Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 47

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 47

65. Lecture-65: Configure & Verify Virtual Domains (VDOMs).

Another topic is virtual no man’s either we call them we what is we don’t know what domain means, what actually you creating domain and domain is nothing but an area like if you divide one room and partition, we call them domain, that you have a separate domain. I have a separate domain. And what is your domain means? You are doing this thing virtually Swinford to get firewall. They call them virtual domain, either in shortcode, they call it. We don’t.

So, basically, what is the idea basically to spread the fire while virtually. You know, in concept, those who Cisco Square say firewall and forty eight firewall, Parlato firewall, they know the concept. You know, either they held on Cisco and Cisco, we know we are a virtual route and forwarding by default. There is only one road. We call them global role in this quarter. But you can be wired. Cisco are there and we are a separate role for every customer. Normally I you do this one in. They have so much customer.

So, physically this is only one device, but virtually you are creating separate table like blue, orange and green and so on is much required.

So, this is really. The same concept, and Cisco is a firewall, we call them security context, those who tends to squeeze it from me, they know this one within the security context means virtually we are diverting. Cisco is a firewall like simply if you create two countries, it means you divide virtual at this firewall virtually and to firewall things become three. One is the main one, like in this one global router is already there. Global road show I built, it will show you. And if you go to specific road, you have to wipe it out. We are green. We are blue.

So, here we are also so physically one she is, but what will make clear to firewall to save money maybe for each separate file, one for maybe you are manager asked you that. I need a separate firewall for every department, for H.R. taxes and so on. And you tell them why you are spending much money. The firewall, which we help, we can build them and we can virtually make them as many for you needed. How many units. He will say only two, three, four, one you took. Really, we will divide them. The third concept is really physically only one each. But logically we create inside small small switches like think like this one, which we call them reelin in virtual local area network virtually. What did you do, you divide the switch inside, but physically it only one switch, so you created separate Dauman. Every villain is a separate broadcast domain, one security Contessa’s two, and we are off at three. The same concept we have, we call them, and four to get firewall Wurtulla domain, either Vidor’s. Now, there will be global starting from where you can configure all the we are if so we call that one global route and Cisco, as we call them, a can’t contest from where you can create and you can enable and you can disable these containers like a Superman. And we learn we have we live in one where you have all the things.

So, here we have a global society. Now, by default, there will be an area where you can go from jump to from one place to another place, so and Cisco we have Villon one, which is the required one and which is always the reelin one and security guarantees we edman guarantees by default, which is by default. And Cisco, totally. We wipe it out global road, which is by default. Here here we have a group which is by default. They’re by the way, but is not visible. But when you nebel weidensaul, it will be there.

So, this is a route which we call them around. And Wooten’s Linux is the super user, you know, which can do everything like administrator and rindo.

So, this is the place and user where you can create wisdom’s, you can enable you dorm’s, you can delete wisdom’s, you can put the interfaces in. We don’t.

So, this is called.

So, these three things mean.

So, now you know what is Vidor’s. We why we are using I already told you, you want a separation, separate divisions, separate domain, separate management, separate everything. But do you want to use only one device like a partition and room, separate policy, separate everything we need rhythm’s. We need separate control, separate policy for every department. We need security. Kandace we need separate department, H.R.. It’s everything we hear different, Wheelin, guess this separate feeling, the same concept. You want this flood wall to divide them. Now, we know the concept now coming to how we can enable rhythms. We can be enabled and let us work again for a while and every word. And you can enable them graphically. Either you can enable them throughout your life. But in some model like 40 years, 60 cities, you cannot enable them through giu hell to enable them only through sheer like command line interface. Okay, this is also from where we can enable them from here we can enable them graphically. You have to go to system setting and system operation setting and there you will see what domain NCLR you have to type configure system global set with mode multimode. But this CLIA command is, you know, it will not autocomplete normally when we type some command and press debate will are to complete. But this command is a hidden command like in Cisco. When you want to protect Iris, there is a security service, iris protection command, which is invisible, you know, by David will not complete it’s firewall one in every system you will see, such as some command, which is not R2 complete. We call them invisible command. One of them is. And for the Great Firewall, we don’t.

So, if you type sit and read and press, it will not complete. They will say there is no such command.

So, it means you have to manually type do more, then it will convert just for protection purposes.

So, nobody by mistake by this command. Okay, this is done. The story that Joy and I, we can enable them, but when you enable you will see global sitting above and the system, the system you will see vido which is not here now by default, you will not see these two things. Last but not the least, it required a license to create freedoms. You need a firewall with license Werdum, otherwise you cannot do a test on this one day, 14 days, license one. Anyway, I will try to license one because if it is what we will do, the labor is not, then we will leave it. But anyway, let me go to Geneste and let’s do the lab. Which topology. I will use this my typology. I want the world to lead the world this wide world in three different way. Suppose, I have a child, I have sales team and I have a route which is the different one. I will put one BCN route. I will put one piece in a chart for this purpose and I will put one in sales three, but I will use this one for insane and three board for outside.

So, everybody will separately go one for a while, but it will look like a separate file, one for every one three four, one LICA but physicalist, one for one. This third apology, I want to know, one, two, one, two, three, four, five, six. I need six, which is first. But I will use this dermis, which is rather than the perfect one.

So, let me drag it down and switch. Okay, and right. Click change the symbol to the proper one. We will use this one and let me switch this, put this one and let me change S.W. now. Right. Click and duplicate two three. For five. I think it was enough one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, or because it was selected, so, oh, let me see. One, two, three and four. Five, and there should be six. I don’t need these to select and delete. And slightly delayed. Okay, so this is part of win one, two, three, and this should be we will use them for land purposes. Oh, okay, let me make them here. Oh, good. And here. And here and let me pull them a line this way when. Okay, six reaches is done now we need what we will give them the name anyway, but now I need one firewall in the middle.

So, let me go to Firewall and six point two for the firewall. The firewall, okay, what I need now, I need some pieces and one management as well.

So, far, management purposes. I will use net cloud to connect.

So, this Meynard cloud farm management purpose. Okay, and let me change this symbol, Jen symbol, and let me put any kind of something. And let me see, MGM did this sort of management interface and let me connect this one to board one, two, three, four, five, six.

So, let me put one. Okay, and more on this, at least we learn and we will connect support one, two, three to one or two to switch two or three to switch three or four to switch four. And this to switch five. And the last six one has to switch six if you are confused.

So, now let me give them the name. This should be ruled by default, there will be Routier.

So, this is ruled either ruled outside this representing group, al-Saad, and this one is representing the group and this one will be a shut out either inside or outside, whatever you say, and etcher and. And this one is. Suppose, 80, 80 out and this one is 80 and now is clear.

So, this one is far out in this forest. And now I need some time to test them.

So, what I need I need one whipped cream, one whipped cream, too, and whipped cream three. Okay, so this should be four inside. Okay, and let me give them name, root, p.c. This one is HSBC, and you can consider them more busy, but here are only one book. This is a pretty busy okay. And now let’s go to the switch, okay? And this should be connected to here. And this should be connected here and now. Okay, and let me make them. Okay, now we need a range, but I need one thing more. That’s how we can connect to outside, because I have only one cloud and it will be the same.

So, what I need to do there is another concept and if I heal, which is not here, let me see in the here. Yeah, open. Right. You know, open. Right. You can download new template. Dibia open, right? This one was this one, right, do they can produce a single IP with different we’re like awin optimized such darba either to divide the win in a different way.

So, I need to use this one. I need to see if there is something configuring on it or not.

So, first I need to check this one.

So, what I need to do, I need to configure if it is not configured.

So, first we will configure this. The name is open. Right. Okay, so choose this one. I want to see if it is not connected. Are zero interface is assigned to win and one is assigned to Lane. Okay if I am not mistaken.

So, let me see one interface. I can take that and let me on this console. Let me start and B.C. by default ideas, 190 to 160 dark one.

So, let me go to this one. If it is not configured, we need to configure them.

So, that’s why I take this PC.

So, wondered, do I give the IP one, Daquan one. Okay, and now let me start this one as well. Let’s see. Right. Click on this open. Right. Okay, this is a dog or like a dog which provided you with an okay. Starting now. First time you need to configure them. How many when you need.

So, let them on, if it is not there, then we need to configure, I will show you. Otherwise we have another way is control. If you say if config, so it’s not configured. There’s the Internet, IP zero zero. Yeah, let me see. It was zero years to zero is inside. Okay, and this one is the brain interface, so it’s not configured. Okay, so what I need to do, I need to configure them first. How we can do, I will show you.

So, let me go to zero zero. Is Lynn okay? And the far right is this one 192 and sixty eight one. That one. And I sign here one two.

So, it means I can access this device here. 192 168 one dot one.

So, open right. Is enable enabling password. Think so. I think so rude and rude is the password. Yeah, so now I log in here with Open, right? I need three interfaces. Why? Because I have three separate.

So, right now I only need three.

So, what I can do is go to interfaces by default. There are two, one is lan and one is when I don’t need IPV six to let me delete IPV six when ok say and apply the city.

So, you are not confused. Only two interfaces are there. One is far lane and the other is for when.

So, when is ok ethernet one is Rinn which is the outside. But for Lane I need this one.

So, what I need to do. Create a new interface and give them lane one and protocol is a static IP. Okay and create. Jews here learn, okay, because we want to create land known by the way these two are used.

So, I need to choose this one, okay, and create an interface. Now it’s asking the IP to 192 168. Oh, to Darkland. Suppose, subnet mask. We will use 24. This is not related to your subject, so don’t worry about the Donoso. It’s okay. Okay, and what else? We need to know that we don’t need IP six and two.

So, my Netherlanders really which is this one, but it’s not Greenway.

So, let’s go to edit okay. And go to firewall setting and enable Falin. It will make them green.

So, I have created another layer and now I need to Morlin so click create new and lengthy static address interface is three ok and create now it will ask the IP 192 one sixty three that one subnet mask is two five five. Okay and so, so again it’s not green. Go to edit. We forgot one thing when you go up our firewall settings and make them learn and so now we need one more but before the one more create new interface lane for. And make them static ip specify lan. Uh, infinitude after we already use this one. No, okay, and create interface 192 168 for the last one and subnet mask is this one. We are doing this for only one small thing, by the way, go too far while sitting in space alien and cell. But for while before the year I need to go to land sitting. I just need to check the gateway.

So, Gateway is not required just to double check. I was smart about out up apply. Okay, so what is this one lane as IP is 192, 168, okay, lane two is two and three is three and then four is four IP okay. Just need to double check. That’s it now, coming back now, you can connect them. No need of this one just to configure them first time to delete this one. And our when devices really connect zero. I think so. Zero was outside what was outside. I just need to double check now if you can check the interfaces. Okay, so now you have more interfaces.

So, it’s not zero as the old Tzadok. This the old side one sody one is outside and two three.

So, I need to use zero. One, two, three. Are there one, two, three. I let you go. Let me use this one.

So, go to one and choose this one one. And this one is two and this one is three. Okay, and now I need on that cloud.

So, basically now I have three when I will show you why I doing this whole thing, which is not related to here, but so this is Internet now. The main link, I will connect this man link to zero interface, which is the brain interface up our brain divider now double check from when dewater the advantage to Internet being entertained at eight.

So, maybe I used the wrong interface, okay, even at one okay, one year, by the way.

So, this one is going to zero is when interface. It’s been ages. I never use them.

So, that’s why some. Now, let’s see 088 taking IP and not. And let me check, being a doctor, a doctor, if it is not working, we have another solution as well. By the way, one and this one is equal to zero. What was the real interface when we checked them down? It was zero or one, I’m not sure. Let’s try both one of them will work.

So, let me try them with the one. With zero this term, okay, sorry. If config iate zero known and make them. If config. Being a daughter that ain’t so network is not reachable. I just need to log in again to this device. Oh, let me go to this one. Maybe we’re done something wrong. And why I did this one, go to one and give them IP Witheridge one range.

So, let me remove. We need this thing. That’s why I’m doing otherwise. We will put it out there, by the way. There is also a solution. We can do that one as well. But I thought if this one is work last time I use them. That’s why I was trying to show you by this one.

So, let me go to 192 168 one dark one.

So, it means I’m the wrong one. It’s not one. It should be zero, so I was right. Zero is the inside. And one is when it’s for sure, no, no, if I click yeah, so rude. And let’s see now network interfaces, so is okay. Yeah, so when was one interface less edited them. Okay. And the CDC people are by the way it has to get IP automatically. It wants physical interface, okay. And firewalls sitting. It’s okay, it’s all. Yeah, get the now is here one one 137 was just wasting our time, so if I check now if config okay, and let’s go up. Yes, this one.

So, now if I try being start it, it’s working now.

So, basically just wasted your time and now it’s okay. Okay. And let me remove this one. I will pull this one for the desk. But what if something goes wrong? We will engage them again anyway. Now let’s. The last one is zero. It’s here.

So, keep in mind now let me do the IP schema, 192 168 one one four zero twenty four. This is our went outside and it was one Internet. But this one, this is zero interface.

So, zero interface we assign. Lens zero, this one, they have a range of 190 to 168 dart one range we just use and connect them.

So, this is one trench, this one they are using to range. You know, I remember I sign them and this one is using three range.

So, this is our IP schema, part of the interface is when interfaces keep in mind, this is when interfaces. Now I need far landside so far. Lane what I will do. Let me give them Illia one.

So, one is outside and one is inside. Two is outside and here we will assign 22 is inside range and three is outside and 33. We will assign four inside.

So, no need to assign these species from this range.

So, let me select all these three weeks, go to edit configuration, remove AHTO, this one, this one, this one and this one. And this one. This Achakzai, this one is open.

So, HRP syringes 22.

So, make this twenty two and twenty two and we will assign one hundred to the firewall and let me put a dart, a dart at here control air Ctrl C. And other is done now is through open control. We saw Rootes 11 eleven and done control air control V and the it is 33 and Gertrudis 33 100. And so these pieces are done. If you don’t know the IP, let me just put here.

So, basically we assign here to to A.B.C.. And here we assign. To to end the year we assigned three three. That’s the whole story of the region to now coming to a one.

So, right, click on firewall to console, okay? Edmund, there is no password. One, two, three, one, two, three. And now go to config sys interface and edit for number seven, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, three, seven, four, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Because you are connected to 41 and No. Certainly, BHP is denying that it’s a surge being, etc., and certainly more BHP and and that’s what I need to get to the IP show system and the first question mark.

So, it will get on board, say, when I be. Yeah, this one this time management interface. We are I’m connected. This one is Paul Salen.

So, I make them BTP to make the easy rather than to try static IP. It’s up to you and I’ll type the IP here to log in to this firewall admin and password is one, two, three. Begin. And let me give them a name if G and okay. Is I told you, by default, it’s required. You know, a license is not mentioned, it will show you here if Williams is enabled either for the support, let me try again. We enable my from here can see. Either graphically, we can do it as well if I go to system. There is certain. There is an option if what is available in this one under. Let’s do it by. I thought it was. Config sys global, have this command and time sit leedham from Edomites not to look at, we questionmark. There is no command starting from Leedham because this is a hidden command. Do you have to type your own reading then mod and questionmark now it will show you look at split Wynnum, multi multi Radom and no freedom, you know.

So, the command was hit and now it’s doing so. We need multi rhythm and when I enter there said that multivalent cannot be enabled with the current Radom license. It’s giving intermediate require a license. There is also from here. Well, yeah, it should be somewhere here, GraphicLy is also here somewhere. Maybe water licences enable here.

So, it’s not working.

So, I need to license this device or go to anywhere from anywhere. I license this device.

So, I have a license. Let me see somewhere if I did not believe them, this license file and let me. Okay.

So, system is rebooting because we don’t require a license any more license, which you can get for 60 days from 48, either you can buy the proper one or you can apply on any device which is licensed one, but the one which we are using. You cannot do this, live anywhere, do all the live when you reach to the dorms. I will provide you this license because my license topic is finished. Now, I don’t need the license now. Now you can enable this license as many devices. They will just block my license or pretend otherwise. It’s okay. Just use them and do your lab as soon as you can do it.

So, you you do your freedom lab. Okay, so the system is rebooting. We license the device. I hope so. It will work when after that then we can configure so we don’t. Configuration is too easy. We will do in a simple way like, just like when we create our DNA, we create interfaces, we assign IP the same thing we will do three time. The only difficult part was to configure this thing. This the issue now. And I have also it work now because now I will assign one branch here to Rangiora and I will make the gateway this one.

So, I hope it can work now.

So, let’s see. The system is still rebooting. And it will open is hideous now because it’s been licensed now, so let’s see if GDP is okay. Yes. And to proceed in agreement one, two, three, win is unlicenced.

So, then you can use with HTTP, but when it’s become licensed, then you have to open them, which is steeps.

So, it’s now open and I hope so. Everything is big now. Public IP is showing and its license okay, and after a video game it will show you here and the license. Okay, now I can increase the CPU and everything. It’s okay now and there is no more 14 days anything. Now let’s do the video games and also let’s GraphicLy because it was not showing before.

So, if we go to systems showing and system operation, if we go to a system operation, there should be. Yes, it’s now here Whelchel domain.

So, you can enable from here. Okay, Jenny, what I’m sure will require you to re login, okay, which you don’t really need. Multivolume. This is not our topic. Live with this one. We need a multi multi leedham click ok ok. And login big begelman and one, two three are. You can type that command which I show you admin. One, two, three. Configuration config. System, global sorry, global system. Config. Okay, now we will go to we don’t miss enable now, then the command becomes change, so it’s here now showing we don’t because I graphically enable now you do. We know what now you are using command. Then you have to type where you want to go global. Then you can enter and then you can boosted by stepto everywhere. The command will change now because we have we doms enable you to make them change.

So, it’s now showing be done. You can create up to ten. We don’t, we only need three to test them. It’s okay. And you know there is a global end route which I told you already theoretically. And when your water system under that, you will see global sorry, and under a system, you will see dorm’s there is we don’t know. Now, I need to create three. We don’t by default as they are like a violin. One is like Edman. Content is like a global road is year and all the interfaces are Bach and Wheelin one is like a violin. One all interfaces what I said, no, I need to create a virtual violin. One is a region and we suggest I don’t know which one’s own name. Yeah, it’s your idea and root.

So, I say H.R. Lidholm. Anything now, one million can be different. Another one can be different profile, the best that one can be polytheistic. And okay, so h how do we know my treated like a villain you created then? I need to create it. We know you can give them any name. I’m just giving them wisdom and it can be policy based. One is another type.

So, two is being done now. I am doing all these and globally now let’s do to put the interfaces here how we can do it. Let’s start from the basics again. Just done it. But this time we will do three time everything.

So, let’s go to 41 first, my reports. One is this one, which is a management one, so let them type in GMP and this is an under Aruda and if you want to make them, men will let them men hold this IP and allowed everything we know on this thing. Now, I will do quickly and okay, so I give them the name to Board Sirwan, which is management now. Good policy and enable board support one. Okay, this board fired this board six, let’s remove this board, the other board, because board is important and also that you need to know which board is we’re let me remove this one. We don’t need these board. These board is important. The one you just showing here. Okay, and let me okay, by the way, this is also important, this is zero zero zero zero three and one, okay, that’s it.

So, now I bought one and bought four. Belong to the one right now. Every year everybody’s bought one. But let’s start from the H.R. one support two and bought five is the H.R. Wheelin support which will let’s go back for two and four to five watenpaugh to click on for two and global configuration and type when H.R. either H.R. when this is H.R. Win and choose we don’t H.R. we don’t. Which we just created before rule. No need approval. BTP maybe there is a reckonable, it will get I.B. Let’s see if it can get done and just not being see it getting honored. If not we will type. Automatically. Oh, mentally. Okay, let’s see, I think so. I did not enable you to be there.

So, let’s put. To this one or two, so to range from Barbara, Engeneic, Jenna on anything, so let me assign from two range, 190 to 168 to Dortmunder 24 and then. Support to this for Edgerrin and Port Firebrace part HLN.

So, let’s go to five and type here a charter plane and put this interface on each other. We don’t and type VIP. We assign IP this one twenty to so type one ninety and sixty eight, one to two hundred. Let me copy this one. We will use again and again to better and enable okay Bing and Steeps. Okay, this one done. Now let’s do the other interfaces route as we will do this one for three and four, six for each, 180 or three, so go two or three and type eighty one and put them in ITV Don’t and BTP not getting the ATP we have to put manually, which is three three hundred. We will assign them. Remember we choose year three this the three to three hundred. And what about the other side. Six for thirty three.

So, go to Six-fold. And type I to learn this is I.T. Lane, choose virtual domain I.T. and the IP. Thirty three Dortmunder 33 32 Tander and a loud bang. Okay.

So, these two are the only thing is ruled, has all the rest of the interface. That’s okay. But let them give the name Port One and port for so waterboard one. Whereas Port one is better to do what? What type? Road, when this is ruled, when now when interface and it’s already in route, it will be automatically make them MENVILLE We will say 100 and no need of this one. Just need to ping it should it’s enough for us. And what about the other support for the one so waterboard four and five year old Len. Okay. And men will die if anyone, I believe we give them anyone for insert this one in one hundred eleven hundred and in our being okay and okay is done.

So, Interfaces has been assigned to every velia like a. Now what about business. One is what our business which is in the old one type er doctor darte it and another one is the one. That one. That one. That one. And apply now I will login with every read and I will configure rest up the year. I don’t need to do anything here now how. Go to Global and look at various etcher when you click each other. This is now H.R. Firewall. Everything is separately from the other two only related to H.R..

So, it was this one. It’s so far easier to get to that one.

So, now I will configure a gateway for a mobile network and static around this now, which are far like a separate firewall. And here I will say that the gateway is 190 to 160. To that one. To that one is this one. We assign this IP to the red energy. Okay, and what else we need to know the policy now, this is H.R. policy, water policy, an object you will see nothing will to interface. Let me go to interfaces to show you this is a virtual interface. Look at only two interfaces, five and two, because now I’m in H.R. firewalled. Just imagine like you now login in H.R. while this is a separate firewall, but logically is separate but physicalist only one. That’s the beauty of Radames.

So, what I need to do, I need to go to Boornazian Object IPU for policy and create a policy for Etcher so that we can test them.

So, your policy anyway.

So, no need to give them any name because this is only two interfaces for H.R., H.R., lend to each other, win and anything, any destination, any services net and everything. And okay, you need to also by the way so that we can see the logs in case if you want to see the log.

So, let me click on this one and allow Sishen Alsatians.

Sorry, what else we need like a now separate firewall. What we done. We need a road, we need our DNS, we need IP policy. It’s done this the simplest thing. Now go to Eyedea. We don’t know if you will do it. Do it on their policy will be not showing here. Look at this. Not here because now I’m in separate firewall.

So, now create a policy for EITE. I’m just giving policy to them, so I didn’t go to it when I saw anything, this dimension, anything services, anything unattainable and Alsatian and okay, but what about the road to let go to the crowd? It will not for the previous one, because I was in separate for one year for the EITE when ideas which won the three darte one gateway.

So, 192 163, that one is the gateway for them. And okay, the policy is there and everything. And the last one is through through those already everything. Static outlet create a static Broadford route.

So, route to this win and 192 168 one dark one is the gateway for them. I’m here. This one. This is one. Okay, and okay, and what about the policy, so let’s create a policy for the rootworm. And type rule policy. Okay, and from the rule of law, learn to rule, train sources, all destination is on services and that is enable all station and okay. That’s it.

So, it means basically one fight while we divide them in three, and I’ll give you an example.

So, three different. Okay, now you can create a separate administrative domain. They will again separately as well. But Ruud can see the other two and they can configure them. But when you log into each other, you cannot do anything in it. The last thing we need to test something before we do, one, two, three. Let me bring typing one, 92 and 68 one. That one sorry, executing. The hell I mean, which one and ruled and let me go two from root root, it will do it automatically, it will go into the same rhythm because now we create a we don’t.

So, the previous command will not work. You need to go to configure it then and it will then you can do it.

So, that’s why. Better to do it from here. Execute being 192 168 one dark one.

So, we are my gateways reachable in my reachable to. Saudi executed, being a doctor ordered it, so, yes, I’m reachable, so it’s a good sign. Now let’s go to H.R. and log in to H.R. We Dauman test from here, okay? Why not take me here when you log in here, so it will. It is it. Let’s try from systematically, because I don’t want to confuse you through system, through commands, let’s go to here and on the system, I hope so. It all will reach to Internet, but separately, the allowed will be separately from other one. And why not take it from here? I just want to test that reachable, is there or not? So, let me log in to this one. And being 192 168 one Dortmunder I assigned this IP to firewall is reachable then I assigned to that 100 to the others who is reachable and then I assign three hundred to the third one who is reachable and from here my reach over to the Internet.

So, I hope so. Let’s click on Rudbeck and test Internet or to Facebook because everything is there so it has to work and. Yeah, so is going to Facebook let them come up to show, then we will see the logs now where you will see the logs, you and each. Do you think the logs will be here? We are from where we are checking the logs. We are checking the log from so many places. Let’s go to logs and forwarding traffic. Do you think there will be this logs, Facebook related? No, because this is the Route one supporter route. And when you see the logs, you will see Facebook. As mentioned, group policy, so this going to Facebook. Now, let’s jump to the other one, H.R. one, and from my chair, let me go to Twitter. And do you think the record will be here? No. You need to go to H.R.. H.R. which one? Yeah, here you will see Trattoria Straighten is Twitter love, but I’m an H.R. We don’t.

So, basically I do this far one in three different for while. Just consider them as three different for one. For one, one here for one to hear and for all three here.

So, rather than one for a while, it’s like a three for one. And the last one is it. Let me go to it and go to Amazon. And when you go to hear Amazon will be not here, if you want, if you refresh, Amazon will not show here because Amazon is being accessed by another firewall, just like Amazon, and that is the I.T. We don’t.

So, when you go to ITV door, you will see Amazon traffic there. And after a while, you will see if they win this Amazon is working. Okay, I hope so, it will come up because it becomes law. I did not increase the RAM, so it’s, what, three for a while? So, here is Amazon traffic. Amazon and issuing Amazon and ITV Dorm’s. And let me go to Global and let me show you this startling story, said three. Williams’s is Configure and Total iCloud is three. And I was talking about 40 talk and I can enable people to talk on minister to because I licensed this one. Now I can cloudberries, I can create a token as well. Anyway, that was the story related to there.

So, it’s 30 percent is showing three. We use 100 percent means 10. If you use 10, as will be we don’t. And we see that this far one has been divided in three different categories, separately divided in three, and it will divide. And this way you can create through this license, say one more wisdom’s. But if you need more than 10, then you have to buy another license. Now, let’s go if we missed something so this the way to enable wisdom, then you will see under this one and how to create evidence, then we put the interfaces in. We don’t okay? We assign interfaces to, you know, and then what we done here separately saw here. Then you get create a separate administrator for everyone to know. I’m logging through the router route administrator route redone and I can handle all these three. But you can you can create three separate users so every user gets separate. Department will login. It’s also possible, but because we get issue in administrator.

So, that’s why I don’t want to show you this one. You can create separately as well. What? So, this is for each other. We don’t you need to create a separate routing for each separate policy for ourselves, each other and whatever department you have and then you test them is working everything and traffic is going out. The only issue is if you don’t know about this one, you can put three different software here with different APIs and test rather than to go to Internet based do server. Okay, so don’t need to do this one, ok?