• Certification: EMCIE Unity Solutions (EMC Implementation Engineer Unity Solutions)
  • Certification Provider: EMC

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EMC EMCIE Unity Solutions Certification Practice Test Questions, EMC EMCIE Unity Solutions Certification Exam Dumps

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To get recognized as an eminent expert of Dell EMC Unity & Dell EMC Unity XT Systems, going ahead with the Specialist – Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions certification (Version 2.0) is the right thing. Packed with up-to-date information about Dell EMC Unity XT Systems, this certificate has helped thousands of professionals to gain an edge over others.

Certification Overview

The EMC Unity Solutions certification paves the path of success for implementation engineers working with Dell Technologies. It imparts mastery over concepts like installation, management, and configuration of Dell EMC Unity and Dell EMC Unity XT Systems. A detailed coverage of Dell EMC UnityVSA and features like Snapshots, data reduction, upgrades, block replication, system hardware, and file storage are also into the bargain. Due to this, the holders of this accreditation are welcomed by the industry because of their high-end and viable mastery.

Essential Requirements

Before anyone thinks of earning the EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certification, exploring what are the vendor’s criteria is a must. Dell has set some requirements for this certificete, and these include two steps. The first one is to complete any of the associate-level programs, namely Associate – Information Storage and Management (ISM) of version 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0. Enrolling in any of them will make the Unity Solutions Version 2.0 journey a bit more understandable and acquirable by strengthening the foundational knowledge of the covered concepts. Once finalized the course, the candidate must also pass an exam coded E20-393.

E20-393 Exam Profile

Exam E20-393 assesses the candidate’s understanding of ins and outs of Dell EMC Unity Systems, Dell EMC Unity VSA, and Dell EMC Unity XT Systems. It measures how good the applicant is in handling the installation and management of these systems.

When it comes to the pattern of the test, it includes sixty questions. The total time duration is 90 minutes, and one should score 63% marks to be called successful in E20-393. The exam can be taken at the testing center or via an online proctoring facility.

Exam Domains

The key to success in E20-393 test is to have a detailed cognizance of all the domains included in its syllabus. This is why below, we are explaining six modules one should grasp to be proficient in Dell EMC Unity XT and UnityVSA and ace the exam in one go.

  • Concepts, Architecture, and Features (10%)

    This exam section describes concepts like Dell EMC UnityVSA software-defined storage solution, the architecture of the said platform, and recognizing the Unity XT hardware components such as SPE, DAE, DPE and expansion modules. Also, one should learn more about specific features of the EMC Unity platform as well as its general functions.

  • Storage Provisioning & Access (25%)

    In this exam domain, candidates are going to understand what are the various storage pools like traditional & dynamic and what all it takes to provision them. Besides, a detailed knowledge of rebuild process, dynamic pool expansion are covered. Also, applicants should learn more about how to handle the provisioning of block as well as storage of datastore along with the resources for file storage, how to perform host access configuration, VMware ESXi hosts, NAS client access alongside SMB.

  • System Administration (7%)

    The third section talks about the administration of the covered systems. Once mastered the involved sub-topics, the candidates will be skilled enough to identify the user interfaces of the system, manage and monitor storage systems, will know how to support the system settings and configure them for better system administration.

  • Installation and Service (13%)

    This domain is all about the installation process and basic services in connection with Dell EMC Unity XT as well as UnityVSA. Using multiple subdomains, this part of the test’s content throws light on how to install a Dell EMC Unity XT storage system, initialize and deploy it, define the key service tasks along with related resources, understand what are the alert levels, event logs, the Dell EMC Unity Platform service functions, and CRU replacement.

  • Mobility and Data Protection (22%)

    The second last exam module includes the information about what it takes to become data protection and mobility expert. Topics like Local NAS Server along with Local LUN Move mobility features, explanation of the replication data protection, Snapshots data protection features’ usage and creation, performing basic operations when it comes to the storage resources, creating synchronous & async replication sessions and operations for storage are well covered in this exam domain.

  • Scalability, Storage Efficiency, and Performance Features (23%)

    The last exam section tries to impart the information related to the storage, scalability, and performance features associated with the Dell EMC Unity Systems, Dell EMC Unity VSA, and Dell EMC Unity XT Systems. It covers the use of Thin Clones feature, its nature, how to take care of the File System Quotas, what are the use cases for Data Reduction & FAST VP Tiering, among the rest. In addition, one should learn more about the specifics and the ways to utilize the performance-related features such as the FAST Cache and Host I/O along with File Level Retention. Aspirants must also be able to perform the implementation of the UFS64 file system scalability feature.

Career Prospects of Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 Certification

Laying the foundation for a promising career is easy with Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certification offered by Dell as it opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Successful holders of this certificate become ideal candidates for job roles like system engineers and implementation engineers, to name a few.

These jobs are lucrative as well. ZipRecruiter states that professionals can have an average remuneration of $79k a year in the US while working as implementation engineers. The figure will rise with the rise of experience and skills.

Moving Ahead Afterwards

After reaping the benefits that the Dell EMC Unity Solutions Version 2.0 certification sows, one might seek further opportunities. Thus, one can aim at Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Version 1.0, which is a level-up. It is an advanced certificate and endows better skill set.

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