Choosing Your Path Wisely with Top Python Certifications

Choosing Your Path Wisely with Top Python Certifications

The Python certificationprogram of the OpenEDG Python Institute offers the independent global standard in the domain of Python programming. The IT professionals, programming specialists, and software developers from around the world get the certificates from this vendor to confirm their skills in programming and gain recognition for their expertise. To obtain any of these certifications, the eligible candidates must fulfill the prerequisites, which include passing the qualifying exams.

Python Certification Options

The Python certification program has 3 levels. These are Entry, Associate, and Professional. The entry-level path is available to the new professionals in the field of Python programming. The potential candidates for this certificate must pass one qualifying exam, which can be proctored or non-proctored. The students from across the world can register for and take this test. The associate- and professional-level exams are available as the proctored tests across more than 5,000 Pearson VUE centers. To schedule them, the individuals have to go through the Pearson VUE website to select the preferred location, testing center, and a convenient time for taking them. You should check the official site for more details related to the Python certification cost.

Let us look at the details of the certificates available under the Python program offered by the OpenEDG Python Institute.

  • PCEPCertified Entry-Level Python Programmer

PCEP is an entry-level certification available for those new professionals who are looking to explore the certificates within the Python domain. It is designed to validate the applicants’ knowledge of the universal computer programming theories, such as data types, conditions, containers, loops, and functions. It also certifies their understanding of Python programming language semantics, syntax, as well as the run-time environment.

To obtain this certificate, you have to pass the PCEP-30-01 exam, which contains 30 questions covering a range of formats. These include single choice, multiple choice, gap filling, and drag and drop. The students must complete this test within 45 minutes and achieve 70% of the passing score to get certified. The Python certificate exam fee is $59. To prepare for the test, you can go through the available training courses.

  • PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming

PCAP is an associate-level certification designed to help the specialists develop confidence in their programming skills. It also offers them the edge over their contemporaries in the employment market. This certificate prepares the candidates for the advanced-level professional roles. It evaluates their ability to perform the coding tasks that are associated with the basics of the Python programming language as well as the fundamental techniques and notions used in object-oriented programming.

The potential candidates should pass the PCAP-31-03 test. It contains 40 questions and the time allowed for its completion is 65 minutes. The questions come in various formats, including multiple-choice and single-choice items. The Python certification exam fee is $295 and the test is delivered through the Pearson VUE centers. There are online resources that the learners can explore to prepare for this certification exam.

It is important to mention that the PCAP certification and other options of this program are vendor-neutral and independent.

  • PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming 1

PCPP-32-1 validates the advanced Python programming skills and knowledge of the potential candidates. It demonstrates their experience in the advanced notions and techniques used in object-oriented programming selected library modules, network programming, as well as in creating tools and frameworks. The individuals will have to understand the following domains:

  • Advanced OOP;
  • PEP conventions;
  • GUI programming;
  • Communicating with a program’s environment;
  • Text file processing.

This certification also verifies the professionals’ skills in engineering, science, and mathematics. Obtaining the PCPP-1 certificate shows that the specialists understand and have competence in all the advanced means offered by Python 3 and associated technologies to allow them to advance their career as a Python Developer.

To earn this professional-level certificate, the candidates must hold the PCAP certification. Next, they have to pass one qualifying exam that comes with 40 multiple-choice, single-choice, and gap-filling questions. The test is taken in English and the students must complete it within 65 minutes. The passing score for the PCPP-32-101 exam is 70%. The fee for taking it is $195. The test takers can find the Python certification course options online to prepare for this exam.

  • PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming 2

PCPP-32-2 shows the applicants’ proficiency in automating processes using Python and their skills in developing Python and Python-related frameworks, systems, and tools. This certification will evaluate your competence in creating packages and distributing them as well as testing techniques and principles. It also measures your understanding of Python-MySQL Database Access, Fundamentals of Design Patterns & Interprocess Communication (IPC), and Fundamentals of Python Network Programming.

The learners must have the valid PCPP-1 certificate before pursuing this professional-level option. To get certified, the individuals should sit for the prerequisite exam that contains 40 questions of different types, including drag and drop, gap filling, multiple and single choice. The duration of the PCPP-32-201 test is 65 minutes. You must get a 70% score to succeed in this exam.

N.B.: The candidates can be recognized as a CEPP (Certified Expert in Python Programming) after passing all the above-mentioned exams. With the CEPP title, the professionals can demonstrate that they have obtained the Expert level of the Python programming skills and gained mastery of other Python-related technologies.


The Python certification program is popular among the future and current IT specialists. It has to be mentioned that there are a lot of other options that you can go for to get the Python-related skills in addition to opting for this program. Thus, you can earn theMicrosoft Python certificate, Google Python certification,or find the Python online course certification. All the candidates can find more information about their preferred certificateson theofficial websites. Indeed, the market is full of opportunities.