Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 54

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 54

74. Lecture-74: Backup & Restore, Revision & Firmware Upgrade.

Another topic we have backup and restore our we can do backup in destroying for Great Firewall backup is really important. You know, to keep your configuration, you can give this configuration inside your firewall and outside either. And you must be on hard drive and any other network area. And you can take backup through local bcuz B you can take through FPP. You can take them to the BP. If BB&T is only available through Zeolite and local PCN, USV is available through GraphicLy, it’s up to you.

So, I will show you both graphically as well. Enclave’s Will How to pay for Tigard firewall backup.

So, in case if something goes wrong, either firewall is down or something goes wrong so you can restore the backup. And for everything, you have to keep the make up. Graphically, it’s really easy when you click on your name on top, right? It cannot and will do configuration. There is makeup in the stone and religion first. One is to take a makeup dress to option local person who this because we are using words also. If you did not put you as it will not show you here because you are using words, we cannot put you back there.

So, it’s not showing anything. Encryption means if you want to take weepin makeup certificate, as well encryption like in this case we are using VPN if you want to make a VPN related things certificate as well, then on this one encryption and password, Im used to just protect the data.

So, whenever somebody tried to open this file when you download so it will ask the password and when somebody uploaded will ask the password.

So, password is for. Protection and encryption means to give you is be a Saudi weepin certificate data, and when you click, it will ask you where you are to store your data on your machine. Just tell him where you want to put the file. Extension will be configured. This the file extension dart config. And also you can take back up through PSP and FPP, which I will show you, just executed backup config DPP and give them any name. And where is the DP Sawat and give them any passwords. And also the is the same and also the store can be done. Drucilla execute restor rather than back up just type restor for FPP is required a username and password a 458 doesn’t Deguara username and password is the only difference.

So, now let’s go and do it.

So, let me login to this firewall. Erdmann One, two, three. Okay, there is no password so admin enter one, two, three and one, two, three, four system interface.

So, let’s get this IP. Let me copy this IP and type in browser. Admin and one, two, three now in this case, let me begin for a while, okay? And this is this my firewall and suppose this one is the DFT piece or other FPP server, either you want to take make up here, either on this system is up to you.

So, what a firewall when you login on top right corner, there is configuration, click on backup. Let me see what we hear.

So, our interface name out there are not.

So, Sumai, let me give them name when so do some changes and see them and for to let me give them name Lynn and type the IP 100 to 160 or add one dart hundreds of post anything.

So, basically we’ve done two changes lane in one name and let me put DNS is well suppose I type in it and one last one. Not one, not one supples. Now I want to take a backup water configuration backup and here, which I told your local PC, I’d want to encrypt the password. One, two, three, four, five, six, suppos. And one, two, three, four, five, six. And okay. Now do you really want to store here is the file if I click on it.

So, I store here if I tried to open it.

So, it will be garbagey is here. This debate come. This the easy way to take a back up now, suppose if I were to model something, I’d change Sundar to understand when I changed their business and by mistake, some things go wrong. And then I pulled them lanolin. And when something else and I done some changes and something wrong, so what I need to do, go to admin system, Saudi configuration restored, click on upload and where is your download? Which is and download this one. But that one and put the same password, which we did, I mean, we taking back a one, two, three, four, five, six and okay, okay, it said that we will rebuild quickly. It will not take that much time enough to rebuild. It will be now and BMW will be at eight eight when we pick back up in their time. Dennis was added later on. I changed deliberately to 771 and this way it will restore the backup, whatever it is there.

So, we need to restore. Let’s go to this was too easy to restore. We can take back up through Cilliers as well. For their purpose, I need the FDA approval so I can make this is a 50 percent of which I’m connected here, either I can make this somewhat is to be said or either this one. Let me see if we were to be certain this.

So, we will take here. And sometimes there is by default any surgery of this one.

So, we here we are to what is there. But FPP is not there.

So, better to copy. Quickly download. Let me show you here.

So, you will see from this page there is three one which is the thing.

So, let me type three see them one application download distribute among and there is also the FPP is there so we can use them for any purpose. Okay, so let’s go to this one download. Sue. Okay, so this is three Sulayman, this is this man utility, which you can use to make them of BP, if BP just logs in for many other purposes, you can use them. You can download from this website, okay, and after download, just click next next year, next. And that’s it. And my BP and everything said what is really let me go to where is this? This is three Souleyman.

So, it’s listing on this IP 100 100 is IP address of this server reconfigured be of Deep Dark three.

So, let me say my daughter is let me create a tree here on desktop. Folder the if BP suppose anything and let’s go to the FPP directly, this is my of people directly, I chain them to here and also to FPP and chain of people directly as well, and also choose the same.

So, far we’ve been duped by the same directory when they will store the things. But if BP require a username as well. Here is the username let me type Edman and one, two, three, four, five, six is the password. One, two, three, four, five, six. Okay, and allow them anything to this user jangala Trillo delete and everything and apply and ok so far FPP keep in mind if BP is a different protocol, t of BP is different. If BP required username and password.

So, I create a password. One, two, three, four, five, six NFTE and I give them same directory, just the listing board for FPP. Twenty one for fear of BP listening for this six to nine.

So, keep open this one. And what is the IP hundred bartender. Now let’s take a back up through one, two, three. Okay, I restore them. You know if you check you will see DNS and those things are restored if I go to network because the firewall has started. Now look at this lane and correct them and also business by mistake or type sailin. It’s become eight now, so it’s working me, the Baker computer now how do they back up through command base here. Execute backup configuration. Backup configuration. Give BP now the asset, give them my name. Suppose, they say backup up one B.K. one suppose next they’re asking IP address of BP.

So, this is our baby. It’s mentioned there. And also you can copy from here 131 over this three hour fifty episode what IP, which is this server, by the way. This one.

So, I said this DEPI. And next is asking the password optional password if you don’t want it to just enter? Let’s see if everything is okay, so it’s save the file there. Let’s go there. We started to give them we are okay with you, Bickerton. It means it received them. Yes, it is done here. And if you want to open them and notepad.

So, this tobaco. And we can see all the configuration because there is no restrictions to issuing everything, so this is the way to get back up through. BP, but for FPP, we need a user, so we already create a user with an admin one, two, three. Let me take a break up through FPP now. Only thing it has to change, execute back up and stood up to people. FPP and let me make this is a two. I knew that, but question mark now is asking username. It’s not like the other one, so Edman recreate the ID and the password to find it. One, two, three, four, five, six. You remember we cleared the omentum and done this. The only difference is required a username and password. And if you go here, there will be another file as well. Yes. V.K. to Zubik to be done through FPP and became one Redenbacher backup Ezzati of BP. And if you go to FPP, there is a file, they say just now how we can restore them.

So, let’s do some changes in the file. One suppose by mistake I type here nine nine nine and one one one. And what else? Let me put something supposin address right this crowd. Let me create a strategic group by mistake. I create a static road 192 one sixty eight one one one whatever. Because you need to correct them. 192 168 one hundred narked one suppos. No, I said, what are you done because there is no reward, something you can believe, but you can use the same command to restore like a GraphicLy, which we restored.

So, let me go to first Commander VFP. The only thing you need to institute up, back up, say, restore. Configuration BPP, and our file was I think so, B.K., let me go to any file, by the way, you can restore the PPK. One is correct. Okay, so we can one from we are 192 and sixty eight hundred eight hundred and enter it said yes and this is done now if we check this different out has to be there, but it required a reboot.

So, let’s see because we now take back up their time. Default mode was not here.

So, if my command is working and there is I told them properly at their time, default mode was not their.

So, system is rebooting whenever you restore, so it will rebuild the system after reboot when you check.

So, there will be no default road and the same where you can use FPP to restore. I will show you the command, but I will not apply just to save some time.

So, we executed this one and take a backup. And also, you can use FPP as well. It’s up to it’s up to you which one you want to use and you can use restore them as well and also be restored graphically as well. It’s up to you to log in now. Admin one, two, three. And now let’s go and login and lets you default. All these different idea and his to be the St. crowd is not here because it’s been restored and the same. Guess what you can do. Executed, restore configuration, sorry, execute, restore config FPP and what was the back up, back up to you. Anderson back upon as well and what was the IP? One hundred sixty eight hundred or two hundred. But here you need to put the username, username and password is one, two, three, four, five, six and enter. Yes, it will reboot and it will restore them but it already restored first no issue until it’s restored. Let’s go to discuss another thing which is related here, and that is configuration region configuration revision. Revision means to check to region option. You can pick a region like a different Werdum.

So, whenever you need to compare, either you want to restore and go back to the other one, you can use this method. But it required a minimum. Five people are how you flash memory in your firewall. Not only steer. From where we can take the region, go to the same place, admen configuration region, and from there you can take region, you can depreciate region, you can revert back, you can check the detail, you can delete region. And you can see every region is like a backup copy to take them in. Whenever you want to go back to the other one, whenever you want to do something, take a regional copy before.

So, let me log in to show you. One, two, three.

So, if I click on Egemen configuration, there is a third option, Regions’, there is no revision cell changes. Suppose, I say first changes, first changes. This is my first revision before I’m doing something wrong, I create a copy like a copy revision. Copy this one. And now let’s go to business and change something. Where is the network DNS? To my business. Let’s create a default. Suppose, you don’t have to fight it out. Let me create a different order online to do one 60 years under that one an okay. And now let’s create configuration revision. Save changes. Default rule change in okay and so on, so whenever you do changes, you can take a copy.

So, this is my first time before Lord was not here. If you click control and choose both, you can different differentiate. It will show you what is the difference. It will show you the difference. What is the difference between these two with the red one is me. You do not change something and it will show you, by the way, we’ve done this one, get green, sorry, this one. We aired this throughout. And if you want to delete and if you want to check one detail, click on one and you can see the detail of this one and this one, the detail of the other one. Now, let me go to the first Jane Chillingworth Enoki.

So, it will rebuild and it will take me there.

So, basically you stole the car inside the firewall and we will do you some changes before the changes. Keep the region coffee so you can go back basically without from the store and do everything. But all cases, all three cases you need to reboot.

So, this is a revision. Last thing related to here is restored effectively for some time. Maybe you required to reboot and restored your device device to victory. Reset means the first one. It was nothing configured yet. Maybe you have a device you buy from some market and you want to reset to victory before either you have an all device and you want to plug them to the network, but before plug them in the network, you want to restore them to victory, resitting victory, sitting idle. For some reason, something goes wrong and there are many things configure. But now you see how I can build it one by one.

So, rather than to configure a thousand things, why not restore them for their purpose? We are using to command, execute, victory, reset and execute for attribution to. There is a difference between these two execute victories. It will wash out each and everything. It will be fresh like we know what it was come out from victory initially, but we really should do. It will give me anything like your interfaces, detail, you know, last time I just use it. Let me show you why David Edman and one, two, three, if I log in here, you will see my interfaces, detail are there and password and everything is Sadiya.

So, let me go to interfaces.

So, my interface is IP is 1100 and here is 132 34. But rest of it everything. Think I want to delete like a static road and policies and anything. Let me create a static road quickly 100 to one of those interfaces when. Okay, and let me create some business and is giving a rip and menacing policies everything, suppose you have everything, but you just want it delete each and everything, so. Supports policies, let me create quickly policies as well. Let me create this, the policy coming from one source can be all on and there should be on and quickly that it create addresses, address group in the internal Internet service services, schedule virtual.

So, many things configure what you need to do. You want it executed. Victory we should do. And yes, it means that you everything except system global we dorm’s we don’t detail system detail and systems sitting around the krautrock, those things. But it will keep interfaces, detail and all those stuffs.

So, it will reboot, let them reboot, and if we refresh, we will see that these things are reset, are not because we type victory reset to execute for to reset, to let them restart, restart. These are the two command we are you can use throughout your life to reset for the Great Firewall. Let’s see if it does come up or not. Okay, just one minute to log in now and let’s see Gigot. Okay, eight and one, two, three, okay? And there is nothing all biosolids is nothing new is one, two, three. New is one, two, three. They received the password. At least one thing is confirmed. Edman and one, two, three. Biggin Hostname is also reset. Now let’s see what then the other stuff. Look at interface IP is there. Let’s go to business. DNS is reset. Let’s go to straight to ground to grow this year it will keep all of you will delete. It’s deleted, so statecraft defined road interfaces, detail, they will keep NVP and they will keep in rest, everything will be reset. But if you use the word victory reset to Edman, one, two, three, and the last one is executed, fit to reset, it will reset each and everything just initial like.

So, I don’t want to put because I want to show you another thing which is familiar. Suppose, you want to upgrade your operating system now. Operating system is which one dashboard status. We are using from where we are six point to four and there’s is one one, one two, but we have the latest one. You can download the latest one. If you have a license, go to support for Pinette. Logon to fourteeners support with your user icon, whatever if you are using, and log in and download the latest from where from here go to form where images download and from where images go to download. Click on download here. Choose the product for Pigott Richardville six one, two, four.

So, let me go to six. They are two, three, four, five and six. Now the latest one is six. One for the one which we have six point two I one the latest one six point four from firmware, which is the latest one. Then we go inside. This is six one four six two. I said no, no, no, give me the totally the latest one. And these are the different model from where the one which we are using we are using Wurtulla on this one rearms 64 cavium.

So, let’s go to control left cavium.

So, let’s go to cavium this one, FGB 16, Cavium six, this debate on this. And let me download this one. With the extension out, you know, extension of this is from where the other one is, the, you know, the to install from the scratch this one, the zip one. This one is the.

So, let me download this latest one extension is dart out. Okay, there’s the extension.

So, I download the letters from where and I want to upgrade.

So, I went to the download from here. Now I’m using six, one, two, four and I want to upgrade them.

So, what I need to do, click here and go to a from where in system is download and download a little game. Either you can go to system from, from here. It’s up to you. Either you can go from somewhere here as well. It show you. But anyway, that’s my word. And keep in mind, let me take a screenshot of this one because it will upgrade over that one. Print screen and read. Let me take a snippet just for the sake to show you that this change on our okay, this one now click on Browse and the one which will download this one, just downloaded this one and choose it file. They will say it will update and distant, blah, blah, blah. I said back of configuration before you want to upgrade. They said just take a backup we already take. But anyway let me take again and click. Okay, so they take the backup before the upgrade. Okay, and our version was this one. Six, one, two, four. Now you will see it will be the latest up to date operating system.

So, we log in there and you configure and upgrade and continue, and after that, when you check, it will be updated to the latest firmware.

So, the Vista method. But before you do this practice, you need to check their documentation, which thing you are using. These are the different model. You know, this isn’t BSL one sixty six hundred hundred 581 which model you are using and it is our documentation upgrade Pottersville documentation and release North as well. You can check both and they will show you step by step, guide this one for every building number and for every documentation.

So, you have to follow that rule. Then you have to do anyway. Let me see if it is updated.

So, it’s still taking some time. And after that you will see it will be up to the latest operating system, which we call them. From where? okay, so now let’s go to and just refresh to maybe 30 for. Still to come up here, so eight men and one, two, three, and here, eight men and one, two, three, hopefully it will be upgraded to the latest one and we can check from here. Okay.

So, now if you check. This one is two. And this one to be come forward to build number one one one, one, two, and this is one seven two three. And this is the latest firmware operating system, six for two. This is six to four. Keep in mind, don’t be confused. And you want to know six, four, two. There is you know, many things are for view is like this one.

So, it will change anything like, okay, so it’s become a new operating system. And if you go to our system, firmware shui here as well. Okay, no firmware. I believe if you have a license, it will show you here as well, by the way, because this is not a licensed one.

So, that’s why it’s not showing here. If you register them with 40 guard rediscuss. Forty ghadiya.

So, that’s why I thought this was the method how we can.