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    The EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery Professional (EDRP) 312-76 is a standard exam that helps specialists to get a strong understanding of disaster recovery and business continuity principles. If you are looking forward to a successful career within the disaster recovery field, this certification exam can prove to be beneficial for you. It opens many doors for you and allows you to get a decent salary in a lucrative firm.

    Test 312-76 Target Audience

    This EDRP exam is designed for network server admins, firewall admins, security testers, risk assessment specialists, etc. Anyone who wishes to establish their career and have experience in disaster management can also take this test. Finally, the individuals working in the system administration domain or as disaster recovery consultants can as well schedule this exam to get the knowledge of a higher level.

    What Is 312-76 Exam?

    Test 312-76 consists of 150 questions that you have to attempt within 4 hours. Like other EC-Council exams, the questions in it are in the form of multiple-choices. This validation will cost you $450 and help the applicants to know about the responsibilities of how to recover the data of the firm after a disaster. To add more, you will achieve the EDRP certification after passing 312-76 exam. Keep in mind that you will have to possess a minimum of 2 years of experience in the disaster recovery & business continuity field before attempting the EDRP test. In all, you can master business analysis and impact skills, developing policies, and implementing plans for disaster recovery with the help of this validation.

    What Are Domains Covered by 312-76 Certification Exam?

    To prepare for the official evaluation, you have to know about the domains and topics included in the EDRP exam. Thus, you have to make your concepts clear about the following areas:

    • Introduction of disaster recovery and business continuity 9%;
    • Business impact analysis & business continuity plan 12%;
    • Data backup strategies 17%;
    • Risk calculation 7%;
    • Data recovery strategies 37%;
    • Maintenance, training, and BCP testing 8%;
    • Disaster recovery planning procedure 10%.

    Deep Dive into Test Domains

    The first area introduces you to disaster management & business continuity, which helps you learn about how disaster management works and the trends of such a scope of knowledge. The applicant’s skills in disaster management practices, the standards of disaster management, and the impressions of business continuity management will as well be looked into here. Lastly, such a domain measures your general knowledge about disaster recovery and business continuity management types and their features.

    The second tested domain focuses on the business continuity plan and the impact analysis. Thus, you will get to know how to work on understanding cost benefit and business impact analysis (BIA). Moreover, this topic tells you how to make high-level business continuity plans that will contribute to the firm's progress. Finally, the knowledge of BIA and its standard, performing BIA, and business continuity strategy design is also tested in the EDRP test.

    The next topic focuses on data backup strategies. In particular, it covers the detailing of data backup, information about SAN & NAS, and RAID technology, which can help return a lot of data lost during the disaster and save your firm from a big loss. You will also recognize data protection continuum practices, cloud data, and disaster recovery. Plus, all the data backup strategies are included in the official exam.

    The fourth objective includes risk calculation. It allows you to learn about risk management and other important terminologies. It also covers considering the risk management process and its analysis. In addition, the applicant has to assess the risks so preventive measures can be taken to reduce them as much as possible. Moreover, the understanding of standards and practices of risk management are included in the exam syllabus.

    The fifth scope describes the data recovery strategies. It will help you get a detailed overview of the data recovery and its characteristics, where the applicant will be getting an understanding of the data recovery process and its exceptional practices, the standards of virtualization along with its implementation. Also, the virtualization-based disaster recovery and system recovery are part of the official test. This topic also puts light on decentralized and centralized computing, survivable storage systems, centralized backup, and data consolidation.

    The sixth domain defines BCP testing, training, and maintenance. It covers the overview of the business continuity plan and maintaining it. It will also test your skills in auditing the business continuity plan that helps you manage the disaster recovery of the company. The knowledge of testing plays an important role in this domain as it helps the candidate to maintain continuity and auditing plans.

    The seventh portion is the disaster recovery planning procedure. This topic specifies disaster recovery planning and what procedures are involved in understanding the methodology and the whole process. Without planning, it’s hard to get desirable results, so such an area measures your abilities to make disaster recovery plans and implement them when the need arises. At last, here, the candidate will be getting in-depth knowledge about the process and methodology of disaster management.

    What Are Career Opportunities for Certified Specialists of EDRP?

    The EC-Council Certified Disaster Recovery Professional certification can provide many career opportunities on your way. After completing the certification process, you will be eligible to apply for the job roles like:

    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Specialist;
    • Firewall Administrator;
    • System Administrator, etc.

    When it comes to compensation, the income of a system administrator is around $63k annually meanwhile the salary of the disaster recovery and business continuity specialist is $81k per year, as revealed by Once you get such a certificate, you can share it with your friends and colleagues to attract potential employers. This validation doesn't only secure a decent salary for you but also gives you a chance to work with other IT professionals.

    Career Path

    No doubt, there are many opportunities for EDRP specialists. Thus, you can work as a disaster recovery and business continuity specialist within IT fields to perform disaster recovery of the companies. To excel in this field, however, you can look forward to the other professional certifications, which will enhance your skills and get you a promising future. For example, you can opt for the EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester Master qualification.

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