Pass TMPTE Certification Exam Fast

TMPTE Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Exin with new exam.

Exin TMPTE Exam Details

The EXIN TMPTE exam offers individuals the essential knowledge for creating and adopting a structured way of testing. Those applicants to be tried will come to the knowledge of how to prepare, specify, and execute various tests. More so, included are scenarios such as techniques, infrastructure, as well as tools needed to achieve success during testing. The TMap NEXT Test Engineer certification is what to achieve when you do well in the actual TMPTE test.

Who Should Sit for This Test?

Professional testers have a chance to pass the TMPTE test as basically, it was set specifically for them. Commonly, these are people at all levels and who need to perform testing as a critical part of their duties. Other specialists to embrace the TMPTE also include users, managers, and developers who perform testing of information systems or projects.

What Prerequisites Does Actual Test Have?

The TMPTE test includes no requirements. However, having work-related experience of between six months and a year would be great. All in all, the most important thing for many aspiring TMPTE candidates is to understand system development. Thus, it is not compulsory, but it is recommended to undergo the related training to achieve the anticipated comprehension levels.

What Are Exam Details?

This EXIN test falls within the foundation category and comprises 30 MCQs that candidates should accomplish within an hour. Those to receive the certificate must get scores starting from 65%. To add more, the TMPTE test is extended in varied languages that include English, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Japanese. This exam, in particular, confirms your adeptness in level 2 as well as level 3 of Bloom. This includes the understanding tier, where you need to go past remembering by demonstrating that you comprehend whatever is presented and can evaluate the application of the content in a given scenario. Then, the other level is the application, whereby candidates illustrate their competencies in using the information within circumstances that differ from what was studied.

What Are Topics and Domains to Cover in TMPTE?

By and large, the EXIN TMPTE exam is divided into four sections and a number of subsections. The emphasis especially considers the ‘what’ as well as the ‘why’ associated with structured testing. Then, there is also the preparation and execution of the tests. In particular, the topics measured by the TMPTE include:

  • Framework and why testing is important (15%);
  • Life cycle acceptance as well as system tests for TMap (40%);
  • Development tests (5%);
  • Test design (40%).

The sections for the initial domain for the TMPTE test include structured testing and TMap essentials. Covered in the first one are items like describing testing as well as evaluation, including what is produced by testing. Defining the concepts of the test in addition to the benefits of testing that is structured and naming the image points to focus on in the test as the features that a tester should be aware of are also detailed here. For the subsequent section, the candidate should bear adroitness in enumerating the characteristics of test management that is business-driven, describing the processes for TMap, quoting examples from the toolbox, and naming adaptability properties.

The next topic captures the demands of the TMPTE exam in two expansive ways. They include the phases for test management and test implementation for TMap. The first covers explaining the stages such as planning, control, as well as setting up in addition to maintaining infrastructure, naming & explaining quality features as well as test types, describing a test surrounding, naming examples of test tool types, and explaining the benefits that accrue from utilizing test tools. When it comes to the second perspective, what exam-takers should pursue include giving examples of things to do and objectives in the phases that comprise preparing, specifying, executing, and completing. Explaining the order of things to carry out, as well as their dependencies within the four phases, are also elaborated by such a part. Another portion is centered on carrying out testability reviews based on the test as well as the process in addition to reporting on review results. Finally, the applicants must keep in mind the importance as well as usage of central points for starting, the varying methods of testing, and finding a defect in addition to drawing up a report for defects.

The EXIN TMPTE evaluation takes care of the third part in one major way. This is the aspect related to development testing. In such a case, a taker’s activities should include describing the test types for development and features, context, as well as advantages in addition to disadvantages of the testing process.

To finalize what to anticipate in the official exam, a candidate should be conscious of one major area called coverage types as well as testing design methods. This breaks down further into explaining the key concepts that relate to testing design, elaborating & applying the different coverage types, and making use of the varying techniques for testing. Another category detailed here is creating test cases according to a basis for a given test as well as a given type of coverage, and this may also include techniques for test design.

Job Opportunities, Titles, and Salaries

As covered before, the TMPTE test facilitates you for the EXIN TMap NEXT Test Engineer certification. With it, job titles will encompass test engineers and test managers, where your responsibilities will include fully testing systems or products so that they can function appropriately as well as satisfy customers’ requirements. Some other duties could be overseeing or working with the team that carries out development in identifying and capturing test cases as well as ensuring version management. Finally, other responsibilities for those specialists could include offering feedback regarding usability as well as serviceability and tracing the results related to quality risk in addition to reporting it to the people concerned. Also, as points out, the pay for a test engineer is about $73k, while that for a test manager commences with $65k annually and can reach $101k per year on average.

Career Path: Certification to Get Next?

The foundational certificate related to the EXIN TMPTE test can be followed by a more advanced designation. This makes the EXIN TMap Suite Test Master the most proper one to pursue. Through it, you will be able to achieve managerial skills to help in asserting yourself in the testing industry.