Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 18

Fortinet NSE4_FGT-7.2 — FortiGate Firewall — Section 1: FortiGate Firewall V6.4 1 Part 18

22. Lecture-22: Configure and Verify Dynamic Protocol OSPF.

What is always a bit of a shock as far as protocol means there are rules and regulations. This is linked routing protocol links to link MI’s interface instead of ministers to admin, police believe, on the status of dealing and setting up the link. And because it can be Benguiat, it can be done. It can be up to anything relating to the status of the link.

So, we got them links to routing protocol and links, routing protocol and basically is a cost basically and cost is nothing. But you can call it bandwidth again.

So, that’s why it’s called links state ling means link, interface and status, status of the interface. And this is also dynamic routing protocol and open standard you can use on any vendor which is using SBF algorithm. Okay, to find out the best ways is using their own protocol. Eighty nine. Now you will separate the whole data because I just told you there are probably from zero two to five five eighty nine is being given to always be. If you check on Internet you will find eighty nine the phone number.

So, you have to keep in mind this one protocol number from zero to two five.

So, if you check for Oborne eighty nine so it will be split between two eighty nine. Okay so this is eighty nine. What is it. Always be.

So, this is a special protocol for always being. Okay, so they’re using this not a disability because DCP is six. No. Yeah, that’s GCB Mayoress, TCP is No.6, this one, and you’re about 16 or 17, I believe we are this one. Okay, so they’re using a special diet, which is 18. And if you if I remember, I will shoot you through Wireshark using this whole diet. Administrative distance is one thing and ranking it is in one day the old one, and the metric means the formula, other techniques to find out the best part is cost talking and using. Do big story for you to do for five for normal communication, hello exchange and everything for DARPA. The idea of using different IP. Okay, which is our topic. Then why is it we are with the enemy so they choose one road in Kosterman. Magnum is like, you know, team leader which we call them our design and make means like another like if immunity is not available, estimates you can after the defense, you’re going to need to listen to the neighbor if it did hear anything of the 40 second.

So, it will consider the night, but it is going to get through this period of time on. And so-called realism and symbolization, okay, it’s also support amplified when the indication that indication of support summarization is only support an NBA area order out there only and required more severe and ran because we support unlimited drought are not likely to support only 15.

So, that’s why it’s required more memory and more C.P.U. Okay, but maybe there should be area zero. It is must it’s like a baby one being born on your body as well.

So, this is also a being one zero, always being a non-military neighbor. But we are united in the apology today. But we are doing the deed in and around the world. They the master out okay, always before working on it, because it’s a huge support, unlimited support in this way we do are to be an area just like if you have so many branches, so you have to keep separate manager for every area.

So, that’s why U.S. beef is on an image or so or a.

So, that’s why you really are in the area. And so it before and ibises and one of the most widely used protocol and indeed wrote in protocol, every ISP is using this whole idea. This one in is an embryo and they will ask who is related question and more. There is so much detail. And if I’m just giving you a simple thing, it’s Support Unlimited, which I do not like. I tend to support only 15 something fast convergence and we go downstairs to grab it if anything goes wrong. Otherwise it will just send a small and obvious are sent by this message every day. When you are brought, it will be increase in its reach to this number and it will start again from this number. Okay, so this is always before I give you a shot with Will because it is is bad a bad area border area zero. Not a bad idea. Being on area summarization is bad symbolization so many things out there. And also there are so many aliases and so many things out of the mix you have to do if you want to in more detail. But the year to sustainable is not an issue. Again, we will use the same technology to configure a whisper.

So, let me go through here. First of all, I need to delete, to reconfigure.

So, to network. And this, this, this and this one and the okay. Okay, and this one just due to like this. And apply to release finish now. What do you want to verify and just go to? Monitor around monitor. There is nothing related to the only connected interfaces, one through three, we created Lupin’s interfaces and lastly and we have three Cunnington Interface, Leinwand and management. We can configure ways here and there is all SBF. Click on that. One is asking around already. And dynamic routing protocol and IJO to be BGB and always normally we give them a road or Abbey Road just like IP address, but is basically not an IP address. It’s like IP address. I will show you and rotaries will.

So, you can assign any I.B. just like already.

So, let me assign suppose one that one one around the fireplace always, you know, it’s a this is a new species dividing area and you do a huge support.

So, in which idea you can divide area zero, one, two, three, but is it has you always must. Okay, anyway, we will advertise in the area zero. By the way, all that out there will be an eight zero forty one and the three who are will be in zero, but it can be a different area as well. Okay, so click on Creative New and tab here areas you. You can get a zero zero zero zero and also you can type zero. I will show you that out there are these two things I will clear to you. And this one in Routon now is I told you, I know there are so many things regular Ariadna, so the area Stube area, so many things are in the air but I don’t want to ruin their detail. Okay so. Eight year old 020. Okay, again, that is under discussion if you want to enable I don’t need any other indication, but if you want, you can put us action and always be to our plaintext and modify it. And okay, so my notoriety is one one one eight zero zero zero, which is a regular radio network. Which network you are doing what? I have created three. Lubic So, I wondered what those three click on create new and areas which I just created here and time one zero zero zero compared subnet mask.

So, let me copy this one. Okay, so I got this and it was created new and areas zero. I want to advertise to as well.

Sorry. Doodah e0. And another one is I held certain interface, which I was what is three? And the last thing I need to advertise the interface where I’m going to do this summit. It is also must so be creative new in areas, you know. And let me try this one one nine two two one six two zero two zero. These are my three interfaces, which I want to advertise in eight zero zero zero one one one. This is just an ID and identity just to identify them in the network now on which interface these round has to go so completely new and diverse and in so Also-Ran interface, give them any name. And this is my interface. Winds with reach cost. This is far beyond the isolation because we are not interested in the area and there is no authentication. All the. I told you, okay. And you can watch Estin and 40. Either you do need to get automatically these tools and order. This so-called red area network and interfaces, again, you can change symbols, you can click on it and you can be networking again and you can edit and you can delete interfaces. You can add more interfaces to advertise and you can delete and you can edit. It seemed like a all you want to make them as a base of interface.

So, no, I don’t want to make this interfaces and basically interface if you want to. And I to go through all this before you can do it and you can redistribute anything to go through with you, click out of line.

So, from this side, the future is going to feel a little bit trickier in order to start a new more. Really. No, rather. And the same thing I need to remove from. Okay, do you think there is any rules related to one one, one, two? No, it is nothing only connected, which is eight, nine and 19. These are made out. And two. And this one. Do I’m reachable to one guard on that one before I was No. And why did you want to do door to door to? Because I want to show you first. And also from inside B.C. to unbreachable to end up a tunnel.

So, you do want an interesting unbreachable, let me contribute to this bill and I wonder if just so out of one, I’m here now. Okay, this is our area to configure Whisper’s.

So, what? I will always be one and done and is done and what it meant. What anything. Zero zero zero and zero zero zero zero zero area. This is the area to the area. It has its voice. It is a on radio. Okay, either an IP address format, so it’s up to you. You can type like this and you can dial like zero zero zero zero. It’s the same thing. That’s right. And it was zero zero zero to androgenous is also possible. But normally we prefer this way to dial zero. Okay, so nobody’s letting me copy this one. And we’ll do our two year old brother, who is if one is the one and that’s my area, I want to advertise anything with any sort of mass in Area zero, which is the other side, also done the same thing.

So, after a while, my neighbor, she is okay and now I will see that I was one one, one and two and three.

So, if I say sure, I’ll be around. Always so look at this one once and all and all these boys appear to lose three, three. Now, I was going to buy it before it was not being given. She was the one one which is in 48. Lubic and profess to love to. And I’m sure she would. Two, three, three, three, three. She went to and from this side. Before, I was not reasonable to do it, now I will be receiving so if I have been aimed so I can think it okay and actually it is a nine nine nine nine nine. And the answer is yes from this side, the usual dynamic protocol, because the country would always be confident and always be with on this area with area zero, you can see that everything area zero.

So, this one is what I everything and and everything based on absolutely everything. But here I and what is not the only thing I see one, two, three and one and two and say scare this one.

So, they, you see their tree and there will be exchanging if I here start Kirschen so you will see us before sending and receiving hello. After every day and second. Okay, so let’s see, we can see the reason our. And with is using hoopoe for that xeroderma, which I told you here, this IP number, this one over here, this is for Liberia, for the 005 with multicast IP.

So, now there seem to be here all SBL. Or SBF.

So, look, this is clearly two two four two zero zero five and zero zero five days, a Mardi Gras story as mentioned here.

Sources, too, and Mardi Gras starting to do for the 005. Always be a place to always be. Okay, and if you claim this, the halo and halo effect and they’re just standing there, but I there see a major drought in music and many other things they’re sending and receiving. Yeah. Let me show you why they made the rounds. I think so.

So, we can really find some more. They’ve always been so busy, so I’m sure I’ll be around for you.

So, one is destination. You do is the subnet mask one? And what is one down, one down is the administrative distance of always fear and one that is mentioned here is the best talk in the US to reach this one. This is a major global oil spill and this is the next war and this time this nightmare and this the exact interface.

So, it’s like zero. We really it from here and now. Verify from the firewall.

So, far we’ll go to monitor. Protein monitor, and here you will always be reaching 88 and 32 is so miles, 190 to 160 to that one is next to the exact interface, 110 is there to minister to this just on beer and military guys showing to okay is showing to the military, which is costume, by the way. And also you can really find from the claim the same command which Mutata Lauter. And for an outing this time, be.

So, there have always been three or nine, 19, and we on this one from two to one and two, one and two and one, and also if you want to search so you can really find through this as well. One, two, three, and here, year old and for routing table. And here you will see eight, nine and 19 with 110. And this thing cost metric, always beer and it’s the next door.

So, it’s up to you how you can verify GraphicLy here and now you can bring them designed. By the way, if I say and so it will be it’s already executed being a guard.

So, I’m going to wear the same line. And also from the inside, I’m really trying to reach you. But okay, anything. Let me see if I miss something. That’s what you need to do, how to configure be suppose where somebody is and you want to enable us both.

So, we really fight and we joke here and also should be allowed in rodenticide and also here in this area. And these are difficult. You can really find two two four zero zero five. They are sending a lubricant and Hewlett-Packard of anything. And also, if you want to check Internet for working for this, the source and destination and we’re in the header, you will see which I was to show you something I forgot. I need to shoot it on the end of this day for the day and there should be 10 seconds. This one is the Helwan, which I told you, okay.