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  • ServiceNow Certification Practice Test Questions, ServiceNow Certification Exam Dumps

    100% Real ServiceNow Certification Exam Dumps With Latest & Accurate Questions. ServiceNow Certification Practice Test Questions to help you prepare and pass with ServiceNow Exam Dumps. Study with Confidence Using Certbolt's ServiceNow Certification Practice Test Questions & ServiceNow Exam Dumps as they are Verified by IT Experts.

    Looking for the best certification to pursue in 2020? Here’s our comprehensive and updated guide to the ServiceNow certification track.

    What Is ServiceNow?

    ServiceNow is one of the best platform-as-a-service providers that supports IT service management (ITSM). As one of the most reliable enterprise cloud companies, this platform offers an operational service model that not only defines but also automates and structures the workflow, eliminating the need to create spreadsheets and emails during service delivery. ServiceNow also provides expansive training and certification programs across the fields of HR, IT, and customer service.

    Which ServiceNow Certifications Should You Know?

    If you are ready to build a career around companies that use the ServiceNow platform, you will likely want to accelerate your professional value by getting the right skills. Whether you are only getting started in this field or looking to expand your skills, the ServiceNow certificates are wide-ranging to help you maximize your skills. Overall, ServiceNow provides 4 broad certification tracks to customers and individuals who work with their products and services when managing everyday operations. They include the following:

    • Certified Implementation Specialist (CIS);
    • Certified Application Developer (CAD);
    • Certified Application Specialist (CAS);
    • ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator (CSA).

    Besides, you can also enroll in product-specific certificates that are built around different certification paths.

    Certified System Administrator Certification

    The ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator certification confirms if you can manage, configure, or implement the ServiceNow working platform. It also provides the essential skills that you should obtain before continuing to advanced courses or certification paths. In a nutshell, this is entry-level training that will qualify you for advanced training certificates along the same track. For this reason, ServiceNow hasn’t listed any prerequisites for attaining its CSA certification. However, they strongly recommend that students must have some background experience working with ServiceNow services and products before they register for the related test.

    CSA Exam Details and Target Audience

    First things first, the CSA exam should be taken by ServiceNow partners, customers, sales engineers, and all individuals eyeing the Certified System Administrator job role. All in all, this is a 60-question exam that focuses on the following domains:

    • User Interface and Navigation (20%);
    • Collaboration (20%);
    • Database Administration (30%);
    • Service Automation (20%);
    • Introduction to Scripting and Application Tools (10%).

    It should be mentioned that this exam costs $150, with a maximum of 90 minutes allotted to complete it. In the main exam, you will be exposed to multiple-select as well as multiple-choice items. And finally, it’s to be noted that this test can be taken at the authorized testing center or as a proctored online exam.

    About ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist

    The ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist is a comprehensive learning path and an essential part of the implementer career track. It has a total of various specialized certificates with every option built around specific products and services. Some of them include Service Management, Service Mapping, Software Asset Management, Security and Vulnerability Response, Customer Service Management, and HR.

    CIS Exam Details

    The CIS exam features multiple-select and multiple-choice questions that address 5 key knowledge areas. They include engagement methodology and project planning (10%), core system setup (30%), configuration (30%), tuning and performance (20%), and security (10%). Ideally, this exam should be taken by ServiceNow partners and employees who are involved in managing similar products and services on a day to day basis. Like the CSA exam, the CIS also has a maximum of 90 minutes allocated to complete the test. The product-specific certifications you may obtain through this path can be found on the official ServiceNow certification page.

    Certified Application Developer

    The CAD certification track assesses your knowledge and skills to design applications. This includes designing the user interface using database and business logic. For this reason, you should know how to write, test to debug server-side and client-side scripts, automate applications using the right products, and implement app security among other tasks. Students who gain the CAD certification also understand how to design and implement a user interface while keeping in mind the account requirements, form, platform, scripts, design, and usability.

    CAD Exam Facts

    The CAD exam has a total of 60 questions to be completed in 90 minutes. It focuses on 6 learning domains including designing and creating an application (20%), application user interface (20%), security and restricting access (20%), working with external data (10%), managing applications (10%), and application user interface (20%). Generally, this exam is created for ServiceNow customers, sales engineers, partners, and all candidates willing to obtain such skills through certification training. There are no formal requirements for attaining this CAD certification. However, candidates are always encouraged to first obtain the ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator certification before going for the CAD.

    Certified Application Specialist

    The CAS certificate proves that a candidate can seamlessly configure, implement, and maintain a ServiceNow Performance Analytics solution. Before registering for this test, ServiceNow recommends that students must have satisfied the basic requirements including obtaining the following skills:

    • Performance Analytics Fundamentals;
    • Performance Analytics Advanced.

    This test also brings 60 questions within a time limit of 90 minutes. The knowledge scope of this test is centered on such areas as deployment & architecture (10%), indicator sources (26%), collection of data (12%), breakdowns (22%), visualization of data (23%), and solutions together with administration (7%).

    ServiceNow Career Opportunities

    The ServiceNow professional certifications will give you the skills you need to prepare for the following roles:

    • Solution Consultant, Customer Workflows;
    • Product Success Engineer;
    • Senior Director, Presales AMS Enterprise Architecture;
    • Sales Intern;
    • Project Management Specialist.

    According to, the average salary for typical ServiceNow employees is $114,000 per year.

    Career Path

    ServiceNow is a comprehensive career track that gives plenty of opportunities to self-motivated IT nerds. Obviously, the best starting point for building a career in this field is through the ServiceNow Fundamentals training course. After that, you will want to advance your skills by completing the Certified Systems Administrator certification. For individuals willing to go even further or those whose roles involve application design, the ServiceNow Certified Application Developer certification is the best option.

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