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    Dell EMC E20-368 exam qualifies candidates for the Specialist-Implementation Engineer, XtremIO Solutions Version 2.0 (DCS-IE) certification. Thus, this test content is built around the learner’s technical aptitude for XtremIO storage systems in virtualized open systems environments. To be more precise this exam checks your skills to implement and configure host access to storage, use local replication, perform monitoring, troubleshoot, and install cluster.

    Related Certification Track: Specialist-Implementation Engineer, XtremIO Solutions (DCS-IE)

    This certification program is offered by Dell EMC to professionals involved in the installation and implementation of solutions with X2 and XtremIO systems. Therefore, it has a comprehensive curriculum built around a description of the X2 and XtremIO, their features, components, and solutions implemented in customer environments.

    To attain this Dell EMC certificate, students must fulfill the eligibility requirements that also includes attaining at least one relevant associate-level validation. These options include the following ones:

    • Associate-Information Storage and Management Version 1.0
    • Associate-Information Storage and Management Version 2.0
    • Associate-Information Storage and Management Version 3.0
    • Associate-Information Storage and Management Version 4.0.

    E20-368 Exam Details

    After completing the registration process and paying the $230 fee, candidates get access to the Dell EMC E20-368 exam. It contains a total of 60 questions that must be completed within 105 minutes. Students will only attain the certificate if they achieve a passing score which is 63%. Also, candidates must be familiar with the XtremIO X2 and XIO/XMS v6.2 products before scheduling this official exam.

    Dell EMC E20-368 Exam Topics

    Even with hands-on experience with XtremIO storage systems, candidates should examine the list of test topics that will be encountered on the final exam.

    1. XtremIO X1 & X2 Hardware Fundamentals

    This topic will cover a minimum of 9% of the total exam questions and its content is distributed across:

    • Identifying and describing the hardware components of XtremIO X1 and X2, FRUs, and cluster offerings.
    • Identifying and describing the FRUs and hardware components.
    1. XtremIO X1 and X2 Installation

    This topic involves 23 % of this test and will start by outlining what the candidates need to know to not only identify but also describe and compare the necessary documentation relating to the installation of XtremIO X1 and X2. Also, it will be focused on the identification and description of the cluster cabling requirements for XtremIO X1 and X2 as well as comparing and contrasting the single and multi-cluster cable requirements. To add more, this topic will validate your expertise in identifying and describing the logical order used in XtremIO X1 and X2 installation operations soon after completing cabling operations, identifying and describing the post-installation processes and procedures for the XtremIO X1 and X2 solutions. And finally, identifying and describing the configuration, powering on, and validating cluster connectivity will be tested.

    1. XtremIO X1 and X2 Initial Configuration

    This part represents 16% of the entire exam and involves the concepts associated with identifying and describing the role of the software components required during the installation of XtremIO X1 and X2, communication connectivity options for XtremIO X1 and X2 such as e-mail, FTPS, and ESRS, and the process for initializing and registering the XtremIO X1 and X2 cluster within the Install base. What’s more, this domain will also measure your aptitude for the XtremIO X1 and X2 Management Server (XMS) requirements, installation options, and deployment considerations.

    1. XtremIO X1 and X2 Management

    This topic has a total weight of 38% in the actual exam, making it the largest domain in the testing process. It covers the skills related to identifying and describing the XtremIO X1 and X2 storage management operations, alongside the XtremIO X1 and X2 volume operations, the requirements for host configuration, the benefits of data services, and integration features, the performance considerations for XtremIO X1 and X2, and reporting abilities.

    Also, it covers the tasks that are focused on the explanation of the requirements for Microsoft Windows host configuration within XtremIO X1 and X2 environments and the requirements for Linux and VMware host configuration within the XtremIO X1 and X2 environments.

    Besides, the test includes the candidate’s skills in describing the Snapshot configurations, limits for the XtremIO X1 and X2, in parallel with identifying and describing the features and benefits of the XtremIO X1 and X2 Data Services, as well as the reporting abilities and performance considerations for the XtremIO X1 and X2.

    1. XtremIO X1 and X2 Solution Integration

    This is the last topic associated with the E20-368 exam content which contributes to about 14% of the total test questions. It focuses on three major tasks including identifying and describing XtremIO X1 and X2 RecoveryPoint, AppSync, and VPLEX options, explaining the challenges, deployment considerations, and best practices for the Oracle, VDI, and XtremIO X1 and X2, and describing the cluster state options for CLI, XtremIO X1 and X2 GUI, the modification considerations for IP, and power procedures.

    Dell EMC Certification Journey

    The Specialist-Implementation Engineer, XtremIO Solutions (DCS-IE) certification is part of the Dell EMC storage certification path under the Deployment Track. So, if you want to grow in this direction and work with other Dell Technologies products, you can choose one of the following programs:

    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerScale Version 3.0
    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VPLEX Version 2.0
    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Version 1.0
    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, SC Series Version 1.0
    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerStore Solutions Version 1.0
    • Specialist - Implementation Engineer, ECS Version 1.0

    Still, note, that before taking the specialist-level exam, you should obtain the corresponding associate certification. More details you can find on the vendor’s official website.

    In the meantime, if you want to continue learning XtremIO Solutions, you may want to consider the Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Version 2.0 accreditation, which covers the management and deployment processes of XtremIO and X2 storage systems.

    If you are more interested in architect solutions using XtremIO and X2 storage systems you can consider the Specialist - Technology Architect, XtremIO Solutions Version 2.0 designation.

    And those candidates who would like to prove their skills in installing, upgrading, maintaining, and expanding the second generation of XtremIO products by naming X2 can go through the Specialist - Platform Engineer, XtremIO Version 2.0 verification path.

    Career Opportunities

    Like any other Dell EMC qualifying exam, successful completion of E20-368 not only gives the candidate the appropriate certificate but also opportunities to move up the career ladder and qualify for higher salaries. Below you can see what positions Dell EMC Proven Professional Implementation Engineer - Specialist is considered according to

    • Storage Engineer who earns an average of $92,270
    • Senior Systems Engineer with a salary of $107,602 annually
    • Senior Solutions Architect who earns $136,405 a year

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