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    Take your career to greater heights and get validated by passing the Dell EMC E20-562 exam. The main goal of this test is to evaluate your ability in handling VPLEX storage solutions. With its primary objective, this is highly recommended to individuals who want to become experts in the architecture, administration, and functions of key VPLEX systems. And if you intend to pursue this path, there’s no better way than to know the important points of the exam and get a detailed understanding of its relevant topics and other technicalities.

    What Is the Certification Provided?

    The award given to successful EMC E20-562 candidates is the Specialist – Systems Administrator, VPLEX Version 2.0 certification. Earning this endorsement is such a great achievement because it solidifies both your knowledge and technical skills. However, the path to securing this certificate is quite challenging. That is why there’s a prerequisite that should be fulfilled before you are permitted to pursue the EMC E20-562 exam. It is having the current Associate – Information Storage and Management certification. You are allowed to present any of the four versions available - 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0.

    What Are the Core Details of the Exam?

    The Dell EMC E20-562 test consists of 60 questions that should be answered within 1 hour and 30 minutes. And you achieve a successful mark if you get at least 63 points. The exam itself has its own set of training materials, including courses and practice tests - all of which are provided by Dell. Henceforth, preparing for this assessment has become more manageable and efficient.

    What Are the Topics Involved?

    Getting into the relevant test topics is as important as using different prep resources. To guide you, let’s have a rundown of the pertinent areas that you should study thoroughly. As mentioned earlier, VPLEX is the main highlight of the exam, which entails the proper configuration and management of its storage features. On top of that, you have to gain a solid command in provisioning storage as well as dealing with Distributed Volumes and Consistency Groups. Go over the VPLEX architecture in detail and comprehend the operational points of VPLEX systems. Other germane sections include VPLEX Virtual Volumes, RecoverPoint, MetroPoint, VNX Arrays, VMAX Arrays, and SAN technologies.

    What Are the Major Domains?

    Now that you have an outline of the topics covered in the exam, it’s time that you focus on the more in-depth subjects. These important areas are divided into four sections with their corresponding test percentage.

    • Monitoring of VPLEX ― 15%

      The final part of the exam coverage involves handling SNMP data collection and setting up performance monitors to be used in VPLEX. Also, you have to be able to analyze monitoring data in VPLEX to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the solution. Lastly, learn about the primary VPLEX events and system reports that are pertinent to an ESRS Gateway.

    • Managing and ensuring safety of the VPLEX volume ― 25%

      The next major section that you need to study is the management and protection of VPLEX. Practice hard in expanding VPLEX devices and performing data migration via VPLEX. Additionally, you have to know how to protect VPLEX using RecoverPoint.

    • Storage provisioning of VPLEX ― 35%

      After grasping the basics, you should further polish your knowledge by acquiring insights into virtual volume provisioning. Develop your skills in incorporating VPLEX into an existing environment and continue to nurture your abilities in encapsulating storage features and designing VPLEX distributed devices. Also, pay attention to the concepts of the extent management that are related to such devices.

    • Mastering the VPLEX concepts ― 25%

      First, it’s a must that you know the ins and outs of Dell VPLEX. This virtual computer data storage tool supports the implementation of a more distributed and efficient virtualization layer that runs across different data centers. So, get the hang of the key terminologies and concepts, and then explore the significant configurations, products hardware, and software architecture. Make sure you understand the application and the upgrade process of both VS2 and VS6 technology. And, don’t forget to master the VPLEX I/O operations to easily handle more intricate tasks in the future.

    Some Important Reminders When Taking the Exam

    You might notice the percentage that accompanies each of the four main domains. These reflect the distribution of the number of questions in every key area. Therefore, the most substantial section is the VPLEX storage provisioning and then followed by the VPLEX concepts, storage volume and maintenance. However, you shouldn’t be lenient when preparing for the exam. You should cover all subjects thoroughly to limit knowledge gaps.

    How the Certification Improves Your Career?

    If you’re thinking of embarking on a profession in the IT industry, it’s not enough to just go with the flow. You have to be competitive to stay current and relevant in your career. And the most practical way to keep your skills in demand and active is by completing a certification. And if your skills are centered towards the Dell products, particularly VPLEX, then you can get help from their official certification program. Through the EMC E20-562 exam, it gives you the upper hand against other applicants. It’s because the key domains listed earlier furnish you with profound knowledge and technical adequacy in VPLEX. As a result, many companies become interested in your profile because of your capability to deal with critical VPLEX tasks and accomplish your responsibilities effectively.

    What’s the Best Follow-up After the Certification Exam?

    The Specialist – Systems Administrator, VPLEX is the only accreditation designed for the VPLEX storage systems track. Therefore, there are no other Dell certifications that help improve your comprehension in this field. However, you can still pursue related accreditations from the specialist level of the Dell storage technology. Try to consider the Systems Administrator, ECS or the Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions certificates. These two are incredible paths to take if you’re a systems administrator looking for a more technical career path. Aside from these, there are also routes created for implementation engineers who want to cultivate their grasp in Dell products such as EMC Unity Solutions, SC Series Solutions, PowerStore Solutions, PowerScale, as well as PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions.

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