefit the trainees if they already have 6 or more months of background experience in an Administrator role that involves completing the key tasks as covered by the exam objectives. Once you’ve obtained this certification, you are free to opt for the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, which will prove your expertise in Salesforce features and Service Cloud apps. Ideally, this certificate is meant for Administrators with some background experience working with Salesforce.

    About Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification

    The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification exam is sometimes denoted as ADM-201 and addresses the features and functionalities that you will need to maintain a Salesforce implementation. This exam features 60 questions which can be in multiple-choice and multiple-select formats. There are additional 5 unscored questions that are used to evaluate possible improvements for future exams. A total of 105 minutes are allotted to this test and learners are expected to pay the full registration fee that equals $200 before they schedule their tests. With the passing score set at 65%, it helps to exhaust all your training options before you register for the exam to avoid the ever-annoying challenges of exam retakes. Also, you can take your exam from designated testing centers or through the online proctored mode. Currently, there are no requisites for taking ADM-201 even though Salesforce recommends the knowledge of the basic exam concepts before you enroll for the final test.

    Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Content Outline

    The Salesforce Administrator certification will verify your abilities relating to the following key parameters:

    Organizational Setup (3%)

    Organizational setup is a standalone concept that focuses on the following skills:

    • Describing the information available in the company settings;
    • Distinguishing between various UI features that are managed by an administrator such as search settings, UI settings, and list views.

    User Setup (7%)

    On the other hand, this objective will address the following knowledge areas:

    • Identifying the steps to set up or maintain a user;
    • Understanding the implications of activating and deactivating or freezing a user.

    Security Access (13%)

    Security access will focus on the technical concepts like:

    • Explaining various organization security controls;
    • Applying the right security controls based on the features of the Salesforce sharing model;
    • Determining the most suitable use of a custom profile or permission set using various profile settings and permissions;
    • Describing how folders can be used to organize and secure communication templates, reports, and dashboards.

    Standard and Custom Objects (14%)

    Most of the concepts addressed by standard and custom objects will be built around the following skills:

    • Describing the standard object architecture and relationship model;
    • Explaining how to create, customize, and delete fields & page layouts on custom and standard objects besides understanding the consequences of deleting files;
    • Determining how to create or assign record types, page layouts, and business processes for standard and custom objects.

    Sales and Marketing Applications (14%)

    Sales and marketing applications will emphasize the implications and capabilities of the sales process, identification of suitable productivity features using opportunity tools, the capabilities of campaign management and lead automation tools, and description of the Salesforce content.

    Service and Support Applications (13%)

    The concepts addressed by this topic will confirm if you can perform the following:

    • Describe the capabilities of case management including case comments and settings;
    • Understand how to automate case management;
    • Define the competencies of Salesforce knowledge;
    • Describe the competencies of the Community application.

    Activity Management and Collaboration (3%)

    Here are the two objectives that you should focus on to pass your ADM-201 exam:

    • Describe the competencies of activity management including managing events, tasks, and public calendars;
    • Outline the characteristics of chatter such as security, group, and feed.

    Data Management (10%)

    Data management involves a series of operations commonly associated with data transfer and management. Consequently, this topic will address the following skills:

    • The major considerations when updating, importing, mass deleting, or transferring data;
    • Identification of tools and use of data management cases;
    • Describing the competences and consequences of data validation tools;
    • Covering different data backup strategies including data loader, exports, and data export service.

    Analytics-Reports and Dashboards (10%)

    • Describing the existing options when customizing or creating a report;
    • Defining the effect of the sharing model on reports;
    • Considering the existing options when modifying or creating dashboards;
    • Covering the capabilities of custom report types.

    Workflow/Process Automation (8%)

    Workflow or process automation as its sometimes known will cover the 2 key knowledge areas as listed below:

    • Identifying the right automation solution based on the competences of the workflow process;
    • Describing the competencies and using cases for the process of approval.

    Desktop and Mobile Administration (3%)

    Desktop and mobile administration is one of the shallowest topics that you will meet here and covers these skills:

    • Describing the competences of the Salesforce Mobile App;
    • Covering the synchronization and installation options of Salesforce Lightning for Outlook.

    App Exchange (2%)

    Perhaps, this concept has the least contribution to the actual exam questions, covering only 2% of the total exam weight. But this doesn’t mean that its questions will be fun to take. Here’s a summary of the key knowledge area addressed by this topic:

    • Identifying user cases for AppExchange applications.

    About Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification

    The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certificate, on the other hand, is intended to validate Salesforce Administrators with a strong IT background and advanced technical knowledge of Salesforce applications. This includes having a cutting-edge knowledge of how to leverage features to give optimal productivity. Generally, students looking to pursue the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certificate must first pass the lower-level Administrator certification as the prerequisite training. The only exam that you should pass to gain the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certificate is ADM-211. This exam has a maximum of 60 multiple-select and multiple-choice questions. You can also expect 5 additional questions which are non-scored. The time limit for completing such an exam is 105 minutes and you must score 65% and above to attain the certification. To register, you must pay $200 plus applicable taxes depending on your location. If you fail to pass ADM-211 on the first attempt, you may be forced to repeat it after paying the full retake fee of $100.

    ADM-211 Exam Topics

    This test covers a breadth of Administration topics at a more advanced level including the following:

    • Security and Access (20%) - within this scope, you will learn more about field data access and Enterprise Territory Management.
    • Extending Custom Objects and Applications (8%) - this area will focus on describing relationships while building custom objects like lookup.
    • Auditing and Monitoring (6%) - this domain will emphasize the right tools for controlling as well as troubleshooting different system activities.
    • Sales Cloud Applications (10%) - in this portion, candidates will be exposed to various products, books for prices, and quotes.
    • Service Cloud Applications (10%) - here, you will cover the Salesforce Knowledge, Service Cloud Console, and service entitlements.
    • Data Management (10%) - this objective will shed light on the best practices to make use of to improve data quality.
    • Content Management (3%) - under this category, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to be in charge of the Salesforce content.
    • Change Management (10%) - in this part, candidates will understand various Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code and how to use change sets.
    • Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards (10%) - here, applicants will cover diverse analytic methods that can be used to comply with complicated requirements for reporting.
    • Process Automation (13%) - the last domain highlights how to solve issues for approval processes and how to use Visualforce and Apex triggers.

    Salesforce Administrator Career Opportunities and Salaries

    The Salesforce Administrator certification path is the way leading to lucrative career opportunities within the IT industry. This is one of the most in-demand programs and getting certified shows that you have what it takes to manage Salesforce products and services. According to, a typical Salesforce Administrator can expect an average annual salary of $68,156 while Salesforce Advanced Administrators can earn $85,779 yearly.

    Career Track: What Follows, Then?

    It turns out the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is the epitome of professional certification, opening multiple doors to exciting career opportunities. But learning never stops, as they say. So, even after gaining your certificate, you may want to make forward progress by pursuing relevant certificates along your chosen career track. This is where the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certification now comes in. It validates the skills you will have obtained from the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification at a more advanced level. Once you have gained two of them, you can opt for other qualifications within the Salesforce Administrator program. Thus, you can pursue the CPQ Specialist or the Marketing Cloud Administrator certificates.

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  • Salesforce Salesforce Admin Certification Exam Dumps, Salesforce Salesforce Admin Practice Test Questions and Answers

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