Pass PR2P Certification Exam Fast

PR2P Exam Has Been Retired

This exam has been replaced by Exin with new exam.

Exin PR2P Exam Details

Anyone involved in managing projects can take action by passing the EXIN PR2P exam. This could be someone who plays the role in a formal function regarding project management or whose daily professional duties concern getting involved in issues pertaining to this field. The PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is awarded once you comply with the exam’s formal requirements.

Who Should Apply for This Evaluation?

The audience for the PR2P test, in particular, includes project managers, those aspiring for this role, as well as anyone else who is managing projects. Other specialists who may be interested in opting for the PR2P exam are key individuals operating in project design, development, and delivery. This can be members of the Project Board, Project Assurance, Team Managers, Project Support personnel, and staff or managers in the operational line.

What Is Needed Before Taking Actual Test?

The EXIN PR2P exam has compliance requirements, including the proof that you have taken and passed one test among these ones below:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation (it can also be higher)- This requirement applies only if you got your certificate after the 1st of January 2009;
  • PPQ (Project Professional Qualification);
  • PMQ (Project Management Qualification);
  • PMP;
  • CAPM;
  • IPMA Levels A, B, C, and D.

PR2P Details

The final PR2P exam includes 68 MCQs designed for 2.5 hours. Classic as well as matching questions are test types you will have to deal with. Getting 38 of them correct or 55% and more in this open-book test qualifies a taker for the certificate.

Objectives and Domains for PR2P Test

Candidates ought to undergo studies that capture the PR2P test’s content appropriately. The objectives, including the domains associated with them, are as covered below:

  • Application of the principles of PRINCE2;
  • Applying and tailoring relevant areas of themes for PRINCE2;
  • Application & tailoring various aspects regarding PRINCE2 processes.

All in all, only one learning outcome is expected from the first topic. This is the one centered on the analysis of the application of the principles associated with PRINCE2 within the right context.

For the next domain, the EXIN PR2P test covers up to seven critical aspects. The first one is applying the requirements for PRINCE2 that relate to the business situation theme. This includes comprehending benefits management techniques and business situations, the suggested roles as well as responsibilities, and finally, outputs, outcomes, advantages, and disadvantages. This area also includes assessing if a technique to using the business case situation theme is efficient and goes with the purpose while taking the context, principles, as well as the aim and requirements associated with the theme into consideration. In the second part, there is an application of the requirements for PRINCE2 for the business. Thus, being knowledgeable in communication management techniques, recommended roles in addition to responsibilities, and suggested team structure for the project management team is needed. Also to find is assessing whether a technique for applying the theme for the organization is effective as well as whether it suits the purpose. This happens with considerations around the context, PRINCE2 principles, as well as the goal and requirements that relate to the theme. The third subsection clearly captures the application of principles associated with PRINCE2 that concern the theme of quality. The related considerations, in particular, include the descriptions of products, project products, quality management techniques, and quality registers. Also, suggested roles in addition to responsibilities and quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control will be captured here. The fourth objective to consider in this part of the PR2P exam is how PRINCE2 requirements are applied during the application of the theme for the plan. This elaborates a project plan, exception plan, stage plan, team plan, and the suggested approach to use for devising. One also must assess if a technique for applying the theme is effective. The next fifth section looks at using the demands for PRINCE2 which are meant for applying the theme for risks. Items to tackle under such a portion include risk management technique, risk register, roles alongside responsibilities that have been recommended, and the procedure advised for risk management. Part six, in its turn, talks about the theme for change and it looks at the utilization of PRINCE2 requirements that are meant for the theme. It digs into change control techniques, issue reports, issue registers, and others. In portion seven, candidates for the EXIN PR2P test are to know how the requirements for PRINCE2 targeting the controlling of progress are applied. These comprise checkpoint reports, exception reports, daily logs, and others.

The third learning outcome for the official PR2P test starts with performing activities related to the start-up of a specific project process. There is also assessing if the activities or roles, as well as responsibilities, are efficient. The next area concerns carrying out activities associated with starting up the process of a project. Then, you will also need to know about carrying out the activities concerned with controlling the stage of a process, managing the delivery process of a product, managing the boundary process of a stage, and those concerning the closing of the process for a project. In all these, a learner must undertake the assessment of whether carrying out the PRINCE2 activities or actions, and roles in addition to responsibilities is effective and suits the purpose. As a rule, this happens as one puts into consideration issues like context, principles that relate to PRINCE2, as well as the purposes in addition to the aims of the whole process.

Job Titles to Apply after Passing EXIN PR2P Exam

Some job titles to fill once you pass such a test and gain the PRINCE2 Practitioner designation include a project manager, software developer, and project management consultant. Other key roles are a project executive, software engineer, project engineer, and associate project manager. The pay related to any of the aforementioned titles as given by comes to slightly more than $99k per year.

What Certification Comes Next?

With a background in PRINCE2 techniques, a specialist who is yearning to travel deeper can go for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certificate, which explores project management through the application of Agile methods.