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      312-50v11 Questions & Answers

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  • ECCouncil 312-50v11 Exam Dumps, ECCouncil 312-50v11 practice test questions

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    The EC-Council CEH exam is also known as 312-50v11. This test helps the individuals to prepare for ethical hacking services. So, if you plan to pursue your career within the computer security field, then this is a must-do exam for you. It will lead you to get a great certification named the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker.

    Who Is 312-50v11 Exam Intended For?

    This test is intended for specialists who have experience in the hacking and security field. Usually, security specialists, site administrators, and auditors apply for this certification exam. Anyone concerned with network infrastructure and who wants to excel in their career in information security should take such validation. You need at least 2 years of experience to be eligible for the official exam.

    What Is 312-50v11 Test?

    The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam is the most desired test for aspiring security domain candidates as it allows you to get knowledge about advanced hacking techniques and tools. This exam is 4 hours and you have to attempt 125 questions within this time limit. The questions presented are in the form of multiple-choices. The passing score of the exam is measured by the difficulty level of each test item. Normally, the cutoff score ranges between 60%-85%. When you ace 312-50v11 test, the CEH certification will be awarded to you for three years, however, you have to earn ECE credits to maintain your certificate. Once you achieve the certification, you can share it on your profile to attract potential employers.

    What Are Domains Covered by 312-50v11 Validation?

    As you already know, the EC-Council maintains and administers the CEH exam so these are the domains that you need to master before appearing in the final test:

    • Information Security & Ethical Hacking Overview 6%;
    • Attack Techniques and System Hacking Phases 17%;
    • Reconnaissance Techniques 21%;
    • Web Application Hacking 16%;
    • Perimeter & Network Hacking 14%;
    • Mobile Platform loT and OT Hacking 8%;
    • Wireless Network Hacking 6%;
    • Cryptography 6%;
    • Cloud Computing 6%.

    Detailed Topic Coverage of CEH Test

    The first topic revolves around the information security and ethical hacking overview and covers the introduction to ethical hacking. This subtopic includes information about the security, cyber kill chain concepts, ethical hacking notions, and information security controls. Moreover, it also focuses on information security laws and standards, including hacking concepts.

    The second domain details attack techniques & system hacking phases and also has three subtopics like malware threats, system hacking, and vulnerability analysis. So, the content of this test includes vulnerability assessment concepts alongside measurement solutions and tools. The candidate will also learn about system hacking concepts, maintaining access, hiding files, executing applications, and clearing logs. You will come across malware concepts, including Trojan ones, file-less malware terms, and malware countermeasures. Moreover, the applicant will get knowledge about APT notions & the software for anti-malware.

    The third objective focuses on reconnaissance techniques. Here, you’ll encounter such categories as scanning networks, enumeration, and footprinting alongside reconnaissance. Particularly, this topic covers network scanning concepts, port & service discovery, scanning beyond firewall & IDS, drawing network diagrams, and scanning tools. Within this scope, you will also learn about the footprinting concepts, methodology, countermeasures, DNS footprinting, and enumeration notions. Besides, the candidate needs SNMP, LDAP, NTP & NFS enumeration knowledge, enumeration countermeasures, and NetBIOS enumeration details.

    The fourth area is web application hacking. It has three subdomains like hacking web applications, SQL injection, and hacking web servers. In all, here, you’ll develop your ability to understand server concepts, attacks, and countermeasures and will come across the patch management as well as web server security tools. What’s more, such a topic includes detailed information about the web app threats, concepts, footprint web infrastructure, attack authentication mechanisms & schemes, and attack database connectivity. Besides, the candidate will be performing bypass client-side controls, attack session management mechanisms, attack application logic flaws, and web API, involving the Web Shell and Webhooks. The knowledge of SQL injection concepts, tools, techniques, and SQL countermeasures adds value to the candidate's progress to excellence in the final CEH test.

    The fifth scope includes perimeter and network hacking. Thus, you will come across questions related to sniffing concepts, techniques for MAC attacks, ARP poisoning, spoofing attacks, countermeasures, and detection techniques. What’s more, the candidate's knowledge of social engineering concepts like insider threats, networking sites, identity theft, social engineering countermeasures, and impersonation on social will be assessed by such a portion. You will also learn about botnets, case study, DoS/DDoS protection tools, and DDoS attack techniques. In addition, you will also be touching on topics like application-level session & tools hijacking, evading firewalls, detecting honeypots, IPS, IDS, and honeypot concepts.

    The sixth objective revolves around the mobile platform, OT, and IoT hacking. Here, the applicant should know how to deal with mobile platform attack vectors, hack iOS, perform mobile device management, work with security guidelines and tools of mobile, and hack Android OS. Furthermore, the applicant should have knowledge about IoT concepts, attacks, hacking tools, OT hacking methodology, countermeasures, and concepts.

    The seventh domain is wireless network hacking. This area measures the applicant's knowledge of wireless concepts, threats, hacking tools, countermeasures, security tools, encryption, and wireless hacking methodology. The applicant as an ethical hacker also needs to know about Bluetooth hacking tools.

    The eighth segment covers the cryptography features. So, you will learn about encryption algorithms, cryptography tools, cryptanalysis, countermeasures, and email encryption. Moreover, the applicant’s knowledge about public key infrastructure, disk encryption, and encryption concepts are also tested in the official exam.

    The ninth tested objective revolves around cloud computing. It tests your knowledge about container technology, serverless computing, cloud security, and cloud computing threats. Besides, you will get to know about cloud hacking as well as cloud computing concepts.

    What Career Opportunities Can CEH Specialists Get?

    The CEH specialists get many opportunities after passing 312-50v11 certification exam. So, these are the following roles you can apply for once certified:

    • Ethical hacker;
    • Security analyst;
    • Network security engineer;
    • Cybersecurity auditor.

    If we look at the annual compensation, the salary of specialists who have earned the CEH certificate is around $82k per year.

    Career Path

    Once you have gained the EC-Council CEH validation, you may want to further your skills by obtaining the CEH Master certification.

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