Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 30

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 30

40. Lecture-40: Security Profile Intrusion Prevention.

Profiler’s intrusion prevention system might be is what his ideas and ideas, basically, not only the IRS can interview ideas means intrusion prevention. Prevention means to prevent you. A system which can prevent you from the Orteig. Like alarm system, so you would alarm not only a new alarm system, so whenever somebody opened the door and so the alarm will start. Just as originally, they said they will do nothing, they will not stop the FEV to do anything, either the embargo, they will not do anything to them.

So, is this gun ideas? Ideas means intrusion detection system. It will only detect and will send generate log’s there to it, but it will not stop the Orteig to we call them ideas. But in case of Ibbs intrusion prevention system, it will prevent the heartache, not only generate the logs, but it will prevent them to enter. Suppose, you could alarm in your house and you and you say alarm start. Suppose, so, start the water.

So, it means he’s taking action to protect their one as well.

So, then we call them intrusion prevention system.

So, like a board member said anything being a full database of things. Like a smoke alarm when they see smoke, the big issue, that smoke can be a false. It’s okay, they will start what you call them, I don’t know what is called the shower, you they start running, they don’t get it. They don’t know because the sensor, you put them, you tell them, they’ll remember. You see the smoke start louder, Vincent.

So, intrusion prevention, sometimes it can be wrong. This is a different story. The response was a needed to function and so many option and went on to win. Do you think so? We have a profile to remind us why so many are like a burden and are dying from spyware or malware, malware, spyware. And so anything more than what we discuss in the profile, it can be done by intrusion prevention through as well to blog the network basaltic. And to why this is a day when spyware de de de de de. Because they had their own census. And they are using, in this sense, boasting they will take action.

So, these are the details, you can work through them, intrusion prevention, and we’ll call them again, we will use the symptomology outside of insert using lens on it insert I have one hundred and sixty or one range outside. I’m using one nature, two, one, six, two and one one full range. This is all set after showing one one two. What can I do to show you to let me go there? And here we have another security profile with intrusion prevention, so I have to redefine it since I saw you. Intrusion prevention, profiling. Like our far too far to one high risk, one client in Minnesota would be one in wi fi one. But I want to create my own. These are the name, these are the governments, without a doubt. You search and clone and click on Create New and I would say Ibbs profile. The government black militias you are in.

So, any malicious malware into it will stop them. Good thing it can do for you there. And look at the botnet, see the CMC, the things that we’ve done with DNS. You know, a bit before we done this, one board made the same thing you can do with eyepieces Will. You remember, let me open this one. These are the Borkman, these one six, seven, one, two, and I show you some of them as well. I think I got this one these to the same thing can be achieved through. Intrusion prevention blood them. And these are the Boardman packages that will go to the same place, by the way, look at it the same, but I’ve been by AP this time.

So, you can do this one is really important, and which side are you and frankly, these modern and ipis blacklisting these, you can disable them. It will add to our blog, our monitor, it will only generate blog and. And militias, you are like militias, you are in this one now, I can with a disastrous idea. What is where is this one? It’s the militias, you are antivirus, antivirus, we use them this profile, let me see that. Can I go there because I don’t have any profiles here, so I vote.

So, I will reach the. Yes, I can go with you can I don’t know why it is. Yes, because I don’t have any what profile.

So, yes, I can reach India. And if I click on this one, let me download this for. It will download. Because I don’t have anything and more to proceed. And it is not against me because I don’t have quite a bit of holiday cheer if I go to security and foreign policy. And I have a policy, but only application control I have. But this is not application category, so nobody can stop me. Can I start this through? Yes, yes. Because of this one blog malicious. You are a leftist and okay, my IBS profile is ready. Now let’s go to foreign policy and tell them to a profile. Here is IOPS, click and choose my best we this one is Profi and Olcay. Okay, and we can test them so the laws and report and here is intrusion prevention. Nothing is Thieriot. Let’s do it again. This the same thing which will end before click on this one. And let’s see. Okay, why is not stop me.

So, we need to go back again. Let me do it again.

So. It has to stop us from download. Because I can do this one for you, Yasmin.

So, let me click. I saw one by somehow. Okay, let me see.

So, traffic is you, by the way. I don’t know, for some reason, it has to stop me because I’m biased, I can do this. One is as well. And then I’d be a signature instructor. Let me add here and then it will definitely wait, the word has to stop by its militias. Who are this? You are coming under the scrutiny. But anyway, let me add here then. It definitely will do ovulated signature. And this recession is so full, imagine Asia, which Asian I want to blog them, okay, and blogging. Yes, I want to enable the generator logs and enable. And here, let me add. On security level, so I say any security level threat. Okay and okay.

So, it ain’t easy to do so, this Web site is coming under low security level, so definitely security, I believe, will definitely. Okay, and let’s see more traffic in the area. Let’s try again.

So, let me click on this one. This time has to stop.

So, for some reason. If we do hear from some. Okay, let’s do it again sometime. It’s not going to give you the proper result. Okay, and let’s try this link again.

So, by the way, IBS has to stop this one. I don’t know why it’s allowed them and no traffic is being generated. Let me go to a base. Yeah, I would. Delivered, I stole them, I say don’t allow anyone which is coming out of this humidity level.

So, let’s go back and let me see. Maybe I did not stop them. Yes, indeed. Also enable Block, Filter and Stewardson Amber. Yeah, it’s okay, let me create a new one. Okay? And it’s shininess to be blog. It’s just to be an imposter deserves is to be nimble. And let me. All the security today will I said to my man, what is this White House name? You know, we call him a wireless, this wireless name. Let me show you wireless. Now you will see that wireless. In the into as we use them this way.

So, what the name of the name.

So, let me say this, the name will not be E, you see. If we search by what e i. See? So, let’s try them here. E a, b. What was the name? Yeah, this one. Okay, so first this why you so let me into this, why is. And this one. Do not dare to not check again. No, not this one. What was the name? E, I see. Yeah, this one, because the nation is in our total, let me block them and they bolstered us inaudible. Okay. And. Let me air this one. It’s the white streak in Detroit, Detroit, and it was not black. Look at it this way, it was fast. Okay, so let me buy. There is better to do it by a signature and then to see a.

Sorry, what was the name for that AirAsia EIC? This stories I want to add. Okay, and select, I want to blog them. Okay. It’s a new deal this one will block now.

So, let’s see now if I go back and see again, let’s see. They can block me on not and it was okay. Again, this is an issue, so I need to restart from here again. Okay. And now I want this what is the name of the witness testimony? So, if I click on this one to anyone, so they are here to give me an error and it will show here they see this coming. No, no, no, not this one. Intrusion prevention.

So, still it’s view, so let’s see, install them around here. Okay, so why are you basically Asnar going, but for some reason due to this Broza so let me try another one. And if I see the logs so logs is still not showing me to means it’s not fiery and so click again. My main theme is that I can do all the White House Dewhirst profile stuff and also do more stuff, as well mordini down together.

So, let me click on this one and let’s see if you can give us the different results.

So, it was. No, just giving me another.

So, let’s do it by another browser. Let me try here. Okay, and was. They’re exceptional. From. Because this is low level of why it is just for this purpose, so it was in before. And the bonuses, so I denied them so and by the way, if we want to win, you understand this come up now. Yeah.

So, there’s this Wieters because I mean, intrusion prevention. It’s a drop is the whitest name. Okay, but here maybe it’s not showing me the way of some finger to give matter. But what. After some time, it will show me the message, because it’s come now we can to log in to report and intrusion prevention and we’ll show you. Here is the source IP, this protocol, DCB and Androv and count how many times do exist and what is the big name. Okay, so it will show you here this intrusion prevention, if I will be to intrusion prevention, what else we can do. Okay, so we can block malicious Eurail, we can apply our own signature and filter both signatures and filters. Well, okay. And working. It does seem like these which was this one. I hope it will work because this is the same thing. Only WiFi IP.

So, if I do this to you. The same which we use and reverse, so it has to be stopped. Okay, and let’s see if I come here and see the results of the board, and I’d be happy to be here as well, the rest of them either recanting the IP from here. You know, when you click here, make any important IP like the IP, which is. One guards say one nine one zero six one nine seven. These are likely to be Russia, China, another country which they continue bought into, and it can control your systems.

So, they have a full list of human organs.

So, let’s do it by this IP. They can start this IPO tomorrow, and if they generate Lugu, it means it’s working, this IPO will be stopped.

So, still, I don’t it here and we can test from the pros that as well. The to be. Okay. And then see the logs here.

So, still in our. Getting any closer to. Okay, so this is you can do the activity, you can filter and you can install militias using intrusion prevention. Okay, I hope so too.

So, now let’s see here.

So, still another idea anyway. It will show you after a while, sometimes it takes time to show you. Let me go to file, so we tested, we allowed and what is monitored? Quarantine malicious until we test this one morning. It’s the same thing which we’ve done through DNS and intrusion prevention. You can choose and email them and you can still deliver what you want. And when you acis this sound, it will block and it will show you under prevention. And also in the forwarding traffic will show you here is both and you can drive from here as well. It will show you the logs lousier. Yeah, they saw you being lowered, by the way. It means we can really fire from. This, I believe, exists.

So, I mean, just not stop my involvement, which has to be stopped. Okay, and also this way, we don’t have a lousy year so we can really fight from here.